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on 6 October 2012
Recently my Microsoft Wireless Mouse had been crapping out on me every-so-often and the feet had begun to wear away from 3+ years of use so I thought it was time to upgrade. After looking around and talking to people I decided that I wanted a wired mouse as it is much less hassle than having a wireless mouse - Especially when batteries die in the middle of a gaming session or in mid flow while editing. I tried out many, many mice in lots of shops so I could get a feel for them in my hand but most of them felt too small (I have quite large hands) until I came to this one. It fills my palm perfectly, the left and right click are angled slightly and give great tactile feedback. The side buttons also have a great 'clicky' feel to them unlike a lot of other mice that I tried where you couldn't really tell if you were pressing them or not. However the thing I most liked was the scroll wheel. Defined notches for accurate scrolling, great for gaming, some editing applications and many other things. The high quality braided cable, gold plated USB connection and blue lights are just perks to an already awesome mouse in my opinion. The new Synapse software is great too, allowing a lot of control over the modification of your mouse, letting you use it how you want to use it!
If you are looking at getting a mouse and you want it to be comfortable for long periods of time, great to use, look amazing and not be ridiculously overpriced, then you have found your mouse right here!

Also as a side note, for anyone planning on using this on a Mac to get the back and forward functions to work for the side keys; open up the synapse software with the mouse connected, go to the Macro tab and make two - one pressing CMD+Left Arrow (for Back) and one pressing CMD+Right arrow (for forwards), I set the timing interval to 0, then go back tot he mouse and assign the buttons their respective Macro that you just made! Enjoy!
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on 5 July 2013
Okay, I have had this mouse for about a year now and I can tell you from a hardware standpoint the device looks sleek and performs great, clicks have great tension to them and wheel scrolling is very sturdy, feels natural in the hand.

The Major issues I have with the Deathadder is the drivers are terrible. They take about 5-10 extra to load synapse 2.0 on startup which means the dpi and side buttons of the mouse will suddenly change once synapse has loaded. I have also had many over issues like blank white squares on startups (which you have to restart synapse from task manager or logout to get rid of) form the synapse drivers along with very annoying feature's like and online mode. (which can now be changed but still frustrating)

Besides the software issues the mouse is defiantly the best mouse I have ever used and if they ever get their act together on the drivers it would be a 5 star product but for now I would have a look at other mice as the software is that bad.
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on 22 May 2010
I recently purchased this mouse because i'm returning to competitive gaming and i've got to say i'm very impressed.
I was previously using a logitech g3 (another mouse i'd recomend to anyone) but this is better in every way.

Firstly the mouse sits comfortably in my freakishly long hands but don't worry! the mouse buttons begin about half way down the mouse and are clickable from back there.
The sides of the mouse curve in an ideal way for it to be gripped with your right hand, its obviously somebody spent a long time studying how the human hand works and sits comfortably when they dreamed up this.

the design of it is very elegent, the razor simbol pulses slowly and hypnoticly, the mouse wheel lights a vibrent blue and the top of the mouse flows from the front to the bsck without any cracks or blemishes.
Even the cord is made out of what appears to be nylon rope which allows you to shape it far more easily then a standard rubber cable.
The whole thing radiates quality and attention to detail.

The accuracy of this mouse is also astounding, its definately more "slick" then the G3

If you are concerned about the 3500 dpi flying around your screen then dont be! the driver allows you to pick how fast the mouse moves and the progamable keys on it let you toggle what speed it moves! (yes you can lame snipering in your fps dont worry!)

All in all its one of the best mice i've ever owned, I doubt i'll be switching back to logitech any time soon.

If you are looking for a high grade gaming mouse then look no further! I can't recomend this thing enough.
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on 5 September 2012
The Razer Deathadder is a superb mouse, it offers various DPI settings which can be adjusted via, the software.
The lights on the mouse make it stand out, it makes it look bold and nice, it features blue lights on the Razer logo aswell as on the scroller.

You can adjust various settings within the software to suit your requirements. I have used this mouse with the normal grip on how you use normal mice, however you can also use claw grip. Note* this mouse is best suited for big-medium hand, which is why I brought it.

The quaility is superb, I find it better than the Cyborg Rat 3 ive had in the past, the Rat 3 ended up with disconnection issues and other problems. The Razer works well on a mouse pad however it's designed for most surfaces, so using it on another surface shouldn't be an issue.

