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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 15 May 2010
I recall watching this puppy at the flicks with my mouth agape at the absurdity of what unspooled before me: A scruffy lookin' hobo Michael Myers, a totally unlikeable Dr Loomis, a wasted Brad Dourif and a ripe old finger to the fans from director Rob Zombie were just a few choice nuggets that made up my initial reaction. However, upon second viewing - maybe, just maybe, I got it all wrong...

Beginning mere moments after the 2007 remake ended, we find Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton) walking the streets in a daze following her stabby dispatch of series psychopath Michael Myers (Tyler Mane). Here she is rescued by Sheriff Brackett (Dourif) and sent to the hospital, where 'ol Mikey pops up (Piff! Paff! Puff!) out of nowhere and begins his daily business of murderizing everyone in sight. From here on in, the movie leaves no horror cliche stone unturned as we are treated to fake dream sequences, half baked pretentious symbolism, horny teen hijinx and a whole host of ugly characters that would rather spew profanity than you know, talk normally to each other.

This movie hasn't had the kindest reviews and I can see why: The screenplay isn't tight and as a sequel, it bears no relation to what has gone before in terms of aesthetic style. On the surface, its as if director Rob Zombie lost interest in his characters (sorry, John Carpenter's characters) and was only here due to some contractual obligation, rather than a creative impulse to continue with 'his vision'. However, even with all of that said - upon second viewing (and especially the US released directors cut), I got a different feeling from the film: Okay, its never going to be mistaken for a good movie, but at least it feels ''different''. I enjoyed the subversive turns that Michael takes and Brad Dourif, although wasted makes for a very impressive 'real Dr Loomis' substitute. The movie is quite artful and dare I say, striking in terms of its visuals - even in the darkness, everything feels rich and textured. I've grown to enjoy the characters and highly brutal nature of the film which was initially off-putting - I guess you just have to understand the vibe the filmmakers were going for. Yeah, its hard to get in sync with such degrading characters - but if you look beyond the surface vulgarity, there is real beauty beneath the dirt.

Entertainment's blu ray holds a strong vibrant picture with strong audio. As usual, the extras are more filler than thriller and fans looking for an exhaustive documentary that Mr Zombie is usually noted for, will be disappointed. To sum up, I'm still not certain I'm making a positive case for this movie - it really is a divider between fans. However I must admit, I prefer this to Zombie's original remake as this one doesn't feel hampered by studio suits and maybe that finger I mentioned in the opening of my review wasn't directed to me after all - maybe it was Hollywood. All in all, a strange brew which won't suit many tastes. I've grown to appreciate it, but I'm old and my faculties aren't what they once were - I have trouble remembering my own name. Approach with caution and you maybe rewarded. I was.
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on 19 March 2017
Some aspects of this movie were a bit silly but still an enjoyable experience.Ultra violent and and overall a good film.
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on 22 June 2017
I preferred the original. I hate when they start messing. Still made me jump:-)
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on 28 April 2017
Bought for a friend
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on 14 March 2017
great dvd
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on 26 April 2017
Zombie always surprises and excites, but this is rather predictable in comparison to his other work. I guess that could be because the bar is so high.
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VINE VOICEon 1 November 2010
I've always rooted for the underdog movies, movies that very few people like or are victims of popular misconceptions (RoboCop 2, Hudson Hawk, Waterworld). But never in my life have I known a film to be on the receiving end of so much anger and undeserved hate than Rob Zombie's Halloween II.

Zombie didn't want to do the movie. He'd killed off Michael and that was that. But the studio went ahead with a sequel regardless, and he figured that if a sequel was going to be made then he should be the one calling the shots instead of someone else who might deviate from his vision.

Many were furious over his desecration of John Carpenter's original. I wasn't. I thought it was entertaining...but pointless. Zombie (and the makers of all the original sequels) just didn't grasp the fact that the minimalism and purity of the 1978 movie is what made it stand out. Copious amounts of back-story did nothing but bore me to death.

But the 1981 Halloween II was hardly sacred ground. Though it took place on the same night as the first the series had already degenerated into pure drudgery and sank even further from there. Zombie's Halloween II pays homage with the first 10 minutes but goes off into a brand new tangent following his own imagination.

