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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 17 June 2016
There is nothing positive that can be said about this tuner. The battery was difficult to put in as there was a metal strip at the side of the battery compartment which caused the battery to spring out. It just wouldn't stay in place. The display on the tuner is in red which makes it difficult to read and the mode letter is totally unreadable without a magnifying glass eg G=guitar. When clipped onto the guitar, the tuner display cannot be easily seen and finally the tuner is not even accurate. It goes green when a string is not quite in tune. I checked it against an online tuner and a perfectly-tuned string showed as red. Just useless.
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on 31 July 2015
This is a very nice clip-on guitar tuner, and works very well. In use the tuner has a red background, which changes to green once the string is in tune - it's very clear and easy to use. There are also a number of options. There are four modes: G = guitar (standard tuning), V = Violin (standard tuning), B = Bass (standard tuning) and C = Chromatic. I tend to leave it on chromatic, but the other modes are handy if you're not sure of the correct tuning for each string. The pitch for A can be adjusted from 435Hz to 445Hz, and if you tune to standard concert pitch, you need to check that you have it set to 440Hz. Finally the tuner can be set to "clip" which picks up vibrations from the instrument, which is the usual method of using it with a guitar, or via a microphone. It defaults to "clip" on switching on. So you have various options, but most people would just set it to A440, "C" and "Clip" and then forget about the other options. Finally it runs of one CR2032 battery unlike some tuners which require two. As long as you rember to switch it off after use, the battery lasts for ages. You know when it needs changing as the tuner becomes slow and erratic to respond. Overall this is an excellent tuner and I am very pleased with my purchase.
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on 10 July 2017
If it worked this would be a good piece of kit. It is small and light, and clips easily on to your guitar, violin etc. I like the option of tuning by sound or vibration though I am not sure that it makes much difference unless you have an electric instrument where the sound doesn't carry unless plugged in. The big problem is that it just isn't that accurate, if I tune using this tuner the strings are out to the ear and also to my other (more accurate) electric tuner. Maybe I just got a faulty example but I couldn't recommend it unless you want to rough tune using this and fine tune by ear.
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on 5 February 2014
After reading so many positive reviews, I decided to buy this awesome tuner...Ehm, well, I should have read the bed ones too. I didn't have the slightest problem to insert battery and close the lid, but the tuning itself was a bit strange. I tuned my accoustic guitar by ear and I just wanted to make sure all strings are perfect, so compared it with my new tuner. What a surprise- apparently all strings were out of tune (according my tuner). After when I tried to play a song...what a disaster...pure cacophony. I couldn't believe how inaccurate this tuner is, one string wasn't in tune, no matter how precisely I tried and each string were flashing green light- unlistenable!!! It is on its way back and I downloaded a very good and simple app on my mobile. Perfect, easy, free and hassle free too...This tuner is just not good
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on 2 September 2015
For a relative newbie to playing guitar I needed something other than GarageBand to tuner up my new guitar. This device appears to be perfect. I just clip it to the head of the guitar, gently press the on button and it lights up. Twang any open string and it tells me not only if the string is under or over tuned but also what the string is I'm twanging. I have no need to tell the tuner what string I am about to pluck, it tells me!

All that and way less than a tenner too. Can't be bad.

Oh, and I love the way the display turns from red to green when you hit the right tuning too. I have it so far set to 'Guitar' as I don't know (yet) what is meant by Chromatic. Will have to play around with this sometime and maybe find out.
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on 7 July 2016
Just received today and already I wish I'd paid more attention to the lesser starred reviews. The battery is an absolute ****** to fit, though using rather more force than I should have had to, I managed in the end, and it's surprisingly large compared with my main tuner (this one bought as a backup / spare to go with guitars I don't often gig with). I'll give it a fair trial and if my opinion improves I'll come back and say so, but if it turns out to eat batteries and be no more accurate than my (reasonable but not great) ear, I'll be passing that on as well.
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on 17 April 2014
Excellent little guitar tuner, simple to use but very accurate and effective. Just clips onto the head of the guitar and displays a digital moving indicator as you bring the string up to the correct pitch, red display to start with, then when you get into the correct pitch frequency, displays green and indicates the key of the string that you are tuning. There is a low battery indicator, and a low battery does affect the accuracy of the device, so it is advisable to change it when low power is indicated. You will need a small watchmakers cross point screwdriver to remove the small screw that secures the battery compartment cover, and this can be a bit fiddly if you are not used to small devices, but otherwise a good product that takes any guess work out of tuning your guitar at a very low price. Well worth the cost and recommended purchase. Only four stars because of the necessity of the watchmakers crosspoint screwdriver to change the battery.
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on 11 December 2015
Delighted to receive this little Eno tuner,I already had an older version of this but it got damaged,As this is my second one,I can say that they are a great tuner,Really easy to use and understand,This one has a mic as well,You can tune with or without mic,Great when you need to tune in a noisy place,This just picks the vibrations up from along the neck/fretboard,For such a small price it is so good to have peace of mind,I can't tune by ear so this is perfect for me,I would definetely recommend you get one if you need one,This Eno is better than the rest,Tried and tested.
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on 12 May 2015
This was a present for a guitarist who previously had used a plug-in tuner (patch-leads in and out to chorus pedal, etc.). That was not the easiest thing to see when stood up, with it being on the floor.
From initial day or so of playing with this it seems accurate, is clear to read and can be left on the guitar head without getting in the way (and needing no patch leads). No more bending down to try and check/adjust tuning, should make it easier to do whilst distracting the audience with chatter if needed!
Assuming it lasts (and the build quality seems pretty good for such a cheap device), this seems like a winner.
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on 17 November 2015
This is a cheap, plastic, fragile imitation that does not work. I ordered two (one as a gift and the other for my daughter). It arrived well packaged so it could not have been the post that caused the issues. My daughter did not use it until a couple of months after purchase and therefore we it was too late to send back. Not sure if it is worth claiming on warranty given how much trouble it will be. I wish had spent a little more and bought a better quality one. It saddens me when the star rating on Amazon is so misleading sometimes.
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