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on 16 March 2017
This package is great value for money if you're just starting out as a beginner.

Guitar: Imitation of the Fender Les Paul with the same basic layout -- two humbucker pickups and a toggle switch that lets you isolate the neck pickup, bridge pickup, or combine both. The four knobs let you control the volume and tone for either pickup. I'm no audiophile so I can't tell you how the tone compares to other guitars, but there's no hissing or humming on the output. There is a tune-o-matic bridge to make it easy to correct the intonation and action -- which you will need to do because the intonation is awful out of the box. After buying a set of good quality strings and spending fifteen minutes with a screwdriver and a tuner, the guitar is now quite playable.

Amp: Volume, Gain, a single Tone knob, and also a button to switch from Clean and Distortion. The nicest thing about this amp is that it is only about 10cm deep, so it takes up hardly any room.

Instrument lead: Straight at one end and right-angled at the other. The lead itself is quite stiff and thin.

Gig bag: Basically puts handles on your guitar to let you carry it from A to B, but offers very little protection other than keeping the dust off.

Guitar Strap: Cheap adjustable strap with thin fake leather ends. The holes are quite large and the ends are somewhat pliable and stretchy, so there's a good chance that it will come off the guitar if you don't take care with it.

Spare Strings: Intonation problems -- you're better off buying some better ones.

Picks: Three basic middle-of-the-road celluloid picks -- I got two black and one pastel blue. I bought a Dunlop variety pack of picks instead to find one that I can get on with.

In conclusion, the accessories are absolutely entry-level and will be the first things that you need to replace, but altogether you have the bare minimum of what you need to get started.
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on 3 February 2017
This arrived today. Honestly, the picture doesn't do the colour justice - it's gorgeous! It says standard size, but it feels a little smaller, which for me is a good thing - I've got average arms but tiny hands, so this feels really comfortable. The weight on the guitar is nice - a lot of reviews said it was heavy, but compared to some other electric guitars I've handled, it was quite light.

The case, if you can call it that, is not sufficient. I will be getting a hard case at a later date to fit this guitar, and the strap isn't great either, but the extra strings and picks were fine. I would personally recommend changing out the strings for something you prefer, (I like Dunlop Heavy Core) but that's completely a personal preference. The amp is the dinkiest thing I've ever seen, and for the size, has pretty respectable sound.

The only thing that drags this package down is the case, but if you're prepared to replace the case with something more solid, you really can't go wrong with this.
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on 30 December 2015
This is great value. I haven't played the guitar since I was a teenager [which is quite a long time ago!] The guitar is great - looks and sounds good. The amp is fine - lots of volume for the size and plenty of different tones and distortion available. Smoke on the water eat your heart out! The strings and bits and bobs are ok. The strap came off so I quickly bought another - watch out for this but the case fits and the picks work - to be honest I'd go back to the first point, this is great value for money.
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on 1 December 2015
End of the mode knob was missing, found to be loose in the box. Switch itself barely clicked backwards and forwards, having as much definite click as a 50 year old well worn alternative.

Amp itself BUZZED badly, regardless of whether guitar was plugged in or not.

Now understand why this was in the lightning deals, they wanted rid.

Mine was in the house for 24hrs before winging its was back to Amazon
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on 22 June 2017
Overall this is a really good package for the price. The guitar on its own is worth the purchase price.
So why only 4 stars? Well the guitar strap isn't suitable for a guitar of this weight and you wouldn't want to drop it on your toes!
The amp is reasonable, but buzzes loudly when the distortion button is pressed, but offers acceptable practise performance.
The bag is very thin but will help keep your instrument clean and dry, but won't offer much protection from knocks.
As for the guitar itself, the finish is very high-gloss and attractive. It also seems to be well built. I've been playing it for a couple of weeks now and everything works as it should and it has been an enjoyable experience. The frets are a little more raised than on my other guitars, which causes a degree of fret buzz but not too bad. The amplified sound quality is good, with the full range of tones available as you'd expect from the pickup and controls available.
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on 18 February 2016
I really can't complain about this product. Everything came in the package, the guitar is in brilliant condition and sounds awesome. If you're wanting one, go ahead and get it! You won't regret it. However, you should know that the blue on the body is slightly more turquoise than shown here, though that isn't a big deal for me.
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on 28 January 2017
Came with with minor damage to the fretboard and body although only astetic recently the neck broke and stretched the pilot holes connecting it to the guitar making unusable. Wouldn't recommend

Seller did nothing to remedy the situation and there are much better options for the price point
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on 25 August 2016
First guitar,it's well made nice colour I've a very very long way to go to get tune out of it
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on 29 March 2017
Good guitar for learning.. Nice sound. Easy to play... Lovely finish on the guitar. Quality of the item was superb.. Very pleased with the guitar *
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on 10 June 2017
I have played an acoustic guitar for a few years and now decided to try out an electric. I was worried before that maybe the amp isn't powerful enough etc. but it totally is for playing without annoying the heck out of your neighbors.
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