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on 14 April 2017
Terrible. Don't buy it
I bought a parrot Bluetooth instead and works s
Perfectly. Paid more but it's a dream of a gadget
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on 13 March 2017
These really are some piece of kit. I have had one for 4 years and it is still like new. Battery life is amazing in it and hasn't changed any bit since.
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on 16 April 2010
The Jabra Cruiser is the dogs bollox.
I'm one of those folks with a car that's got its radio hidden away with only a remote and a joystick sticking out for operation, not option to connect any kind of external player (or phone) to it.
I've had an FM transmitter before but it would always fail if strong radio stations are around, also it would mean that i'd still be using the phone's microphones which were quite a bit away from me and everything but noise cancelling.

The Jabra cruiser on its own has very clear sound, the speaker is loud enough to hear the other party at more than 80 miles which is sufficient, when using the FM transmitter, the sound over the car stereo is really good (for calls) and when playing music pretty satisfactory (Bluetooth has limited bandwidth hence the sound being a bit off, but still very good!) - sofar no radio station has been able to get "over" the jabra even if I'm using an actual radio frequency (88.9 of Radio2) it still works superb.
The jabra cruiser also sends an RDS name ("Cruiser") over FM which is a nice touch, I hated seeing the actual frequency on the radio, looks old-style...

For testing I left a lengthy voicemail for myself to listen and check - at any speed I couldn't hear any background noise from driving, though if there's too much noise like when opening a window, the noisecancelling plays tricks with the voice but then again, at that point I wouldn't have heard anything myself in the car anymore anyways.

I can strongly recommend it to anyone, well worth the money.

Now i just have to find more time to spend in the car driving and listening music :)
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been using this for the last few days now and I have to say I am really impressed. The call quality is really good, the speaker on the actual unit itself is quite loud and you can hear it easily when travelling at speed. The controls are all really simple and easy to use and the unit pairs itself with your phone automatically without you having to do anything (i'm using it with an iPhone). There are small symbols that light up when certain functions are in use and also for battery level.

Calls are very clear and no one has commented that they cannot hear me properly. Using it through the car FM radio is also really effective and sounds even better than the unit does when taking calls. Just press the FM button and the voice tells you which wavelength to tune in to, simple. Sound quality of music is not fantastic, but this is down to the limitations of using it via FM, it's perfectly listenable though.

I can't really fault this gadget, I much prefer these types of units compared to a headset, you don't have to worry about looking a bit silly!

All in all, very easy to set up, good call quality, loud speaker, FM compatible and quite sleek and discrete.
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on 22 November 2010
Bought the Cruiser with the intention of using it with my Desire so that I can leave my outdated GPS at home. The idea was to have one unit i.e. my Desire stuck on the windscreen to use as a GPS device and have it available for calls. The Cruiser is absolutely perfect for the job - I have used it now for about two weeks up and down the M1. It obviously has the Bluetooth capability which immediately removes the wires that I used to have dangling from the phone. The added bonus is the FM transmitter and the multiple device that can be connected at the same time via Bluetooth. Perfect for if you have a work mobile and a personal mobile. The Cruiser will decide which device is the active one: for example I use my HTC Desire as the GPS and music device and also have my work mobile connected. It will stop the voice feedback from the Desires Google Maps navigation while a call come through from my work phone and reinstate the GPS navigation when the call is finished.

The speaker on the Cruiser unit itself is not shabby considering its size. I have tried it with various music types played back from my Desire and it sounds good. Obviously better if played through the FM transmitter into the car radio. The Cruiser is very clever in that as soon as you activate the FM transmitter it tells you which frequency to tune into and if that signal gets weak it will search the next best and inform you to change to that channel. It shows up as Cruiser on any RDS radio - so I have saved two channels already and in the areas that I travel the Cruiser has picked the same ones every time thus I can tune to either immediately.

The whole unit works seamlessly. The other unexpected bonus was the fact that both the Cruiser and my HTC Desire share the same charging plug - mini USB and this further eliminates the need to carry yet another cable. The purchase of the Cruiser has streamlined my driving experience by 100% when setting up my phone in the car. It even has media buttons for Play, forward and back buttons for music playback. Works better than having to use the phones music player - at least my HTC Desire supports this function so check with your phone.

