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on 14 March 2017
I love reading historical fiction and this must be the best book of its kind out there. Cornwell has written many first class stories but this one took his writing to a whole new level. I bought Azincourt in paperback several years ago but had to add it to my kindle as well. The story is well known but the author puts his own spin on it to make it new and fresh and looking at it through the eyes of a simple archer puts a whole new slant on the story. The characters come alive for you and the battle scenes draw you in as if you were watching the fighting instead of just reading it. If you love historical fiction ( or even if you don't ) buy this book today it is absolutely fabulous.
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on 19 July 2016
This is a battle that I do not know much about and I admit, I only bought it as it was on sale and I have yet to find a book by BC that I don't like.

As with most of his novels, the story is intricate and fast paced, with several well developed characters. BS has a knack for creating characters that I can't help but like and root for. Azincourt is no different.

The main bulk of the book tells the story of battles, which I believe, are notoriously difficult to write well. A lot of authors either rush the battle and leave you a little confused and not sure what really happened, or they go into way too much detail so you just end up skipping pages at a time to get to an interesting bit. BC nails the battles. They are gripping and nerve wracking but addictive and stressful. I read this book in less than 2 days, I literally couldn't get enough.

What I enjoyed the most was that there were several plot lines running through the book and at what feels like crucial moments, he would switch to one of the other plot lines. You'd then get a few paragraphs about what was happening there then hop back to the "main" scene or to another plot line.

Cornwell is fast becoming one of my favourite authors of all time.
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on 4 May 2018
I was really drawn to the story. One lucky life of medieval soldier among carnage of 100 years war. I enjoyed every minute of it. Book is written in light style even though it is a bit short on personal description. I know that time was horrific by our standards but can not believe a half of village were bastards of local squire. War was opportunity to get on with life and reach higher in society. It was a risky life. Everything in life is matter of split second and may be one wrong decision. There are no second chances.
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on 30 September 2017
Its like Barbara Cartland for blokes, you know what your getting loads of detail, the baddies get it in gruesome good style, and your never disappointed. 12 months from now I'll go back read it again and enjoy it just as much.
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on 15 December 2017
This book is a good novel based on a much lauded victory of the 100 years war, fought under medieval conditions and with a victory against huge odds. It plays nicely with the role of the lethal medieval nobleman weaving fact and fiction in a positive and believable manner. Cornwalls story telling is compelling as well as bearing a verisimilitude to history
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on 2 August 2017
I dont think this was among his best books. Too many phrases that are repeated. The book in many places was too slow. I kept waiting for the main storyline to kick in,but the battle of Azincourt only came in the last 3/4 of the book. But being a Cornwell book it livened up.
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on 19 July 2016
This author does his research well, I really felt that I was there fighting the overwhelming number of French enemies that faced the English and Welsh at Agincourt. What an epic battle where the longbowmen really showed their worth. Anyone who enjoyed the Sharpe series of wars against Napoleon will enjoy this book. I really could not stop reading!
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on 6 August 2017
This tale is well up to Cornwell's usual standard. He finds convincing causes for the actions of his very complex characters. Whilst it is in my opinion true that he seems to glory in expressing the goriest of soldierly conduct, his insight into the workings of human motivation is fascinating and entertaining.
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on 6 September 2016
A well-rounded story with a believable hero, Nick Hook. I appreciated the author's handling of religious sensibilities in the Middle Ages without trying to write out or explain away the spirituality of an ordinary person of the time.
Cornwell's characterizations of the historical figures like Henry V are woven in well with the fictional characters.
His great action scenes are so well written that even I could follow what was happening.
The dialogue feels authentic.
Altogether a satisfying read.
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on 28 June 2017
Mr Cornwell seems to be able to write in great detail about different eras in history with ease and this is no exception. It is written from the perspective of the common soldier. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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