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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 3 November 2009
Having heard much hype around this album hearing the debut single i was both excited and sceptical about this. Excited because i love the debut single and also because some of the things people were saying about the tracks were great, but sceptical because i liked the debut single on the last album but was not very impressed with most of the rest.

This however has delivered and have had it on back to back whilst on my 1hr 30min drive to and from work and each song just gets better and better every time you listen. There is not a bad track on the album it is just loaded from start to finish with excellent songs.

From fantastic up tempo tracks of We Werent Born to Follow and Bullet to the awesome power ballads of When We Were Beautiful and Superman Tonight.

Really pleased and impressed with this album. They are back to their best.

A must buy for any Bon Jovi fan or any new fan who likes the debut single. You will not be disappointed.
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on 2 November 2009
There is a lot of drivel being written by some people on here, and I wouldn't be suprised if they hadn't even heard the album, but just jumping on the anti bon-jovi wagon.

The first time I heard the album I was pretty impressed, but the more I listen to it I begin to reaslise what a class Album this is.

The stand-out tracks are BrokenPromiseland, Love's the only rule, When we were beautiful and Superman Tonight.

Give it a chance. For those who love Bon Jovi this is the best album for years.
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on 29 October 2009
Ive heard the leaked album myself but will be buying this album on day of release. The first single seems to be getting mixed reviews at the minute but i quite like it. Maybe coz im glad its not a ballad or country inspired but glad its back to what bon jovi do best, great rock songs that by the chorus just uplift you. I know that isn't going to be enough for some bon jovi fans, especially after lost highway which split bon jovi fans opinion down the line but please if you ever liked any album or tune they ever did then give this album a listen. Its there best work since these days without a doubt. The problem i have with bon jovi is i think there piss poor at choosing the singles off there albums of late, if done correctly then people would get to hear something other than a ballad or one of the weaker mid tempo songs, i just think fans from years ago think there just to commercial or have gone soft.The circle is epic, in my opinion Sambora and torres shine on this album so much and in my opinion when Sambora is on form so are bon jovi. Songs like bullet, superman tonight, broken promiseland, happy now are different just like some of "these days" tracks were compared to other albums. The ballads are amazing when we ere beautiful is just magnificant, torres drumwork and jon's vocals and lyrics are amazing. Work for the working man is just a great steady rocker that just grabs you with the bass line at the start (bit like prayer), its jons take on the plight of the world right now. All in all every track is worthy of your time but please if you werent sure about "born to follow" dont let it put you off the best bon jovi album in over a decade.
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on 2 November 2009
As the title of my review suggests, I'm not a hardcore fan, although I have heard the majority Bon Jovi's efforts this decade,all of which I found very bland and unoriginal in comparison to their albums of the 1990's. These Days is one of my favourite albums by any band and to be honest, I never expected Bon Jovi to come close to that again. With this album, they have. The lyrics are meaningful, the melodies are creative and the music takes turns you don't see coming, the drums and guitar work is excellent and it feels like a band in love with music and what it can create, rather than one going through the motions. I'd recommend to any lapsed fan who thought their 90's stuff was as good as it gets.
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on 28 October 2009
Right guys and gals. This is the album we have been waiting for from the boys.

Forget Lost Highway and all that rubbish. It is clear that all that was filler while they spent those 14 years since These Days writing this masterpiece.

Also, forget the single, We Weren't Born To Follow. It's a decent song but in the end it's another It's My Life clone and certainly do not use it as an indicator of the sheer quality of the work on this record.

I've heard the leak (knowing full well that I will be buying on release day) and songs like When We Were Beautiful, Work For The Working Man, Superman Tonight, Bullet, and Love's The Only Rule will be instant classics. The rest of the tracks are also brilliant work and far better than the album tracks on the other albums released this decade.

I will highlight these songs however because When We Were Beautiful is the perfect Keep The Faith-style growing meaningful anthem; Work For The Working Man is the Slippery When Wet-style raunchy rocker for the modern day. Bullet completely took me by surprise- Richie is absolutely on fire in this song with his guitar work (and makes similar contributions throughout the album), it's grungy and the talkbox is on full display, you want to be shouting this song out with 30,000 others in a stadium.

Superman Tonight is the best, absolute best Bon Jovi ballad in a long time. And I'm talking POWER on this one, absolutely brilliant.

Love's The Only Rule is my surprise favourite song so far (hard as it is to choose a favourite). I will not spoil this one for you, but when I got to track 9 and this is what I found I remembered what I really love about this band.