The last word is on the call quality - have made and received calls via the Cruiser (via both the FM transmitted route and the speaker on the Cruiser itself) with no complaints from the other party. I was received well and clear. So no complaints there - the same if not better than my little earpiece that I had up to now. If your phone supports voice dialling it is a simple matter of holding down the call button on the Cruiser unit and it will activate the voice dialling - and dials the number attached.

It also sits very neatly on my Passat's sun visor with no obstructions to anything.

Highly recommended.
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I bought this instead of adding the bluetooth option to my car which was prohibitively expensive, as all options generally are. I thought I'd save some money and buy a product that was more versatile, I can take between cars, and had more features.

The Jabra Cruiser meets all 3 requirements without fault. It's a good looking and packed with features I wasn't expecting. I'd advise anyone who is thinking about what model to get to have a look at the on-line manual. It pairs up with my Blackberry Bold quickly and without fuss. Holding the call button down on the unit activates the voice dialling and the unit also calls out the name of the person calling which is a nice touch.

My callers all say the clarity is good and road noise has never been mentioned - the 2 microphones obviously work very well. At night you can turn the lights on the unit off which is very handy considering it has to be placed on the visor and the lights are nearly at eye level.

The sound quality is good through the speaker (surprising for the size of the unit) and when connected through the stereo of the car there is no interference at all. I prefer to use the speaker so I can still listen to the stereo. I've tried out playing MP3s through the car stereo and it works really well - you can control the music through the unit which makes everything incredibly easy. Once you've stopped the music it remembers where you were even after a call or adjusting the settings so no annoying fiddling with your phone whilst driving.

There are lots of features in-call such as muting, switching between calls and so on. The only thing that doesn't work with the Blackberry is the last number redial - but with voice dialling that's not a problem.

The unit comes with a cigarette lighter to USB converter (handy) which you can plug the micro-USB charger into (also included).

This is a fantastic product and has loads more features than any built in car bluetooth I've found so far. I can't recommend it enough.
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on 14 November 2011
I bought this item about a month ago and have been using it whenever I am in the car! I have only charged it once since, energy power saving!! However, it is largely annoying when it keeps saying "Connected", "Disconnected" whenever the signal get disrupted! Not sure how to solve that problem, and some of my friends complaint that they can hear themselves on the other end when I use the Jabra! But I love it and will continuing using it!
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on 23 March 2010
My husband is happy with the Jabra Cruiser, it was easy to set up and works efficiently. It does the job better than others we have tried and it is possible to have a conversation over the noise of the van.

It would have had 5 stars if it also had a display showing who was calling, other than that it is excellent and simple to use.
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Works well as a stand alone unit (have tried a panel speaker version from another manufacturer and the Jabra is clearer) but couldn't get it to work with the FM receiver in the car (which was the whole point of getting it) which makes it a bit expensive for what it is.
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VINE VOICEon 30 August 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The unit is very slim and sleek looking and really isn't in the way when clipped to your car sun visor. The clip system seems well designed, clips firmly, and my visors are quite thick I think, and the unit fitted no problem.

You get a long USB charging cable and a cigarette lighter socket to USB power adaptor, useful for other items like iPod's when your Jabra is not being charged. Of course it has a long life battery inside so permanent charging not necessary.

It is very easy to pair on Bluetooth, I used a Nokia 6300. When you turn the unit on, it tells you (with its little 1980's computer voice) how to pair it, and keeps telling you until you do it, annoying but useful.

For some reason when it detects and connects the Bluetooth, it insists on streaming any audio files you have on your phone to the hands free speaker. Play and stop buttons are on the Jabra so it's easy to stop, but seems a little pointless. Part of the sales pitch of this unit is that it can stream from the phone, but the audio quality isn't even close to being good enough for this. Audio quality is excellent on phone calls though.

When you get a call, the unit rapidly 'speaks' the number to you, quite useful. I tried a number of calls and everyone said they could hear me clearly with no echo, and I could hear the equally well. The unit seems to reset the volume to min. each time it is turned off, so remember to max. it each time you use it.

All in all, a great little unit, despite some small niggles.
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