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on 22 January 2010
I bought this rather pricey unit after a bad experience with a cheap and cheerful internet radio, which proved to be highly unreliable and frustrating. The "out of the box" experience with this product was excellent- I had registered for a mysqueezebox account before the unit arrived, so after a quick setup, I was listening to the radio. It was also fairly easily able to set this up to stream music from the music library on my network- easy to browse by title, artist, album, year, etc. It even picks up the cover art. The colour screen looks excellent. The availability of facebook is a bit of a gimmick, but other "apps" are excellent- I especially like last.fm.

Other reviewers have pointed out that inputting text is a bit laborious; well, I'd say that its better than most. In the main, the controls are intuitive, responsive and easy to use. Also, as other reviewers mention, the sound quality is excellent- for kitchen listening, the fact that there is only one speaker is not a problem; the sound is clear & rich with a lovely bass, but not "boomy". It certainly doesnt have to strain to fill a largish room.

So, why not give it 5 stars? Well, for the price, I would have expected a remote control and I think its very cheeky to expect users to pay for a proprietary battery pack- why not use standard AA cells? The "accessory pack" (remote+battery pack) is not even available as a I write. Another irritation is that the unit does not remember preset buttons- every time you turn it off (not disconnect from power), it forgets the button presets. After some googling, I discover that this is a known fault. Maybe it will be fixed in a future firmware update.
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on 8 April 2010
I have had endless problems with my squeezebox radio crashing. When it works it is good (hence 2 stars rather than 1) and the hardware is solid enough with reasonable sound but it crashes so often that I am totally fed up with it. It may be due to the software as it is incredibly slow when loading up or negotiating menus. Over the last week it has had a few system meltdowns in which the only way I've been able to resolve has been to restore factory settings and set it up from scratch which is infuriating. However, after the last crash even this no longer works and it is now effectively a rather expensive clock. I would send it back if I was within the return period but will have to rely on the Logitech warranty.
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on 25 January 2011
I got this radio for my brother for Christmas. He loves it and says it's perfect. I had a bit of time to play with it and it is a great radio. The quality of the sound is very good, easy to use, quite intuitive. According to my brother, it is highly recommended.

After two years, my brother lent me his radio. I have it now for 3 months and I will have to get one if he asks me to give it back. It's really great!
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The Squeezebox Radio, and also the Touch, now features a killer App for UK and some European users following Logitech's deal with Swedish music streaming service Spotify. I have liked the look of this Radio since it was launched but I already had a number of Internet radios so could not justify buying one - until now!

To use the Spotify App with Logitech you must have a Premium subscription with Spotify - just as using it with an iPhone - and the experience is more like with the iPhone than using your computer. However, I found the iPhone App easier to use and to be more reliable than Logitech's version. If you are familiar with the iPhone App you will soon get the hang of this one - but the lack of a keypad makes searching much more tedious with the radio.

The Logitech App is my least favourite way of accessing Spotify but it does the job reasonably well. It is prone to stopping and rebuffering from time to time - which doesn't happen using my computer or iPhone. It will not play some tracks saying unavailable in your region - even when the track plays fine on other devices. This can be really annoying if playing a playlist which then stops at a particular track which then has to be skipped manually; and if you miss the fleeting error message you have no idea why it has stopped playing!

However, when working properly Spotify sounds good on this radio and excellent when using phones - and you get the full 320 Kbps audio stream you pay for with Spotify's Premium service. There is no Line-Out jack so if you want Hi-Fi connection you should consider the Squeezebox Touch, if you just want portability and convenience then this radio will do - especially if you add the accessory pack.

The Squeezebox Radio is a product I have been very pleased with - but not as pleased as I should have been! It is annoying in the things it doesn't get right, but when it is working well it is amazing. It does many things other Internet radios / Media Centres do not do - but it is only as good as the Apps it uses.

If you are a Spotify Premium customer you need one of these players to get the full benefit of your subscription. If you do not yet have an Internet radio, or are looking to upgrade, this is one of the best - and for music streaming from your computer the Squeezebox Server is far easier to use than trying to fiddle around with Windows file shareing!

