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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 1 July 2016
I bought the series at full amazon kindle cost. I suffer a lot of pain, and do a great deal of reading. I am really into history, especially war and or military involving the UK, as is and was. I have read lots of IGGULDEN books, the complete series. He is is very readable. I have not got sufficient knowledge to know how accurate the historical content actually is. Characters existed as did battles and the weaponry but as a story as opposed to factual there is a certain amount of fictional licence. That said, it is necessary and I have certainly learnt a great deal more about this historical period than I was aware of before reading the series. Well worth reading, the clearly fictional side of this tale is well written and a decent page turner
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VINE VOICEon 20 May 2014
I have either read or listened to a number Conn Iggulden's historical fiction books and CD audio books. They have all been, for me, very well done and highly entertaining. Dare I say that his books set a high standard across the board for `historical fiction'. Mr Iggulden's first presentation was a book called `The Gates of Rome'; this was to be first of a series of five books of what is known as Emperor Series. The series is based around the life of Julius Caesar, from juvenile to his eventual betrayal and death (The Gods of War). The author's ability to cleverly entwine fact and fiction, in seamless fashion is truly flawless in my opinion, and this really makes his books work. This range of books has proved so popular that a film company has optioned the rights. Here the narration is top notch and crisp in its delivery as we see a nation that is in turmoil looking for revenge, which will be paid in blood on the battlefield at Philippi - who will be the victor and control Rome Mark Antony, or the untested Octavian?
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on 13 May 2018
Another triumph by Conn Iggulden. Having read the Conqueror series and loved it I was hoping that the Emperor books would be as enjoyable. So far so good, I’ve flown threw the first 2 instalments and can’t wait to start the 3rd. I’d definitely recommend these to anyone who is interested in Roman history. It might not be the most historically accurate book you’ll read but it sure will be one of the most entertaining.
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on 29 January 2017
fantastic. must read. the story jumps of the page,the difference between a good writer and a great writer is the ablitity to let the reader feel what it is like to be part of the story ,the sights and smells of ancient rome are here on every page,cant wait to read the next one.
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on 6 June 2011
The book starts with a bang as all good books should, it is thrilling from start to finish and is about the Rise and fall of the Roman Empire and the part which Julius Ceasar has to play in this, the story starts with a Young Julius with his adopted brother Marcus and then steadily progresses through their lives, their father dies and they are sent to be looked after by thier uncle who is very high up in the senate, this is when they story really starts and the power struggles begin, if you are one of those people who think they can guess what happens next think again with this first book nothing is what it appears. A really gripping read.
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on 7 April 2014
Second in the Emperor series and just as gripping as the first.
The story and plot twists and turns with something unexpected always just around the corner. Yet, at the same time, Conn follows the basics of historical facts with just a little tweak here and there.
He reflects life, love and cruelty just as it probably was. A bit unnerving to be a witness sometimes!
Just bought the third book, off to read . . .
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on 21 July 2013
Conn Iggulden's books are enjoyable, fast paced and would get a higher rating from me if they based on made-up characters instead of real historical figures. Julius Caesar grew up during a turbulent, extraordinary time for the Roman people so I don't think it is necessary to change events to such a drastic extent just to make his early life seem interesting. I love reading historical novels but I have also read a lot of non-fiction history books and visited Rome three times so the moments when Iggulden has altered or even invented major events are jarring. This greatly spoiled my enjoyment of the novel but I hope that other readers will be encouraged to look into the real history and especially the lives of Marius and Sulla. I will probably read more books by Conn Iggulden but will switch to some of his other series based on events which I know less about.
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on 11 October 2016
I find myself becoming more engrossed the more i read these books. Will be starting book 3 next and looking forward to the next chapter in young Caesers life.
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on 4 December 2015
I never fail to enjoy Iggulden's work and find myself returning again and again and always find something I missed. When I say 'I have read everything by' that is the standard set by Iggulden's, Cornwell and Scarrow for me.
Wonderful journeys woven through the history of heroes and villains.
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on 22 May 2018
Easy to read and very entertaining, this is a good second book with Ceaser fast becoming a force in Rome.
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