Ive used in serveral games such as CS:GO, Ive tried it at the default DPI I then changed it to 3500 wow the difference is amazing at first you might struggle going for such as high DPI.

Packagaing: The product is in a nice box, which has all the relevant information including the certificate of authenticity which shows the mouse is geniune Razer. The box includes Razer stickers which is an added bonus.

2 year warranty, you can register with Razer to recieve a 2 year warranty.
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on 18 August 2017
Bad quality, the scroll click broke after 4-5 months of use ....I got this for playing CSgo mostly ...not that suited for fast movements such as flicks and 180. The sensor is not as good as other ones close to this price. I received another mouse from the company due to the scroll problem with the first one ....this one broke as well after 6 months. Anyway its good for everyday use ...but could be better for the price.
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on 22 November 2012
1: This seems to be the only gaming mouse that has specific software drivers for Apple Mac, but the control program that comes with the download is quirky and difficult to understand and use. There is almost no help available for the different settings.

2: The mouse is not that durable (which a gaming mouse would need to be), and the weak part is the scroll wheel, which I have twice had to repair, a job not for most users and/or those with large hands. A flimsy piece of plastic is the 'axle' for the wheel, one side of which operates the scroll wheel 'button', and the other side, even flimsier, rotates the scroll wheel switch. A bit too much pressure on the wheel and this side breaks off, rendering the scroll wheel function unavailable.

3. Otherwise, the mouse is very pretty and fits the hand better than most.
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on 19 January 2010
The BEST gaming mouse ever created

I originally owned the steelseries WoW mouse which was a fanatastic mouse but only for wow, for any other game it was just a normal mouse as you cant program the 15 buttons to other games, so i swapped it for this mouse as i already own a razer lycosa mirror edition keyboard and a razer goliathus fragged control mouse mat, so now my peripherals all match.

The upto 3500 dpi is amazing as it makes this mouse really sensitive but not overly sensitive and works well with my mat
The shape of the mouse is extremely ergonomic and can be used for long period of time with getting wrist pain or hand cramp
The double click speed is perfect and goes nicely with the prominent click of the buttons
The scroll wheel scrolls perfectly soft enough to not have to scroll with effort but not too soft that you cant tell your scrolling
The side buttons click nicely and are of a good size for any user
And the illumination of the scroll wheel and the RAZER logo looks amazing

Overall this is the greatest mouse ever to be made as it has nice sensitivity, looks amazing, feels amazing and provides precision and control for all types of games.

Thanks RAZER for yet another amazing product and
Thanks AMAZON for outstanding service yet again
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on 2 July 2013
The DeathAdder has 5 buttons which can be programmed to other actions, including On-The-Fly Sensitivity adjustment, using the excellent software from Razer. It has a maximum sensitivity of 3500dpi but gives you the option to adjust between 450dpi, 900dpi, 1800dpi and 3500dpi. It also allows an adjustable polling rate where you can pick from 125Hz, 500Hz and 1000Hz to speed up communications with the computer.

The DeathAdder has a great ergonomic design that fits my hand perfectly giving a very comfortable experience. I've used it for extended periods of time and not had any aches or pains in my hand. The reubberised covering really helps with grip especially when moving around quite quickly. The size and weight are almost perfect for my hands, classified as large I guess, though maybe a little bit on the small side. That actually works to my advantage though as my previous mouse was larger but caused a bit of discomfort when moving quickly.

I can't comment on the reliability yet as I've only had it a few months but I'm hoping it will last as long as my previous Logitech MX518 did... about 5 years!

I would definitely recommend this mouse as so far it has been a brilliant bit of kit, especially when you consider the price!
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on 27 January 2013
I really like the mouse and it can improve your gameplay if you are used to a wireless mouse. You won't become a gaming god but any little help is welcome.

The gripe I have is with the software you need to install for the bells and whistles. You need to be online to use a mouse, really? The other thing is that every time my wife uses the PC with her sign on it installs the software, every time! Drivers should be a one time install for all.
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on 23 March 2017
Needed to replace my old deathadder. This is great and allow me to continue my love affair with the razer mouses. Rapid click and perfect sensitivity for my needs. Could have paid a lot more for other 'designer mice' and been disappointed.
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