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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars

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VINE VOICEon 13 December 2009
Quite why the other 2 reviewers have given 2 star reviews just because some of these tracks are previously released is a mystery - this is a well publicised fact.
Genuine Gerry Rafferty fans will be grateful for any new recordings whatsoever and these are appreciated as he is and always has been a recluse and more so in recent years due to well publicised ill health problems.
The album features 18 tracks of which 12 ( 7 are new edits ) are culled from his 3 albums over the last 20 years ( no-one said Gerry was prolific - That`s why we should cherish anything from the man ! ) plus 6 tracks which are new to CD. Some of these were once available to down load from Gerry`s old website ( one of the other reviewers made a snide comment about Gerry`s website `disappearing ` - and he`s a Gerry fan ?? ) but let`s be honest unless you are a hardcore fan you will not have any of these previously unreleased songs. Another reviewer made a churlish comment about Gerry having 2 seasonal songs ( Adeste Fidelis + Silent Night ) as the CD`s last 2 tracks. Nothing wrong with that in my book. In an ideal world yes some record company would pay Gerry to record a full album of Christmas songs - but that isnt going to happen is it ! So we`ll make do with the small mercies that are 2 great Seasonal songs from Gerry . Silent Night is possibly the finest version I have heard .
The new songs include sublime versions of the The Beatles Because and folk song The Maid of Culmore ( this is an entirely new Gerry song - shame the other 2 reviewers couldnt actually bring themselves to comment on any songs ! )
If you are a casual Gerry fan and have one of his earlier `best of` compilations` then this CD is an excellent addition and overview of his more recent work with the added bonus of some new songs.
Terry Wogan & Radio 2 listeners will be happy to hear that Gerry`s popular radio songs Dont Speak of My Heart & It`s Easy To Talk are included !
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on 1 March 2011
This is a wonderful album, and despite what one or two other reviewers have said, I didn't feel short-changed. The previously unreleased and new tracks are beautiful. Gerry Rafferty's treatment of Kyrie Elieson, Adeste Fidelis, Silent Night and The Maid of Culmore are just beautiful, natural when you consider his gift for harmonies, whether with backing vocalists or himself. I have no issue with carols being a part of this album. Remember that Gerry Rafferty was brought up in the Catholic Church, which with its music, spectacle and ceremony had a powerful impact upon him. So it's unsurprising that having been through some pretty rough times personally, he returned to this music; hymns of hope and joy. Even if he wasn't ready or well enough to write new songs, he wanted to sing, and as he said himself, he loved to sing.

Likewise his version of Lennon & McCartney's 'Because' is a revelation; and even as a Beatles fan, I have to say that I like Gerry Rafferty's version more! Again, his harmonic talent shines through.

Then there are the new edits of songs from the On A Wing And A Prayer, Over My Head and Another World albums. Again, it's rewarding to have these songs, and it's interesting that he's revisited them either to give us something slightly different or to make the production clearer. Well, that's what I detect anyway. He put some thought into the re-mastering and editing of these tracks, as he says himself in the sleeve notes.

I received this as a birthday present, after Gerry Rafferty's death, and still very sad that he has gone, and sad that I'll never have the excitement of buying his latest album anymore. So I listened to the track Your Heart's Desire. And when I heard it, I almost whooped with joy. It was the track that completed the whole CD for me.

Coupled with the CD, the sleeve notes and the photograph of Gerry Rafferty at Mont San Michel in March 2009 are a touching reminder of what we've lost. But what a great legacy of music he's left us. His work deserves much greater prominence.
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on 15 December 2009
I really like this CD. A bell toll introduces `Kyrie Eleison', a religious chant from the Catholic Mass. Gerry Rafferty draws on his faith, which he touches on in this Christmas release. Mostly a compilation of selected songs from his past three studio albums, this CD also includes notable renditions of the Beatles song `Because' and an Irish folk ballad `The Maid of Culmore'. Gerry's vocal is smooth and the song choices blend well, with several saxophone and vocal harmony highlights. At times it is moving and always heartfelt. The CD closes with two Christmas offerings - `Adeste Fidelis' (sung in Latin and more familiar as `O' Come All Ye Faithful') and `Silent Night'.

