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on 22 April 2015
hassle free transaction.

Spoilers ? hmmmmn let me think. Maybe a few observations but no downright spoilers.

Ok if you are familiar with books you have two options.

One, if you have a strong stomach, a brave heart, and a colossally forgiving nature then by all means get it. be prepared for.... well nothing like the book. the time on earth is 'updated' so JC is a sniper in Iraq or Afghanistan or somewhere. his sojourn to mars is explained by technology. an then the madness gets worse. the story is rushed, great swathes are missed out and that left is changed. On top of all that this is a mish mash of at least two stories (blimey even TOTAL RECALL was closer to the ERB stories - well almost).
Oh and because its technology driven you don't have to be JC to get to do it - hint - This kind of minimises the specialness of JC.
Also in the books no one had clothing. I sort of get why this is a problem for modern films BUT when you think about it just wearing clothes alter s the subtext of the story ERB was trying to tell.
Deja - am I on another planet? I must be because if Ms. Lords Is Deja then I'm the sultan of brunai. With all due respect to TL she MUST be stretching the age limit of how old Deja would appear? I know this was on a tight budget but there must have been better actresses ( Lord knows (know pun intended) that she didn't have a lot to say or do), who could have brought the full character of Deja out more and not have a paunch and look a little bit princessie. I bet your right now thinking of at least 3 who would be better. I suspect that given the budget the producers were counting on a little sizzle the TL name would add to the flogging of the movie.

Oh yeah and while I think of it Why is the movie called 'A Princess Of Mars' when all the title sequences and the cover of the DVD are all John Carter.

Budget wise again I know they didn't have the resources of avatar BUT men in suits and masks? Only two arms? 2 legged Thoats (left over CGI from walking with Dinosaurs? ) NO WULA - the back story to Solar -the list goes on- as do I you say.

TWO. If you cant stand to see a beloved book/story butchered DO NOT WATCH THIS.

To summarise - This film barely stands on its own - let alone as something supposed to be based on t he ERB stories. By all means call it something like 'A Martian Fairy Tale' but DO NOT sully the ERB stories. do I hate it? NO because it tried and the single seat fliers were ok and there was a story and a point and sadly I have seen many many worse films.

ACID TEST: would I buy/watch again or recommend - NO
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on 17 March 2010
This is a low budget version of ERB's novel of the same name, remarkably filmed in less than a fortnight. It's been adapted for film, so John Carter is transformed from a civil war vet to an active US agent in the near east, "Mars" is a planet in another solar system where the injured Carter is sent by a secret US agency rather than our mars in the past that he's been drawn to by mystic means - one expects such things when a novel is adapted for film - but personaly I think ERB's original was a better story.

The low budget means there's none of the novel's 6 limbed wariors or 8 legged steeds or red egg-laying humans (shame), nevertheless it is an entertaining SF action romp, and worth more than a single viewing. It merits a viewing just for being the only adaption to film of ERB's Mars series.

All in all it's a good DVD if all you're expecting is entertainment, but a huge disapointment if you're expecting ERB's novel to be brought to life.

Maybe one day someone with a budget like Avatar and adaption skills like Lord of the Rings will give ERB's Mars Saga the treatment it deserves, but in the meantime we've got this to keep us fans ticking over.
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on 16 March 2011
This is a pitiful reworking of the classic John Carter, Warlord of Mars series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and should be consigned to the great film trash can in the sky. Poor acting (and that's being kind) from the lead male character, and as for Traci Lords, she looks like she doesn't really know what she's supposed to be doing, and the revealing costume she wears should really be worn by someone much younger. As for the Barsoom warriors, who in the original stories were noble, civilised warriors over 12ft tall with 4 arms, well, let's just say they've "shrunk in the wash" in this film, and had a pair of arms amputated. The make up for the Barsoom warriors faces is at least right, but showing them as little more than savages who run around snarling and growling is not just wrong, it's disgraceful. As for the lead male, who is supposed to be a special forces marine, well, his lack of even basic martial prowess- let alone his pitiful attempt at fancy swordplay -just shows that actors need to have more than just a muscular physique if they want to appear convincing. After watching this utter dross, I wanted to go and rinse my eyes in bleach, it's that bad. My copy of this film didn't even end up in the charity shop after I'd taken it out of the dvd player, I consigned it to the flames in the fireplace, a fate it well deserves. Save your money, don't waste it on a film this bad, go buy something much better, such as Hunter Prey, which is worth watching.
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on 26 July 2011
This is a typical si fi romp, it bares a passing resemblence to the book of the same title, but not really enough.

