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on 25 September 2014
***Caution this only works with Powermat device adaptors,
It will not charge standard Wireless devices like
Nexus, Galaxy 4 or 5, or and standard device with built in wireless charging
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on 9 March 2017
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on 22 January 2013
I bought this product to recharge my Google Nexus 4. Although Powermat claim they are Qi compatible, and the Nexus 4 is, the mat does not recharge the phone. Fortunately it was very (too?) cheap.
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on 31 December 2012
This will not work with a Nexus 4 or other Qi compatible devices. It didn't follow the standard wireless charging protocols, so future devices will also not charge on it. Waste of money even if reduced further.
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on 28 December 2012
brought to charge the nexus 4 however this mat does NOT work with the nexus so stay away in fact i cant think of anything that will charge with this
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on 9 January 2013
I have one of these charger mats and also 2 single charging mats. First thing to be aware of is that you do need a receiver for your phone and as far as I can tell not all phones are covered and sometimes (as was the case with me) simply buying a back was not possible (hence the two single mats - but these are useful for work so I'm not too upset). So don't think you can just buy this mat and everything will be fine. You can put up to three items on the mat and the only issue is that it isn't always a simple thing to find the spot on the mat where the phone will charge. The good thing is that the mat lights up and makes a noise when you hit the right spot so at least you know your previous fumbles were ineffective and you've finally got there :) I won't go any further with that. - on the single mats there seems to be a magnet which pulls the phone to the right place but this is not present on this larger mat.

In all it does what it says on the tin and if you can find a compatible receiver then it really does do away with all the cables. One thing to note though (which has nothing directly to do with the mat), if all the backs are the same as the one for the Blackberry torch then there is a chance they won't fit into your case anymore as there is a charging connection between the back and the charging point on the phone which sticks out about 3 mm from the side of the phone!
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on 10 December 2012
When searching for Qi compatible chargers on Amazon, I came to this one. So I ordered two.
It is NOT working with the Nokia Lumia.
Now I rechecked and I cannot find anything about Qi in the specification for the product, so maybe Amazon is the one to blame and not the product.
I was forced to give stars in irder to review the product, so I gave it three. it would be unfair to give one star as I think it is Amazon's fault.
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on 17 December 2009
At first glance this technology seems like a great idea - you get rid of those unwanted cables. Then you realize - once you actually start to use the equipment that it is as cumbersome if not more cumbersome than using individual chargers for your devices. If you own an iPhone 3Gs the available powermat cases are NOT compatible with this latest iPhone version and so you need a Powerblock with it's own wires and adaptors. So think about it - you replace your nice, neat iPhone charger with a Powermat, it's power cable, a powerblock power adaptor and it's associated connector plug. It seems also that if you have an older iPhone and the specific charging case for it that it's actually not meant to be left on the phone after it's charged!! so one is supposed to remove the case after every charge?? does the original phone charger not appear even more convenient in the light of these issues?

This is compounded by the fact that Powermat's customer support is essentially non-existent, on trying to contact both UK and U.S. support regarding availability of device specific attachments and whether these attachments are actually designed to be left on the device when it is not being charged - there was no reply - at all!

In order for this technology to practical and useful the availability of the relevant device specific cases/battery doors should be made clear. In addition if the cases are not meant to be left on the devices the powerblock is as useful as the specific cases. It thus follows that your original charger is as effective and less cumbersome. In my opinion this technology promises more than it delivers and is not ready for the market. If Powermat wants you to part with your hard-earned cash they should finish developing the technology so that it delivers what it appears to promise and also customer support should SUPPORT existing CUSTOMERS with at least some information.

Bottom line - don't do it! wait for these guys to fix their products.
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on 17 April 2013
I bought one of these as they were so cheap to use with the receiver/case the same company sells for the iPhone 4. Problem was the one designed fro the iphone 4 came with a power 'mat' which was really a cradle that snugly fits the phone but means that you can only charge one device and only the iPhone 4 as the cradle was exactly iPhone 4 shap and size. At first I found the product useless and frustrating but then I remembered that the iPhone kit had included a sticker to help alignment on these "1st generation" mats. That did help but really shows that if you think you can just plonk down your phone on the mat and it will charge (not an unreasonable expectation) then you will be disappointed. It feels like there are only millimeteres of tolerance in the placement. It is a bit of a lottery - sometimes I get it to charge first time - sometimes it takes about 10 tries. So the technology works well for charging cradles - as sold in the newer products - but not for charging mats where controlling placement is too variable for the three charging zones on the mat. In fact on experimenting I found a 2nd placement (in addition to the one defined by the sticker) on the mat that also worked! It was on the right hand charging zone but with the phone angled slightly (aligned with about 2 and 8 o'clock on a clock face). Could not get it to work in the middle zone of the mat. I also bought an equally cheap Powercube and while I have not used that enough to comment, it does seem to be easy to place it on the mat. So the fiddly bit seems to be for the iPhone 4 case.
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on 6 May 2010
I have just bought one of these chargers, and I also bought a iphone charger case. these work fine, but my wife has a 3g iphone with no case, but i thought i could charge via usb port on the back of the powermat. I plugged in my wifes iphone via apple cable, into the usb port, but it will not charge...My ipod video does, using the same cable, so why won't my iphone? Have they done this on purpose in order for you to buy another case? it seems quite unfair...
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