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on 10 November 2013
purchased this solar light after being dissapointed with another type that fell very short of being able to provide enough light to a shed doorway & path to enable a combination lock to be easily seen & operated.
I havent given it 5 stars because the solar panel universal joint was too sloppy & had to be stiffened up with some hot glue & the light itself had to be mounted on another bracket to give me a more downward shinning light rather than outward facing light as shown in the picture. The solar panel was dubiously not as sealed as much as I would of liked so I added an extra bead of sealant to ensure no water ingress happens between solar panel glass & bezel. (this could be said with most solar panels as I have seen in the past so nothing out of the normal here)
However here are the good points
The light is bright and easily lights up a shed lock and the path. The light isnt too concentrated but not very broad but powerfull enough to light the area with ease.
The light & solar panel are both very adjustable & works on the passive sensor when dark., the on time is not adjustable as with some passive lights but it stays on approx 1 minute, which is fine for my purpose.
The lead length between solar panel & light is the best part of 6ft or more so fine for most people (however a standard extender lead could be purchased or made if required)
The light is attached to a wall or other vertical screwable surface by means of a small suspect plastic bracket that looks like a one way operation clipping mechanism ( I shaved a bit off this so that it could be unclipped easier if I needed to,) The light then slots down & clips into the bracket.
The solar panel can be simply screwed to virtually any angled flat surface with a couple of supplied screws via the large flange.

Whats in the box = basic instruction sheet , x2 mounting brackets for the light (only x1 required), rawl plugs & screws, the solar panel with attached lead , light with attached PIR. The rechargeable batteries are installed & nicely sealed via rubber flange behind the backplate of the passive unit.

All in all pretty good and it would be nice to know how far it can shine down a garden path but unable to comment. However time will tell how long it will last, really good price & well recommended so far albeit some downfalls..
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on 19 September 2013
Other reviews mention ingress of water. Too right. The marked "weatherproof seals" indicated on the packaging are not at all weatherproof. We get really heavy sheeting rain here, and this device had so very many ways for water to get in. There was a rubber backplate but none of the other seams and openings had anything resembling a proper seal.

LOTS of silicone grease seem to have done the trick (lots of places to put it) but don't use it on the universal joint on the lamp head or it will become too loose. Instead point it where you will and cover this joint well with a harder sealant (my preferance is polyurethane). The rubber cap at this point is a bit of a joke. It doesn't seal anything!

UPDATE - six weeks later- one unit not working- despite half a tube of silicon grease it is full of water. NOT a write off- the electrics are all ok. Taking the pcb out to dry it the external on/off switch broke. Not deadly- the internal on-off switch is ok, just need to seal the external switch hole. Ahh- I see why the PIR has caused problems to users- it is on a LOOSE PCB and can very easily not be in good alignment with the small window. I may need to remove the window and put in one of my own. Note that this unit is in a VERY exposed position- not unlike being under a waterfall with the rain we have had recently. The construction is simply not up to UK weather.

Another unit also six week old has the light unit inside a greenhouse, snug and dry, with the solar collector on the outside - continues to function well.

The AA batteries are not what you might expect- it is a single sealed pack soldered in, of 1st Generation low capacity NIMH batteries. They could be replaced with care but it will probably be a lot easier when the time comes to replace the unit. It was not possible to precharge them with an AA charger as I had intended!

The batteries are held in the lamp unit, which has an on/off switch (see note above) - if you need access to the switch to limit lamp use in badly dull weather, make sure you can reach it.
The light is slightly focussed rather than wide angle for floodlighting, with a definite sharp fairly small area and a wider but paler light - ideal for lighting doors or steps.

In a dark garden the light is really quite strong- in the more central area.
The PIR detector is quite small and also fairly focussed, so make sure the PIR is pointed where you want to detect movement. The lamp head can be angled slightly away from this point if you need the light strongest somewhere else.

The fairly light solar collector is held to the wall with four screws. It may also prove too floppy on its universal joint and require a bit of fixing. Choose your location in the autumn/winter when you can see where the sunshine falls. The light itself is held to the wall with a small clip which attaches to a tiny plate with two screws.

NOTE- In the UK I very strongly recommend that you place a tiny roof over the lamp unit to keep the heavy rain well off, as it is really not water proof.
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on 30 November 2015
The build quality is so poor that the flimsy plastic clip on the back of the light snapped off during attempted install. The light itself does not angle itself towards my front door lock which I bought it to illuminate - the PIR and light will only angle to face in the same direction which is useless if you want the sensor to pick you up when you approach the door and the light to illuminate the door in front of you. Finally the instructions point out that warranty may be invalidated if it is placed in the rain, this only adds to my misgivings about this as it was purchased as an outdoor light for the UK where rain in the darker months is pretty much a given.

Totally not recommended.

