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on 22 February 2012
I bought this as i really wanted a copy of the lord of the rings and i saw this which looked persect as it also comes with the hobbit. the books came on the tuesday after being ordered on the saturday so i was really impressed the books are really nice quality without being overly heavy or bulky. the book covers look a lot nicer in person and have a nice smooth feel to them rather than them being too glossy all in all really pleased with the service and the asthetics and course the books themselves are amazing Tolkien was an amazingly clever man.
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on 9 January 2013
Very nice book the way Tolkien intended it...
The paper and binding is excellent and all the paintings come in nice quality semi-glossy paper.
What I do not really care for is the advertisement plugs about Lord of the Rings...
As it was said in another comment, we all know about LoTR, this is really not necessary... including the first LoTR chapter here kinda just makes Hobbit feel cheaper...
I m still giving it 5 stars because I really liked the rest of it. I keep it close with my The Annotated Hobbit :)
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on 16 February 2013
If you are someone who likes to be swept off your feet and taken into a truly convincing other world, with an exciting story and characters, rich landscapes, sense of mystery and wonder, then this is the book for you.

Nearly everyone i think knows the rough outline of the story what with the book being extremely well loved - voted book of the century and the highly successful film adaptation.

Personally it is my favourite book of all time and if i could only ever read one book, this would be it. I recommend it to anyone.
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This is a showy gift, but lacking in quality.
The better part are the CDs and postcards.
The map is but a colorised version of Tolkien's original. It adds no detail, and even subtracts a little. Also it is not as big as one would hope, since the borders are way too big.
As for the book, one would hope a fuller sized volume that showed better Tolkien's drawing, and was easier on the eyes. But the physical quality of paper, binding and cover is a real let down. Even if technically it is hardcover, the feeling is of a cheap paperback: the pages are glued, not stitched, and the paper itself is dark and feels like newspaper, pocket-book low-quality paper.
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on 7 May 2013
I give four stares because I was not satisfied by the maps.You can not rotate them and the enlargenning is not helpfully.Otherwise it is my favorite book,even if I have read many many many others from many categories.I just emmerse myself in it , every time I start it.Have read it 5 times already.Have it in 4 editions and two languages.My advise to you...READ it even if the language is a bit difficult ,if you are not english yourselves.I am Greek and I have not yet read the Greek edition,although I have it.Read it and form your own opinion.
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on 20 January 2013
I read this as a child and not really recalling it I wanted to read it again before watching the film.

Did I enjoy it? Well yes. But having also read the Lord of the rings I actually thought it too short! It feels somehow it lacks a depth I was expecting which is why I only give it the 4 stars.

But other than that it's a good old ding dong adventure far beyond the capability of my imagination to create, especially the good old colossal goblin battle at the end. The film will do well to create my own minds eye of events
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on 7 January 2013
Bilbo Baggins does have a great adventure and even though it was written for the younger person I found it a delight to read.Anyone who has seen or read Lord of the rings trilogy should read this book as it tells of how Bilbo got to own the ring in the 1st place .The movie out at the moment does differ slightly from the book ,I saw the film 1st then decided to read the book as it is also being done in 3 parts and couldn't wait to know the ending ! ,not sure how they have managed to make 3 films though as it is not a long story. Good read .
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on 15 August 2014
I have been a long time fan of The Lord Of The Rings, and I have only recently started reading all of the books, however I felt it was necessary for me to get away from the three volumes and get the complete book. I was not disappointed and it has been the best book I have ever read. Tolkien is such a great author and he describes everything to the last detail, and I would say that this surpasses his other work "The Hobbit" by a long shot. It upsets me that I don't think I'll ever read such a good book again that isn't by Tolkien.
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on 2 September 2013
Like Marmite this tale is loved or hated, I for one like it (Marmite as well as it happens).

A simple tale of high adventure to right wrongs, to oust Smaug the dragon from the Lonely Mountain, the ancestral home of the dwarves.

The education of a not so timid stay at home Hobbit on his debut adventure, foisted on him by Gandalf the Grey, he encounters Trolls, spiders, shape-shifters, elves and other various flora & fauna.

It is the making of him.

Simply put a great story from start to finish .
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on 2 May 2013
I read this book for the first of many times forty years ago. I still get the shivers at the scary parts, and leak from the eyes at the sadder moments. This book has it all, an absolute masterpiece written by an incredibly imaginative and talented storyteller. I have worn out so many paper copies that I bought a kindle so as to be able to carry this most cherished of books around with me for so long as I live. Buy it, savour it, and let the gentle yet compelling philosophy of its author beguile, charm, frighten and render you speechless.
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