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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
Steve & Me
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 18 July 2017
What a couple- worth a read!!
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on 6 December 2007
I too read this book from cover to cover within 48 hours of receiving it. Despite there being a pile of books I had to read first, this one won through every time and to be honest I could'nt put it down.

Like Steve's life, the whole book is an adventure, it's funny and sad and touching too and you really feel as though what you're reading is the closest thing to Steve writing the book himself.

If you loved Steve before, you'll love him even more as you discover how hard he worked and how passionate he was about his family and the things he believed in.

I was delighted to discover from the book that Steve Irwin was exactly what I thought he was, a wildlife warrior and a really lovely human being, who although his life was short, packed more in than most people would in several lifetimes.

I will probably read this book again and again in years to come and found it well written and captivating, despite obviously knowing what the ending would bring.

I really admire how the book was written and especially how Terri managed to tell her background and Steve's in an entertaining and engaging way.

I'd recommend this book to everyone, it's a fascinating story and the fact that it is all true just makes it even more amazing to read.

At the end of the book, Terri writes about how there were many more stories included before the book was edited down to it's current size, I for one would love to read more of their adventures and look forward to their future publication.
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on 4 December 2007
I read this book from cover to cover within 48 hours of receiving it. I had moments of laughing out loud as well as a few quiet tears...this book was an adventure. Terri's passion and enthusiasim leaps from every page, she gives beautiful descriptions of the outback, you feel you're there. This book came across as very honest, pleasant surprises along the way...to me one of the most admirable things about the book is when Terri writes about Steve's death, she describes it from her experience at the news rather than sensationalising it or giving any graphic details...she may prefers jeans, khaki's and boots but Terri Irwin's class and composure is evident in her book. I highly recommend this to other readers no matter what they think about Steve Irwin, I for one think history will be very kind to Steve and his passions.
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VINE VOICEon 30 October 2007
To be honest I've always wanted to read more about Steve and Terri Irwin and finally the chance arrived with this biography, yet is this book worth your time and money? For me, yes, it's a heartfelt tribute to the Crocodile Hunter with a simple flowing style.

But what might come across as a major flaw to many allowed something else, its demonstrated an honesty that will only go on to enhance the story of one of Australia's Heroes. Allowing the reader the chance to get to know the man behind the myth as told by the only person who could really represent this image to the public and demonstrated how fame was the last thing he sought.

To Steve it was all about the Crocs and as such he used all monies gained through his television work to buy land to help protect endangered species around the world. Hopefully this book will encourage others to join behind not only Steves campaign but others in general to save more of the worlds animals. To sum up this book might best be left to Steve and a comment he probably would have said to Terri had he still been about now "Good on ya Mate," and remember "Crocs rule."
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on 20 November 2008
I bought this after reading excerpts in the Readers Digest.

It gives a great insight into a genuine couple and the love and extraordinary life they shared together fighting negative attitudes to save the animals they loved so much. There are some great photos too.

It made me laugh and cry too. Very brave of Terri to write this moving tribute to Steve - true wildlife warriors!

My only (slight) criticism is that it just seems too short and leaves you wanting to hear more of the Irwin's adventures together. However Terri does acknowledge that she had so many tales she could have told but they just had to be reduced to fit them into a publishable sized book! But for me a lot more of those tales would have been welcome.
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on 11 October 2012
When I first caught sight of Crocodile Hunter with Steve Irwin on the TV I didn't take to him immediately as I thought he was 'acting up' for the cameras - however when I caught bits of the programme I grew to like him, especially as everyone was saying 'what you see is what you get with Steve', I ended up watching every episode I could! When I saw this book I could not wait to get it - and am extremely pleased I saw it advertised on Amazon - I thoroughly enjoyed it - found it hard to put it down! The stories of Steve and his family, how his parents started the animal park, with three small children - and going through the growth of the park with them up to how big Australia Zoo is now and the fun they had as a family, and the difficult times as well - all very well written by Terri. Towards the end of the book she actually says she wrote a lot more which had to be reduced to get the book down to the size it is - I would love a follow up book with more information about how the Zoo increased in size, the staff, what Steve and Terri took on together, how Bob and Lyn came up with the idea in the first place - by the sounds of it there was a lot of information which was removed - so why not another book - sounds like most of the work has already been done! Laughs at times, tears at times - written from the heart and a lot of love shines through. They were very lucky to have found each other - even though the time was cut short so tragically.
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on 2 October 2014
I remember when Steve Irwin died – I was heartbroken, he’d always been a hero of mine and he’ll continue to be an inspiration until my dying day, but then I do love animals. Steve & Me is the story of his life as seen through the eyes of his beloved wife Terri, wh0 makes an excellent narrator because she knows almost as much about wildlife as Steve did.

Whether you’re a fan of Steve Irwin or not, it’s well worth giving this a read just for the sheer amount of information you’ll learn about the animals that roam our planet. Who knows, perhaps you’ll become a wildlife warrior yourself by the time you’ve finished – there are certainly worse things to do with your life, as you’ll discover.

Terri’s writing is surprisingly decent, too – she might not be a born novelist, but she’s got a way with words that gets the job done in a way that helps you to empathise with Terri, Steve and the children, as well as the wildlife that they’ve dedicated their lives to protecting. You start to feel like a part of the family, not biologically perhaps but in the same way that Stevo’s good mate Wes became an honorary Irwin.

And at the end of the day, Terri had a much better reason for writing an autobiography than most other celebrities – it’s a fitting tribute to her dead husband, and a wonderful way to raise awareness of the sad plight of the crocodiles, cougars and other animals.
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on 19 January 2008
I received this book as a surprise Christmas present from my husband, (husband very smug as I usually guess what pressies are coming my way!!) I was unfortunate enough to go down with flu on christmas eve so was feeling pretty miserable and sorry for myself, so book was very welcome, tucked up in bed with hot lemon, tissues and this book, I could not put it down!! Best book I have read in ages so moving (you will cry!) and so heartwarming as you experience life with steve and Terri, and of course his best friend Wez, beautifully written, fabulous photo's, really made my christmas day. Highly recommend this book.
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on 10 March 2008
This is the best book i've ever had the pleasure of reading, i think i climbed into this book from the first page i didn't want the story to end. Steve's life was such an adventure and what a love story too, i thought it was so well written. I used to watch Steve and Terri and there amazing work with animals been an animal lover myself, i always wanted to know more about Steve and his family and now i feel like i do, some fun, interesting and funny bits and such a sad ending (i cried!) what a loss to us all. Well worth the price for this book !
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on 5 January 2009
Recieved this book as a christmas present as Steve is my hero for the things he has done, i would have loved to have met him and the family.

This book was read within 2 days, absolutely brilliant, the book took me away from this world and into the world Terri lived, it even brought a tear to me eye.

The book is worth a deffinate buy, its fantastic, it made me realise even more what their family have done to protect wildlife and how their dreams became a reality.
Amazing Book!
R.I.P Steve x
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