Update having waited two days for the light to come on I discovered that in addition to all the above issues the light switch is poorly manufactured. It has a fragile connection and refuses to stay on. The build quality of this product is appalling. I can only guess at where the positive reviews came from.
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on 8 March 2017
This is sold as a wall mountable outdoor light, but the first time it rained, heavy condensation appeared inside the light unit. When I contacted the seller he advised me to "take the unit inside and it will dehumidify overnight". What nonsense ! If I did that, I would need two lights, one indoors drying off from the last rain and one outside doing the job I need done.
The product may well be fine if you want to use it indoors, but outside - forget it.
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on 24 May 2016
I have had one of these for about two years. It has worked perfectly well during this period. Recently I purchased a second one for the rear of my property. The PIR unit did not function and I had to return it to Amazon and get a refund and a replacement. I thought it was just bad luck. However, the PIR unit on the replacement does not work either. It just about functions if I wave my hands about 3" from it in pitch dark, but useless at detecting anything further away. I am going to return that unit too. I will try a third replacement (call me a mug) as I still believe the device will be good if I get one that actually works. Amazon were good at refunding my purchase of the first unit and thankfully the returns process was simple. Otherwise, Caveat Emptor.
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on 4 December 2014
I opened the box and the light was on! OK, so it worked.

At first I was sceptical about the functionality of this lamp, but now I like it a lot. Chinese of course, so its longevity will have to be proven, but I like the design. I wish someone would invent a blue tooth connection, so the wire could be dispensed with!

There are two parts to the lamp - the solar panel and the lamp/PIR and these are connected by a long length of wire. Both the parts rotate so you can position them pretty well as needed. My own particular application is to provide a light over an outer porch to provide light to the door lock. Being able to swivel the light means I can angle the light/PIR to provide light and directed towards the inner door also.

What I liked was that there is a small switch that can turn the light off and on if needed.

I would not regard the light as much in the way of security, but more like a function torch.
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on 16 January 2015
This is actually not a bad little light, but I would say that it is mostly suitable for use in a shed or a very small outdoor patio area etc. I fitted the solar panel to the outside of the shed (facing the sun obviously) and fed the cable through to the LED light that I had attached inside on the bracket supplied (don't overtighten the screws in the bracket - it's not the toughest plastic), just above the door. It comes on immediately when my head enters the shed and gives enough light at night to see well (could be brighter hence why 4 stars). It stays on whilst I am in the shed. It turns off automatically within a few seconds of exiting, therefore saving power. I like it and will certainly consider purchasing another should one be required. My girlfriend loves it as she uses the shed for her plants in the winter, so needs to cover them up at night in cold weather, so she can see exactly what she is doing.
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on 8 January 2014
The light is very inexpensive compared with mains electric sensor-operated outside lights, and has zero running costs which must be a good thing.

The instructions recommend installing the light itself under the eaves or on a solid wall so it is not completely exposed to the weather. (The instructions say the solar panel can be exposed to all weather). As we fixed our light under the eaves of a single-storey extension that was OK for us, but if fixed under the eaves of a two-storey or higher house, the light might hardly be noticeable at ground level.

The light output is said to be equivalent to a 50 Watt bulb, which is not very bright for outdoors, but I took that on board when ordering.

We have an existing outdoor mains sensor-operated light which lights up our side way, but left it a little dark at one end. The Evo15 Solar Pir Utility Light was installed to give a little more light that end of the side way. It has worked.

Some time I might buy another for inside a shed, and guess it should give enough light to see where things are, but not to see things clearly.

We had to rack our brains where to put the solar panel, so it would get as much sun as possible. In the end we put it on top of the extension roof, and weighed it down with a piece of paving resting on the base. We did not like the idea of screwing it down onto the felted roof as it would have made the roof less weatherproof. We hope the wind will not blow the solar panel away.
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on 9 December 2014
First things first: this light does work for me. There are a lot of reviews saying that it is trash, but I keep the main unit protected from the elements and only the solar panel fully exposed. I've had it about a month now and it comes on reliably when it gets dark and provides a good amount of light to help me lock my bikes. The reason it gets 3 starts is because it's clearly very cheaply made and I can totally see that it is not adequately waterproof. If it survives the winter then it will get another review and possibly another star...

In short: I'm happy, but not holding my breath!
review imagereview image
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on 19 March 2014
I am impressed by the amount of light this little unit gives out. Most solar lights give out a pale gleam, but this gives out a good spread of light that actually illuminates! We live in a very dark rural road, with no street lighting, and this is ideal for lighting up our gate when we get home on dark winter nights. We have it fixed to a wooden fence and the solar panel gets light approx 8 hours a day. Even on dull, wintry days, it seems to harvest enough light to work well. The motion detector has a good circular range and picks motion up from about 6 feet away. This is ideal for us as it does not pick up traffic on the road a little further away. It has rained nearly every day that the unit has been installed and, so far, there is no water ingress.
A great product - would thoroughly recommend.
January 2016 - a quick update. This little light couldn't stand another Winter in it's exposed site and has gone to the lamp graveyard. I will be buying another as it was great while it lasted.
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