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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Format: Vinyl|Change
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on 20 June 2017
Hwicked. You need this in your life.
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on 10 February 2014
This album is so good! Getting it on record was a wise choice, it sounds amazing. If you like Rjd2 also check out Soul Position (that's Rjd2 as producer/DJ and Blueprint (rapper) as a duo).
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on 23 May 2004
I only heard of this cd because of one song which was on it called 'Ghostwriter', this track absolutely blew me away but on this album it just makes the track sound quite average. I decided to buy the album on the strength of this track and just knew that it would be amazing, and it was.
The album starts off with a very powerful track called 'The Horror', then goes onto a very chilled out song called 'smoke and mirrors'. Both songs are awesome. There are all types of songs on this album, some are very hip-hoppy such as 'Final Frontier', and there are many instrumental songs such as 'Ghostwriter' which blows you away with the use of the horns, which just mixes so nicely with the relaxing strumming. One of my favourite songs on the album has to be 'let the good times roll pt. 2'. It is such a chilled out song with such a mix of music styles. My favourite is the end of the song though, in the middle there is a break and you get some drumming and scratching, but at the end the genious that is RJD2 brings it altogether. The first time i heard it and even to this day i cant stop smiling because it just is absolutely amazing that one person can make a piece of music this good.
I would definately recommend this album or anything that RJD2 has done/ worked on to absolutely anyone because you can guarantee that it will be amazing. If you like DJ shadow then you will definately love this because its quite similar, and where sometimes shadow can get quite deep and sometimes depressing, RJD2 is very upbeat and chilled.
Overall this is a great album and you will just have to go out and buy it because its very hard to say what is good about it as there is so much to talk about.
Anyway i hope you found this review helpfull and you go out and buy this record. Enjoy!
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on 1 October 2003
Ok, I ended up getting because of a) lots of people say its BETTER (no!!!) than DJ Shadow, and b) I heard Chicken Bone Circuit on the Amalgamation Of Soundz Fabric mix and it was oozing Shadowness and it was very lovely. Let me say one thing, its not DJ Shadow, bar Chicken Bone Circuit, it doesn't really sound like him aside from using hip hop beats and cutting a mainly sample driven instrumental groove.
So thats out the way. What it IS, however, is a pretty damn wicked album. Its lighter in tone than the likes of Endtroducing, more humourous, funky in a Deltron 3030 stylee. You won't find a better sample driven hip hop album (OUTSTANDING efforts in the form of Ghostwriter, Chicken-Bone Circuit, The Horror). You get a few tracks with MCs thrown into the mix too, and they've very well done, FHH with its 'anti-generic hip hop' stance, backed up a nicely programmed loop in the background, the way the ooohs and aaahs shift around in the main chorus. You won't find any of your bling style lyrics on here, inventive stuff.
So give Rjd2 a chance, it fills the gap when you need some more lighthearted moods (losing none of the grit naturally). As I said earlier you won't find a better sample driven hip hop album! Its not some form of a pale imitation of Mr Shadow, thank the lord, it cuts it own groove. If you're looking for something a little more vocal, perhaps check Deltron 3030, or if you want to keep things British, DJ Stix's 2nd Nature shows that we're not bad at creating this kinda sound either!
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on 2 March 2003
I came across this cd while looking for other artists on the mighty Def Jux label and after reading other reviews I chose to buy it instead of Cannibal Ox's "The Cold Vein". It was definitely not a mistake; Rjd2 has created a very refreshing hip/trip-hop album in a similar style to DJ Shadow, mixing really excellent hip-hop beats with hooks and samples from many different styles including blues, soul, jazz and big band.
I would reccomend this CD to anyone with even a passing intrest in hip-hop, trip-hop, jazz or just plain good beats that make you want to move!
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on 29 August 2002
This is another excellent release from the ever impressive Def Jux label. What we have here is a beautifully crafted record that gently draws you into a series of lush soundscapes before jerking you back to reality. Imagine the middle ground between DJ Shadows Entroducing and the Private Press and you will generally get the idea. It really is that good. Buy this record if you like your hip/trip hop with a intelligent edge. Oh yeah the beats are out of this world.
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on 20 January 2003
The chap in my local record shop made a big deal about this record, almost forced me to buy it; Thank God.
This is a seriously good example of what Hip-Hop can, and in many cases should, be. Mixing soul, jazz, traditional beats, rhymes, and a few more 'rocky' vocals, RJD2 has managed to marry brass bands with old school MC'ing, lounge style soundscapes with crashing beats and satisfying bass lines.
What I don't understand is why this hasn't been more successful. It sold out very quickly in said record shop but no one else I know has even heard of it.
I really think this is different from the majority of what is listened to. As the work of a producer you think, perhaps, it should have less acclaim than, say, The Roots. However, to look at DJ Shadow and not this, is a travesty. This is more tuneful, there is more variety, and its more accessible than any of Mr Shadow's offerings (which, incidentally, I enjoy immensely).
Obviously, it would be difficult to say its better but is it equal? Without doubt: this is a new direction for Hip-Hop production and its here to stay. I just hope RJD2 gets the plaudits he deserves.
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on 24 August 2002
This is a truly excellent record - easily the best cut-and-paste style sample-based album since Endtroducing.
Much more fun and uptempo than Shadow's stuff, this album also features some of the finest and most intelligent rap tunes you'll hear.
Head nodding stuff from beginning to end - undoubtedly in the top five of the year.
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on 23 January 2003
I Saw RJD2 when he supported Shadow this year and bought his album at the next opportunity. You're always looking, when you buy CD's, for albums which are right in every respect (at least I am). An album which you know you can listen to over and over again without ever getting bored of it, whilst still enjoying every track. Very few albums ever achieve this but Deadringer has.
RJD2 is essentially instrumental Hip-Hop similar to DJ Shadow. However, this is more up-beat (though no less powerfull) containing a complex mish mash of sounds and influences (funk, hip-hop, jazz, soul, breakbeat) which he uses to craft his own UNIQUE style. An impressive instrumental groove throughout the album is offsett by tracks Final Frontier, F.H.H and June (in that order) which have guest rappers on them. F.H.H. is a truly great Hip Hop tune.
Deadringer is contains music to make you want to jump about and more introspective tracks. It combines baddass full on Hip-Hop with funky as hell instrumental mayhem. Similar(ish) artists are DJ Shadow (obviously), The Poets of Ryhthym and possibly DJ DSL (G-Stoned). Although to be fair, there is nothing else like this out there.
Buy this Album
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on 6 January 2016
Perfect, thanks!
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