On previous 2000s records Bon Jovi have shown they can still write good songs, in 2009 Bon Jovi show they can still write an absolutely kicking album that you will never want to stop listening to.

The superb songwriting is matched by excellent production. You can distinctly hear the contribution of each band member and the drums and bass in particular are very powerful and contribute to the mix being pretty much the perfect marriage of the Bon Jovi style with 2000s production.

I cannot wait to see the band tour this album (I won't be paying the O2 ticket prices though!). Seriously buy this and get Bon Jovi back to number 1 in the UK, this album more than deserves it.
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on 22 December 2013
What can I say, I used to love the band and half-wish that they called it a day after Bounce (their last good-ish album in my fave is These Days). I just wonder if they are running out of material, I mean, when you have got the world at your finger tips, and have done for years and years, achieved what they have achieved, what else is their to write about, where is the inspiration going to come from?

He can still belt them out, and they can can still put together a good tune, just a bit flat in content.
I'm sure they have got deeper wells they can drink from (from time to time you do hear of their personal troubles, we all have them!), I wonder if they are just a bit trapped in writing the same old songs for the same old audience and don't want to break a mold that is too established.

I would kill for them to come out with something like Always, Lie to Me, Keep the Faith, and so on. I think those days are gone however, not sure if I will take a risk for another BJ album again (okay...I prob will!!)
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on 17 October 2011
This album is like much of Bon Jovis work since 2000, inconsistent. Everything you expect from the present day Bon Jovi is here all present and correct. Uplifting anthems, ballads with emotional guitar solos, blue collar working class lyrics are all on offer with this release. However this also means that whilst half the record is full of memorable sing alongs, half the record is forgettable and utterly boring. In fact, this album is conveniently split right down the middle so you never have to listen to the rubbish half.

The album kicks off with We Weren't Born To Follow. In truth, there is nothing revolutionary about this song; it's your standard `never let the world beat you down' single that Bon Jovi has released several times before. Nevertheless it's a good song with a great hook and is the perfect opener. When We Were Beautiful is next and this really is a great song, simple but touching, perfectly crafted it really is one of the best songs they've written in the last ten years. The same can be said about Work For The Working Man, this see's Jon taking a darker lyrical mood that sets a scene that can be believed. Superman Tonight is next up and this is probably my favourite on the album. An exercise in light and shade, a simple but effective solo from Richie and bags of feeling make this a proper stadium ballad. They get a tiny bit heavy for Bullet, a good riff with more dark lyrics and great verses. Rounding off the good half of the record is Thorn In My Side, a no nonsense up tempo tune that hits all the right buttons.

From there on the album takes a dive. Brokenpromisedland, Live Before You Die, the exceptionally annoying Loves The Only Rule, Fast Cars, Happy Now and Learn To Love are throwaway, forgettable filler that unfortunately has been the norm for Bon Jovi since their last exceptional release, These Days. The fact that the first half of the record is of such good quality does make up for the second halves poorness. The band sound great throughout, its well produced as you'd expect and Jon sounds strong on this one.

Compared against Crush, Bounce, Have A Nice Day and Lost Highway this album stands up for itself. It's a continuation of the modern writing style of the band, should be viewed as such and is worth a listen, you're bound to find a handful of songs on it you'll like. Just don't expect too much from it.
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on 3 July 2013
We weren't born to follow, When we were beautiful, work for the working man, Superman, Bullet Thorn in my side, Live before you die, Brokenpromiseland, Loves the only rule, Fast cars, Happy now, Learn to love
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on 27 November 2009
I was really optimistic about this album given that these days BJ produce the goods every other album and this was following the incredibly dull Lost Highway.
Add to that the fact that the album is called 'The Circle' and surely they're going back to their roots to produce a real rocker, right? .....Wrong!
In fairness the album starts pretty well with '..born to follow' and I really like the anthemic 'Superman' and '..beautiful' but to be honest that's about it!
To me, the rest of the songs are very forgettable.
Although I never really expected another 'Slippery..' I thought we might get something akin to 'Nice Day' (which I rate as probably their best album since Keep the Faith) but unfortunately they fell well short again.
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on 2 November 2009
this is a brilliant album from start to finish probably the best for a good few years, even though i love all their stuff,the guitar on here from richie is awesome especially on bullet and thorn in my side , jon is awesome as always vocally just a great rock album from the best band ever so buy now you wont be dissapointed trust me , rock on bon jovi!!!!!!!!!
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