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on 29 August 2010
I have played with the other two Ship Simulators by VSTEP and have had no problems. I pre-ordered Ship Simulator Extremes (which is something I almost never do) and could not wait for it to arrive. When it arrived yesterday morning (28 August 2010) I went straight to install it;

1. You need to create a Steam account (which I have, so no problem there)
2. Then enter the Activation Code. STOP THERE Steam have turned around and said that I have an invalid code, which is crazy as it is a brand new game straight from the manufactures.

I did a little bit of research only to find that I am not the only one with problems a number of people have had the same problem weather it be the boxed version or downloaded version. I also found out that if you are lucky to get the game installed that there are even more problems with the game;

1. The game crashes on start-up
2. Menu's are not displayed just water
3. That the missions are not displayed
4. AI ship are not in the ports etc.

On the whole I think VSTEP should have stayed with Lighthouse and not gone to Paradox Interactive, as there didn't seem to be any major problems with the past versions.

DO NOT BUY. Wait a few month for all the bug to be worked out.
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on 30 August 2010
I usually despise reviews of games that focus on issues of DRM instead of the actual game itself. But being a fan of the last 2 ship sims and being a Deck Officer myself I bought the game in eager anticipation fueled by the released videos shown in the last few weeks. What I found was something entirely different. Steam, while functional enough usually, will mostly refuse to accept any product key. And when I had got past this and installed the game, both on a laptop and a gaming PC I still couldn't get it to run. The no menu, infinite ocean bug stopped my playing on my laptop and a problem with steam meant I couldn't play on my PC. This is a poor example of a game. I expected better from Vstep, and I expected better from Paradox.
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on 30 August 2010
What a waste of money, I agree with fellow reviews here, I was looking forward to playing this game and have just wasted 2 hours trying to get it to work with no sucess and only getting sea backround that you can only spin around in.

Seems they have rushed this game out.
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on 29 February 2012
can never load, 10000s off complaints on line . the game I really wanted but doesn't work . tried 4 different cds
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on 30 August 2010
I cannot get this game to work, and with no telephone support there is little I can do but hope they release an update.

After Ship Sim 2008 this is a real let down!
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on 12 October 2010
When 'Ship Simulator 2008' was released I got the game and played it. The old game was very good and I thought the next version of the 'Ship Simulator' was going to be even better. But I was wrong.

I got the steam version of this game. Basically you pop your disc into your computer and it installs something and then it asks you to install steam. I hate steam but I had to install it to play the game. So I installed it and made my account. Problems already started when the game started the screen was black with a menu. 2 hours later steam patched the problem (which some people have been waiting for days to happen) meaning the game actually worked. But really why they have Steam involved is beyond me.

There are plenty of missions to choose from and earn badges and level up. However I tried some of the missions they were really boring and if you nudged a wall the ship would sink instantly in real life that would be a dent or a scratch and this is meant to be a simulator.

The Ships:
The ships graphics and details have improved a lot since the last game. They have a few more extra boats and ships aswell. However they have taken out some boats such as the Titanic. When you walk around some of the boats bits of it have gaps on the walls and I managed to walked through a wall and a pole that had gaps, it just looked like they were poorly made by the developers or rushed.

Online is pretty much the same as the 2008 version but I've not had great experiences with online. First of all nearly in every game their is always someone going around and ramming other people and sinking them. Second thing is some boats will spawn all in one area crashing into each other and sinking. Third is the lag problem if you are in a speed boat you will get kicked without warning. Someone was in a massive tanker going mad at me because I was creating lag. I thought your in a massive tanker though. Also online a friend followed me I was in a tanker doing 12 knots and he was doing 80 knots in a speed boat yet he never managed to over take me he just trailed me something isn't right he should fly past me. Also some boats do flips and and shake about in the distance online.

Most of the landscapes in this game were in the 2008 version theirs only about 3 new landscapes the rest haven't had anything done to them.

Improved sea effects and graphics.
More ships.
Loads of new missions.
Some new landscapes to explore.
More weather conditions to choose from.

Ship Damage.
Some boats removed.
Lack of changes from the 2008 version.
Still no people onboard your ship.

Recently they have patched the game allowing AI ships to appear in free roam. I followed one of them and they just grind to a halt eventually at the side of the map and just sit there. I was really hoping this version would have people aboard your ship but still nothing in free roam your on a ghost ship still that's empty. The new navigation system is also terrible the ship didn't follow my plotted course and when I exit the map my boat just goes from 30 knots to 0 knots instantly. I just found so many bad things and disappointing things with the game. I don't think I will buy from them again. Stay with the 2008 version for now.
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on 1 March 2011
I will be straight and blunt about this:

If you have an intel chipset of ANY description on your motherboard then DO NOT BUY!

It will crash constantly - it took me days of trawling through the SSE forum to find
this information - it neither shown on the packet nor mentioned on "Steam"

The fun is brief - the gameplay experience kept me engrossed for about 5 minutes before
I shut down, rebooted, and returned to FSX

In any case the graphics are about 2002 standard and the whole setup smacks of amateurism.

This is an appallingly buggy game and the developers and publishers have a real nerve
releasing a game that does'nt work properly on intel chipsets and also has a huge list of
other bugs that are yet to be fixed.

Try the demo first - if you can run it beyond an hour then you may be in luck.

As far as I am concerned SSE is a complete waste of money.
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on 27 October 2010
Good Graphics, Realistic sound effects, Good Selective options in the menu's for weather and the different boats, better missions than previous ship simulators, great video's, already had a steam account, all the latest patches are applied, absolutely no problem. Game does not crash and good to run games without validation of cd/dvd through Steam.
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on 28 August 2010
I have played all of the other Ship Simulator games with no problems and was looking forward to the new Ship Simulator - Extreme, that is untill I tried to play the game, its not like most games that you load and play from the disc.

1- You have to set up a Steam account, and then once opened the game downloads into its own play file in your account box.
2- I had in excess of the minimium requirements on my computer.
3- Mine did not load when you pressed the game play icon in your account box, the loading box just flickerted and went off the screen and nothing happened.
4- You then have a another annoying proceedure to set up a customer support account even just to send them an e-mail, all too much hassle, I just want to play the game.
%- Why do game manufacturers make things too complicated to just play a game.????????????????

Hope this helps other potential customers.
I have given it one star as there is not an option for Nil
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on 22 December 2010
I have had great enjoyment from the two earlier versions of ship simulator (2006 & 2008) but found this one to be a complete dud. Initially it wouldn't run for long without crashing or hanging and now I have installed all the "fixes" it still leaves a lot to be desired. The bottom line is I just don't play it at all.
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