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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars

on 24 January 2010
Ice Road Truckers is by far, the most enjoyable documentary to hit our Tv Screens.

Take a few Professional Truck Drivers. Add their Peterbilt or Kenworth trucks, then add Ice and you'll have a cocktail of non-stop entertainment on these DVD's.

This 7-disc package is a "Must Buy" for those who love these 2 seasons of Ice Road Truckers.

Season 1 - 3 Discs:
Hugh, Alex (et al) take their trucks in the "Dash For The Cash", delivering critical supplies to the Billion Dollar Diamond mines in Canada, across 350 miles of frozen lakes which are only 28 inches thick. The truckers are racing against one another in racking-up as many runs to get to the top of the leaderboard.

Season 1 was shot using High-Definition cameras and the picture quality is truely amazing.

Season 2 - 3 Discs:
Hugh, Alex (et al) take their trucks in a second season in the "Dash For The Cash". This time, to haul the heavy metal used for natural gas drilling rigs. The truckers are still in Canada but in this season, they are 100 miles inside the Artic Circle where the temperature falls below -40f. Not only are the truckers expected to drive the Ice Roads but they also take their trucks onto the Artic Ocean.

The truckers only have 90-days to haul everything that is required for a gas rig from one place to another. With the main rig itself being 100ft long and the only way to haul this without breaking it down, is on two trucks. One truck driving forward and the other truck driving backwards. Weighing in excess of 100tons, this load has to drive very slowly acoss an already fragile Ice Road.

The rig is setup in a new location, only to have to haul it back to Inuvik before the Ice Road melt.

Disc 7:
This is a bonus disc of Season 1 and 2 showing behind the scenes footage and interviews with the truckers.

Both Seasons are complete and have a great on-screen navigation menu, to watch "ALL", "Episode" or "Chapters" of episodes.

The box set is a great collection for anyone to own if they enjoy Ice Road Truckers and each disc has it's own case.

I only have one negative point on these discs and that's, when you watch the documentary on Tv. The swear words are bleeped-out. These bleeps are also on the discs too and I thought that the bleeps would have been omitted on the discs.

Other than that, I can watch these over and over again.

Incidentally, if you love Ice Road Truckers. Season 3 is available from Amazon on May 3, 2010. Pre-order NOW.
This season is where the Ice Road Truckers go to Alaska, USA and you meet Ice Road Trucker Lisa Kelly. One of three female Ice Road Truckers who "Run The Dalton".
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on 12 November 2017
My husband loves them
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on 26 April 2011
Documentary series about truck drivers transporting huge loads driving on frozen surface of lakes, rivers and the ocean. Their job is defenietly risky and challanges their characters. Seperated for two month from their famillies, working non-stop in the tough winter conditions they either prove themselves or quit. And there are no appeals - season 2 confirms all verdicts from season 1. And here I could stop the review...
... but, probably unintentionally, the series may bring you more afterthougts. It shows what efforts need to be taken to reach resources hidden deep north, in severe climate. And how much corporations are ready to pay for that. But it also shows communities living on the outskirts of civilization, that might be delivered supplies only in two months period, through ice roads, staying cut off for the rest of the year.
The series is really worth seeing. Enjoy!
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on 19 December 2013
I own all of the IRT series and the two sets "Deadliest roads" & the Andes. They are all great to watch and one has to bow and hat off to the Drivers that really do put their lives on the line to run these roads. Graphics diplicte very often the "What could happen" this is fantastic info because we do not want to see it really happen, were somebody really has to loose their life showing what could happen if! However!! True critic has two sides to be looked at.
Point 1. I personnaly think that the load mouthed bust your butt attitudes of spme of the drivers as they make their appearence for the first time is cheap show to get you inicially glued to the screen to see how the big mouth fairs under pressure.
Point 2. To keep their viewers glued to the screen biting their nails as to how it continues the Americans think it is funny to leave their addiance on a cliff hanger at any moment to cut into advertising!!! Which is always a small bump in the road, the whole thing highlights of coarse with an upwards crescendo of violins topping off the scene.
Point 3. One of two things here, are at power. a. Without offence ment here the Americans have a very short memory, which I do not think is the case or b. the production companies like to WAIST 5 to 10 minuits of every episode by repeating the last 30 secs of episode up to where the advertising started. Of course one does not have to see the adverts they have been removed. But the cliffhanger build up then the 30 sec repeat of avents leading up to, are for the european market totally and absolutly NOT nessasary!!
Point 4. As each and every episode starts one gets a 5 minit run down on whats coming up in that particular episode. This has only one object to it!! To keep you glued to the blasted screen through out the entire episode, shoving in their advertising. Thats half the suspence taken out of it from the start. Well done the university graduates who thaought that one up. And when the episode has finnished you get half of the top highlights of the next up coming episode next week, ruining that as well. But dont forget stay tuned for that one, don't miss it!!!! etc

In case some of the university majors have not yet worked it out, we live in the twenty first century and not in the sixties and seventies of the last centurays. For those that did not know it, remote controllers can fast forward and skip chapters. To overcome this cheap cliche of advertising. So where is your problem they say!! My beef is simple why should we pay hard earnt money to pay for a product which they all get for their trouble in producibg the series, and then we have to have destroy our DVD player to bypass this old fashion way used in the earlly years of TV viewing.

We have purchased the product, not copied it, they have got their earnings for their troubles, leave out the trash for the TV viewers that watch free TV channels and do not want to invest in the industry by PURCHASING the product. Thus helping that industry in fundings for the next exciting theme!!!
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on 7 January 2010
This item was brought for a christmas gift for my husband, as we both have watched the series on T.V on and off for awhile now we felt we missed one too many shows that watching a random showing was not enough to know what was going on in the life of a ice trucker. This double box set was a god send and we can watch any time anywhere to our hearts content without having to be confused about who what when. Great deal too, arrive in time and in perfect condition. So if your a fan too this is a must.
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on 19 October 2014
Have you got the nerve to do what these guys and dolls do? I wouldn't do it...
Great series and well documented.
We follow the men and women who deliver articulated lorry loads across miles of frozen rivers and seas during the winter months. It scary what they do and they take it in their stride to keep on trucking.
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on 6 May 2010
I would recommend this dvd collection to anyone,
great price, free delivery, well worth the money.
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on 12 January 2012
We started to watch this last evening. I bought this boxed set as one of my husband's Christmas presents. It is amazing, I had no idea such a road and such truckers existed, can't wait to watch the rest of the box of DVDs.
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on 11 August 2013
it is a really great thing to watch that is why i choose it i would buy this again for friends to watch and i would recommend it to anyone it is a fantastic programme for anyone even children could watch it
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on 7 January 2012
Excellent Series. Just goes to show that Canada does not close its roads when half an inch of snow falls, unlike the UK. After watching the series will never moan again about the British roads or weather.
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