I would love to give this radio the full five stars - and maybe when the firmware / Apps are more reliable it will deserve it - but for now not quite perfect..................but very good.
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on 24 October 2010
First, let me give you a little background. I have owned this product for a little over a year. I use it in the bedroom as a radio (do not use alarm- more later). I also have a Pure Evoke- another internet radio. The Squeezebox gives out quite a good sound for its size, although not as good as the Evoke in my opinion. I do have the extra speaker for the Evoke, and the stereo certainly helps. The sound on the Squeezebox is definitely good enough for a bed side radio. One thing a do like about the volume on the Squeezebox is you can adjust infinitesimally- the Evoke as little clicks which I found one click was either too low and the other was too high. This is why the Evoke found itself in the kitchen and not on the bedside table listening to low volume music in bed.
For users not familiar to the internet radio concept please let me explain a little more... There are basically two methods of connecting the Squeezebox to the internet. The first is the vanilla connection via your own wireless connection (or LAN cable) to one of Logitech's servers. These servers seem to based in Germany and the US. They provide the radio with the time and a list of all internet radio stations available. If these servers are unreachable your radio will not work until it re-establishes a connection with one of these servers. Also if you use this method of connection you can not use the BBC iplayer applet to listen to the previous weeks' pocasts, programs etc (big shame Logitech). The other method of using the Squeezebox is connect it a Squeezebox server that you install on your PC, laptop, server etc. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. The advantages are more functionality. The BBC iplayer and other applets now work and the Squeezebox can now access any mp3 collections you have on your laptop, PC etc. It is cool in that you can use a program like mediamonkey to associate the album cover to the mp3 tag which allows the album cover to be displayed on the Squeezebox's small LCD display. This really works well. It is quite easily to scroll through albums too via the large jog wheel on the front (this is not the volume wheel!!).
Now to the disadvantages and unfortunately they are some. How they impact you depends on what you want out of the product. If you use the Squeezebox solely as a radio and no more then you rely on the availability of those servers in Germany and the US mentioned above. In reality this means from my usage about twice a month the radio does not work due to some connectivity problems. If you use the Squeezebox via the Squeezebox application then be prepared! Read on. If this application is running all the time ie your laptop must remain on all the time then the product works fine. However I do not like to leave the laptop on all the time as it wastes energy. If you switch the laptop on and off constantly the Squeezebox Radio get confused to connect to the local laptop or to those remote German and US servers. It will serach for the laptop and if its not there it will give up. It will not switch to the remote servers. Even an "IT Crowd" switch it off and on does not necessarily fix this. There is an option deep in advanced options to switch library from one to the other, but sometimes the option is not there! Logitech if you are reading please fix this so that it will switch from one library to another automatically. This stops the product from being a "radio". My definition of a radio is you switch it on and it "works". It doesn't. I will probably get flamed by Logitech fanbois, but not all of use want to run a 24/7 dedicated server for music collections. Another problem that seems to crop up on the Squeezebox forums is the alarm. It seems many people are having problems with it. I have not used it myself, but I suggest that buyers either read up more about the problem or maybe even steer clear of it if you need a reliable alarm clock/radio.

In summary, its a good compact radio with a nice sound. The auto dim LCD display is clear and provides a lot of information including album, artist and album art. The Squeezebox will not appeal to everyone, but its probably the best of the bunch on the current generation of internet radios.

Update 15/4/11- Just noticed that there is now an official Logitech Android App which I duly downloaded. To be honest it works really well and does ALL of the functionality that the interface on the radio does. I did have a couple of homebrew Apps to do the same thing, but this official one blows them out of the water. Kudos to Logitech for supporting the App platform and they have done a really good job with it. I guess my radio is going to be very clean now as I think I will be controlling everything from my phone!!
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on 11 March 2011
This Squeezebox Radio is the "Jumbo Shrimp" of Internet radios. It does just about anything and everything you would want in a small and stylish package. I received it several days ago and I am constantly playing with it, turning it on, surfing audio services, surfing radio stations, listening to my iTunes library, carrying it from room to room as if it were a favorite child.
So many options, so little time in a day!

1) It is affordable, especially on Amazon
2) It is a perfect size for a kitchen counter or bed side table: 5.1" x 8.7" x 5" deep, approx.
3) It connects to the Internet with Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable, whichever you prefer. One could easily use the Logitech HD Powerline 200a Starter Kit for Logitech Revue & Internet-Connected Devices (930-000131)to connect it.
4) Initial set up is extremely simple and fast.
5) It provides almost limitless access to thousands of free Internet radio stations, and online services such as Pandora (my personal favorite), Slacker Radio, Napster, SIRIUS, Rhapsody, Lastfm, and social sharing sites such as Facebook and photo sharing site Flickr.
6) It provides a connection to your MP3 or iTunes library on your computer (see Cons, below). To connect, one needs to download and install "Squeezebox Server" software from Logitech on one's computer and this software needs to be running in order to access the files.
7) There is a 2.4" color LCD screen
8) The color screen displays a clock and calendar! Take that you rotten AT&T Cordless phone!
9) It is an alarm clock
10) The sound is pretty good, all things considered.
11) It is sleek and attractive looking.
12) Software updates are automatic.
13) This radio is totally mesmerizing!
14) Did I mention that I love it?