Forgetting the novel it is supposed to be based on and you get the usual human superhero saving a planet. The dialogue at times is poor, the acting stilted, and the plot thin. Overall it works though and although the ending has sequal stamped all over it, none yet appears to have been made, which is a pity as it certainly deserves one.

Although the film is decidedly "low budget" it excepts that limitation and works within it, no masses of poor animated aliens getting shot to peaces, just close ups of the hero blasting away then looking at the wall of dead.

I did enjoy this film.

Finally for those who can remember the Star Wars film, Return of the Jedi, that bikini is given pride of place here.
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VINE VOICEon 1 April 2010
Many movies are the story in name only and just retain a few characters. This film comes close to that definition. For readers of Edgar Rice Burroughs naturally there is no excuse for this film. However if you over look the hokey background music (that sounds like a Hallmark movie), the missing Woola, the stilted dialog, the phony flying scenes (shades of Hidden Tiger) and the logic that you could drive a tank through, this is a watchable film.

Fort the reader or the non-reader alike, the story has changed a tad. John Carter (Antonio Sabato Jr.) of Virginia is now an U.S. sniper in Afghanistan. He is betrayed by a dastardly trick from an insidious drug dealer. The only way to save his life is to use a physics trick to create a John copy on a distant planet that just happens to also have the name "Mars" (no Barsoom here). He meets Tharks that are not green, a prince, Dejah Thoris (a 41-year-old Traci Lords) is not red, and an enemy that is not of that world. We still get swordplay and leaps of faith.

It looks like the film was set up as a sequel and sure enough, there will be one. However, not with the same actors. I do not want to give too few stars because I do not want to discourage people from producing the Barsoom series.
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on 7 October 2016
for starts which came first this version or the the Disney one .the Disney version who was on drugs when they panned it did my no you need a degree to be a film critic down size version not bad the one just watched the remake of John carter
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on 10 September 2010
Couldn't finish watching it.
It was quite poor. The dialogue was awful. The story was absent.
Sorry, but it doesn't get my vote.
Buy Avatar instead
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on 8 February 2012
Am I wrong in thinking that Princess of Mars = The Martian Colony Wars?
It's exactly the same film?
So releasing it under another name gets people buying the two films when they are the same!?
Like it seems I did!

That's just rude! There should be some sort of note made as I originally thought it may well be a econd fim in the series!
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on 8 January 2011
This is a poor effort at a 'Martian' film. It's not even a real Mars!

The opening scenes in some middle-eastern country are woodenly acted and very unconvincing. But it gets worse! "On this 16G memory stick we can store all the data to reconstruct you...?" What drivel!

The alien scenes - as far as I got, because honestly I was looking for high buldings to jump off - were just like back home and again, the acting was utyterly unconvincing. I got the feeling that none of the cast were committed to the story either. The CGI creatures were obviously not part of the backdrops and didn't seem to be in phase for most of the time they were on screen.

Another disappointing title!
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on 16 May 2011
Asylum are better know for their "Mockbusters" -movies with similiar titles to big studio productions. Ironically some of these are actually better written than the big budget titles.
Book adaptions are always a thorny proposition. Change it too much and you annoy the book fans, and many aspects of ERB's Barsoom series would have to be changed -the customary nudity of the martians and the 15ft size of the Greens.
What Asylum have done instead is create an original story that still pays a few homages to the original. There are actually some nice touches that fans will appreciate, such as the shot of Carter holding the princess that reproduces some of the best known covers of the book.
As a fan of the books I found this a watchable, entertaining movie that stands on its own, while tipping a respectful hat in the direction of the originals.
Others have commented on the irony that the male star spends more time naked than Lords does, and I have to admit I didn't even recognise her, so looks very different to how she looked in Blade and other of her more recent (legal) movies.
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