These songs are often autobiographical - a private life which has, at times, seemed strained. Some low points during the last year attracted media attention which included a spell of recuperation. This was followed by a period of absence without leave which caused concern for his general health and well being, before finally surfacing at his home in central Italy. If nothing else, this album release shows that Gerry Rafferty is still very much around. This CD would make an excellent introduction to Gerry Rafferty's music, and a great festive gift. I very much hope Gerry strays never too far from his song writing craft, with, hopefully, the release of a new collection of songs somewhere on the horizon.
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on 16 December 2009
I received this wonderful album earlier today and as all Rafferty offerings I rate it 5***** .
The new Rafferty tracks are superb - Kyrie Elieson ; Because ; The Maid Of Culmore ; Adeste Fidelis and Silent Night.
The tracks with the new edit are also a joy to listen to. I particularly enjoyed the wonderful introduction to The Waters Of Forgetfulness.
Rafferty's early albums - 'City To City' and 'Night Owl' were certainly outstanding, however Rafferty's later albums were all works of genius - ' Snakes And Ladders ' , 'North And South', ' A Wing And A Prayer ', ' Over My Head ', ' Another World ' and my personal favourite from the 1980's ' Sleepwalking '
Gerry Rafferty has consistently released very great albums and this latest album is certainly not a disappointment - it is a joy. I agree with a previous reviewer who comments that true Rafferty fans - and there are quite a few ! - will greatly appreciate this new release.
If you are a Rafferty fan you will be delighted with this new album.
If you are new to Rafferty's work then this album will inspire you to purchase all of Gerry's previous album releases.
And you ever do decide on another Scottish tour, please make sure you come to the North East - you can always stay with Billy Connolly !
Cheers for the music - may it go on and on and on !
David Barron , Aberdeen, Scotland.
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on 28 January 2011
Gerry's final piece of work , is superb!

The reworked tracks and the previously unreleased stuff, are up to his usual high standards.
Reading Gerry's cover notes, it's almost if he knew.....

RIP Gerry and thanks for the great enjoyment you have given millions over the years
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on 9 February 2011
I have hesitated buying this cd as most of the tracks are on cds I have already, but when Gerry died recently, I decided that I would like to get it for the tracks I don't already have. It was a bonus to find that some of the old tracks have been redone and, as always, I have enjoyed listening to Gerry. He is a most underrated musician and I hope that he will now get the recognition he deserves. Although I love Baker Street, it is by far not the only thing he ever did or maybe even the best. I hope I now have everything he ever recorded, but I will keep looking. If you have never listened to anything other than Baker Street and Stuck in the Middle, then this is a must buy. Once you are hooked, you can get the other cds!!
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on 27 February 2011
Gerry Rafferty was arguably never given his true status as a gifted singer, musician and composer. For many people his worth only goes as far as the hit single, "Baker Street". Maybe in his untimely passing his true position will finally be recognised.

This collection, personally selected by Gerry himself takes tracks from his last three albums: On a Wing and a Prayer", "Over My Head" and "Another World".(including remastered versions of his favourite tracks given a fresh outing. In addition there are six unreleased tracks including a stunningly beautiful version of The The Beatles song "Because" and also including two Christmas carols.

Many of his songs reflect Gerry's own journey through life and indeed his own personal experiences and depth of thinking are never far away in his musical output.

A complete "Definitive Collection" of his work is still a 'must' in terms of a comprehensive overview of his work, (particularly the "City to City" and "Night Owl" album period), but certainly in terms of his later output this is a sad and final reminder of how good and unique a talent he was and why so many loved and appreciated this truly fine artist.

Taste and see for yourself in this final reminder.
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on 11 April 2012
It's no good pretending that, on the whole, the songs here compare with Rafferty's peak output in the 70s and early 80s. Even though it's a compilation from his later albums, the average standard is just not as good; and it's also consistently let down by tinny, synth-washed production. At a time when the likes of Oasis were rediscovering a natural, authentic band sound, Rafferty was still moving in the opposite direction.

What makes this worthwhile is the stoic honesty with which the man surveys the ruins of career, fame, marriage, health; and - if I'm interpreting some pretty broad hints correctly - turns for solace back to the God of his youth.

For me, the new tracks - the Beatles' Because; the Irish folk song Maid of Culmore (once recorded by the Bothy Band); Your Heart's Desire, in which he's reunited with guitarist Jerry Donahue; and the three pieces of sacred music - are the best things on it. They read like a summary of the influences on his life and work. In all, a moving last testament by a great talent and an interesting, complex character; rest in peace.
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on 6 February 2011
I have been an enthusiastic listener to the music of Gerry Rafferty for a good number of years now, occasionally adding to my collection of CDs of his music. Like many others, I should suspect, I was saddened to hear of his death this year and decided to get a bit more of his back catalogue to enjoy. I find it disappointing that several of his albums are long-since deleted and only available at exorbitant prices second-hand. I was pleased to get this particular album, a compilation of earlier tracks along with some newer ones, previously unreleased. As with all Gerry's albums, there is much to enjoy here, from the plaintive opening tracks, to the more familiar material previously released. All the material is very well recorded and produced and any fans of Gerry's music will enjoy this release. The lack of a fifth star is simply because many of the tracks have been released on other albums, but the new ones make it a worthwhile purchase-my advice would be to grab it now before it gets too expensive!!
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on 14 September 2010
Highlight for me is "Your Heart's Desire" which I just can't stop playing. Mr Rafferty is a true master.
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