His huge liberties with the Michael Myers mythology and rules may have offended fans, but after 31 years of keeping him in the dark it was time to bring the brutal ugliness into the light. This is hardcore slasher material. Compared to this the 80s and 90s sequels are PG family films. Violence and death in real life are not pretty, cool to look at, or bloodless. I'm sick of slasher films that are so clean and sterilized that they make murder look hygienic and harmless. What kind of message is THAT sending out?

Zombie has delivered, without a doubt, the most visually striking Halloween film yet. I wasn't too impressed with his editing or cinematography style in the 2007 movie. Carpenter shot his film in anamorphic Panavision and stuck with the format ever since. But Zombie opted for ugly Super 35, which gave his film-making style a garish, MTV feel. This time around he shoots in grainy 16mm and keeps the camera right in front of the carnage, keeping it in our faces. He also grinds raw, emotional performances out of his cast, especially Scout Taylor-Compton and Brad Dourif.

The hate, the anger, the condemnation...it's all completely unjustified. None of the original sequels were this bold, daring or imaginative. When it comes to drawn out franchises (especially horror films) there are frequent complaints of "same old, same old". But as soon as a sequel that DOES break the mold comes across it's torn apart for being too different.

It's our inability to make up our minds over what we really want in movies that pushes studios into making so much inoffensive garbage. Honestly, if you're the kind of person who likes Twilight then you really have no business watching this film.

The Blu Ray features the 119-minute Director's Cut of the film which several added scenes and a completely different ending. It's a much stronger film than the theatrical cut (which was still good) and if you're going to buy Halloween II it's best to import this from the US instead of going for the 105-minute UK version. The 1080p picture is framed at 1.85:1 and is very grainy, but since this is the way the film was intended to look you can't blame it for not looking like Pixar. The sound design is loud and aggressive and there is a decent amount of extras.
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Awful remake and a disgrace to the Halloween Franchise, with a awful cast and over the top deaths, I mean the mother with the white horse, what was that all about?. And Malcolm Mcdowell was awful, all he was bothered about was making a bit of cash, I just hope Donald pleasance doesn't turn in his grave. For me this is the worst Halloween film to date, plus one of the worst horror films ever made.
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on 7 May 2016
As a huge fan of the old Halloween movies, the first one is my favourite horror movie of all time I came in with trepidation to Rob Zombie's take on the story. Halloween by Zombie was a movie of two parts- the first was decent enough because it played out largely as an original piece however the second half descended into a kill em all piece that at best just got a little messy. Halloween II then was not high on my list of must watch films. But surprise surprise Zombie has created a movie that only gives very quick references and nods and is another original piece.

First up the grain and camera angles that Zombie has used are particularly striking, the guy is an artist even if you don't like his movies. The acting is very good and the movie never drags even at 100 mins for a horror film. The movie is much more violent than say all out gore and the camera does swing around a lot, was this to make sure the movie got a big screen release in America? It's a nice surprise to see Danielle Harris here who of course played the little girl in both HALLOWEEN 4 and HALLOWEEN 5 though it should be noted that she is playing a different character here but the fans loved this touch from Zombie. It's great too to see how Zombie hasn't copied like for like the role of Sam Loomis- Malcolm McDowell's character is polar opposite to Donald Pleasence's and this was a great touch.

Critics will be annoyed with all the kills and random ones at that and Zombie's wife Sheri Moon Zombie has a prominent role as a ghost type figure who encourages Michael to keep on killing. Some of it works, some of it doesn't but it never gets to that point of cringeworthy. Halloween II is a nice surprise then, it's a very decent slasher movie and even better than some of the older Halloween sequels.
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on 3 September 2014
why so much negative talk about this film.all in all i enjoyed it.a stylish slasher movie with some real mean slayings.its what the genre is all about.there is alot of rubbish out there but this is not one of them.captain clegg and the night creatures videos are a bit of fun after the movie.give it a goits cheap and im sure you will enjoydid not watch on blueray.
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