1) Power is supplied only by plugging it in to an electric wall outlet. An accessory kit with a battery pack and a remote control offered on Amazon costs almost as much as the radio itself!(Purchase it from Logitech directly for about fifty dollars) Having a battery pack would be an appreciated feature. This is a small and lightweight radio that can play music anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection. It would be nice to be able to move it from room to room without having to plug and unplug it.
2) Initial set up is one touch, but one needs to download software to one's computer to activate the "My Music" feature. The provided link to this software did not work, necessitating a call to Logitech Customer Service. The good news is that Customer service picked up after 10 minutes, was based in California, and provided a working link as well as some helpful setup hints.
3) Most buttons are self explanatory but a few are not. The "More" button, for instance. Different functions are assigned to different buttons during different programs one might use. This is very confusing until one learns what to do.
4) There is a quick set up guide that comes with the radio but I found that I had to go to the Squeezebox web site and print up the full 31 page "Feature Guide" in order to fully understand all of the radios outstanding features.
5) There is no iPod dock. One connects one's MP3 player with a line-in cord (supplied).
6) One would think that connecting one's iPod would be unnecessary as downloading the Squeezebox Server software allows access to the music files on your computer. However, if your iTunes library contains songs that are DRM (digital rights management)"protected" files (purchased from the iTunes store prior to 2009) they will not play on this radio. :-(
In order to overcome this, Apple is happy to remove the DRM protection on these files, naturally for a fee. Since I have not done this, I find that only a percentage of my iTunes playlists will play on this radio when accessing them through Squeezebox Server. If I just plug my iPod in however, everything plays just fine.
7) Registering and setting up the Squeezebox radio is easy but to access and use all the available services one needs to register and set up each one, one by one. This is time consuming and repetitive. Other reviewers have commented on this, but it is highly recommended to register and set up the services on one's computer and not the Squeezebox.

This is a nifty, enjoyable music player. I plan to give it years of use. Hopefully it will.
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VINE VOICEon 12 January 2012
What a li'l beaut of a device this is. And it is li'l: it's incredibly compact, yet the sound that comes out of it is inordinately expansive. It's beautiful too, with a glossy black frontage and a white rounded rear.

Before I started using my Squeezebox Radio I half expected to experience irritating problems with it: difficulty setting it up, Wi-Fi connection dropping, artwork not showing, etc. Instead, I've had no problems whatsoever; it's performed flawlessly for weeks now, and the main thing I wanted to go right - the streaming of my computer-based music collection over my wireless network - has worked without a single glitch. Internet radio streaming works just as well too, plus you can download a range of apps, view photos, and change a myriad of settings to suit your own taste.

Logitech expects you to shell out for their separate Logitech Squeezebox Radio Accessory Pack if you want a dedicated remote and a rechargeable battery pack for the radio, but the remote part of it can be taken care of if you have one of their Harmony universal remotes, or via the free app you can download for iDevices and Android devices.

Look no further if you want a good-looking, compact unit for streaming Internet radio and your own music collection: the Squeezebox Radio won't leave you feeling disappointed.
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on 16 April 2010
The Squeezebox Radio does what it claims and produces a very rich sound for it's size. We have a large kitchen / conservatory area and it easily produces enough volume and bass to fill the area and be enjoyable to listen to.

In order to have access to the music stored on your pc you will need to have Squeezebox Server running and your pc switched on. If you already use itunes it's not a problem, Squeezebox Server can even see your itunes playlists. As you add and change music in itunes you will need to tell Squeezebox Server to rescan your computer so it keeps up to date.

For those a little more serious about home media or if you don't want your Squeezebox Radio to be reliant on your pc being switched on you can add a NAS device to your network. There are loads of different brands available but you will need one that can run Squeezebox Server, I have a Qnap TS239. Alternatively, you can plug your ipod into the Squeezebox Radio, you can only do this via the 3.5mm jack plug so I very much doubt the SB Radio will act as anything more than an amp and speaker for your ipod.
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on 14 July 2011
This is a little gem. No flannel. It really is.
No problems in setting up at all. Just follow the instructions supplied. Do what it says in the book. Simples.
I read loads of reviews about this and other WiFi radios and decided (with minor reservations having read some of the other reviews about this model) that this one was the one to go for.
Absolutely no regrets. Set up and running within 15 minutes. Love the colour screen and the ease of use. And thousands of stations too.
FM? DAB? No contest whatsoever.
I use this as a bedside alarm and it is excellent. So impressed am I that I am going to get another one for the kitchen.
It is not HiFi and it's mono. But don't let this put you off. It is is quality and has a good, a very good solid sound indeed.
As a bonus, I downloaded a free app. to my android phone and now have a remote which does everything a remote for it should do.
Would I buy one for a friend? No chance. I'd keep it for myself!
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on 23 March 2010
The Logitech Squeezebox Radio is a great addition to the Squeezebox range. Such an easy way to listen to the radio or any of your own music. The sound is rich and can easily fill most rooms, even a noisy kitchen. The display is a great addition so you get a clear visual indication of what you are listening to. With various plug ins, including displaying picture libraries it provides a range of possibilities. The display provides a clear view of the menus for setting up and makes the controls easy to use. The size is very convenient to put on any desk or worktop so you can your music wherever you go.

As a fan of the Squeezebox Boom I was a little dubious but gave it a try - not disappointed. I love it.
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