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on 29 December 2012
The Konig satfinder is nothing more than a signal strength meter with a sensitivity adjustment. It needs to borrow power from the LNB feed to be able to work. That being said, the instructions on how to use it are clear and simple, and easy to follow. The meter works as one might expect and the tone changes pitch according to signal strength. A light (almost invisible in sunlight) illuminating the dial shows that it is getting power from the receiver.

I bought a Satgear dish to watch Freesat on my Freesat TV, and the very clear dish set-up instructions allowed a precise initial alignment by using a website generated overhead view of the street to check on satellite position, possible obstructions and suitable landmarks for the first aiming point (azimuth).

Having got the dish in about the right position, even before the TV was prepared to have a look, the Konig enabled me to make the final azimuth, altitude and rotation adjustments in only a couple of minutes. It turned out that the azimuth was spot on and the Konig showed that no change needed for that, and setting the altitude was where it was most useful with not much physical change but a big increase in signal. The rotation was already correct as preset by the dish manufacturer for my zone.

The other very useful point to using it was that it allowed me to verify that each one of the four outputs from the LNB was producing about the same signal strength as the others.

Even if I never need to use it again, the time it has saved me is well worth the inexpensive purchase price.

Addendum. 5th March 2014.

I've just helped a neighbour reset his dish after it had been knocked by a flying something during the last lot of high winds. And I noticed that the Db control has become very erratic after lying unused for the last year. It seems to have developed a bad connection in just the position where the sensitivity adjustment is needed the most. It still works, but this makes it much more fiddly. Grrr.
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on 3 November 2013
first its very small .and a neck strap would be a good idea .the patch lead is crap .I made my own .I had so many problems trying to connect the F connectors to the LNB and meter .they feel like they are slightly the wrong size??? anyway make your own with good quality F connectors and a length of coax ,its a very accurate bit of kit and I used a free download from google play for my Samsung phone [iphone} do one too .to see where the satellites are in the sky ,VERY HANDY .because you could be pointing your dish in the wrong direction .all in all very well priced .if you're going to your dish its worth replacing the LNB they only cost less than ten pounds ...make sure you use insulating tape on the F connectors but don't tape all the way up ..because you won't be able to tighten them up !.another tip ..providing there is sufficient cable at the dish .its worth re making the ends off just in case moisture has built up and this could save you a lot of problems ..if you're a novice be careful that you don't chop through the cable and leave yourself short ..use a craft knife to remove the insulation and copy what there ,,be sure to turn off the satellite receiver if you intent to chop the cable you may do some damage to the receiver .I re made off the ends and even though my LNB has a weather cover there was moisture in there and some oxidation on the uncovered terminals ..any low voltage device is susceptible to high resistance due to moisture so keep everything as dry as possible and tape up or cover any spare terminals ...don't over tape as you won't be able to slide the weather cover over the F connectors .also its worth re making off the ends at the receiver .you may wish to use 20 DB in line boosters if you have a weak signal .I have changed all the F connectors and fitted and new LNB and got a strong signal .the coax is sound but I still have the fault .[fluctuating signal quality and in bad weather no signal no quality} so after all my hard work .I still thinkm the receiver is knakered !!
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on 30 June 2013
After spending a considerable amount of time replacing my old satellite dish and setting up the new one as accurately as possible to the original one by eye, I attempted to connect the signal finder, initially the union fell off the F connector on the patch lead supplied as it was too loose. After repairing the lead by purchasing a new F connector I found that the signal finder was broken as not only did it not light up as suggested however no matter what position I moved the dish into and no matter what position the control on the signal finder was on, the needle did not move at all.
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on 19 June 2013
bought this to make sure the satellite was aimed in the right place. First the good news - it arrived on time! Unfortunately the instructions are in German! Contacted the firm, who said they would "look into it" - that was a month ago. Still no instructions! However I used another reviewer's comments (Smartypants lived up to his user name!) so we could find the satellite. It would have been better if we had the correct instructions so I did not have to spend ages searching reviews and other websites to get information the firm should have sent!
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on 11 September 2014
useful little gadget if a bit limited in it's power. I was using it to set up my portable dish while staying in my caravan in a forested area and it gave a reading but the freesat box stated no signal so had to move the dish to where I thought I would get a signal and the reading on the meter was much stronger and enabled me to get full reception so will assist when you have a signal but a bit limited in difficult positions when looking for a signal
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on 12 November 2013
Not 100% happy. The device certainly works and does as it says. But it is not easy to get the dish lined up quite right with it - especially perched on the top of a ladder, perhaps just not quite sensitive enough. We are in a very weak signal area so maybe the poor signal is the problem. However I got the dish realigned OK (it moved in a storm) for much less than paying our local satellite professional to come back to do it for the 3rd time so not a failure, and its here for next time too. Worth having for the odd DIY dish realignment but I would suggest it is not adequate for heavy or professional use.
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on 20 November 2012
This Satellite Finder is simple to use. There are two connections. It comes with a short cable connected to the one marked 'TO LNB' which you connect to any socket on the LNB on the satellite dish. Then you connect a cable from your set top box (receiver) to the other connection on the Satellite Finder marked `TO REX'. Your set top box (receiver) provides the power for the Satellite Finder and when you switch it on the window on the Satellite Finder lights up. All you have to do is point the dish in approximately the right direction and make small adjustments until you find the best signal. There are more expensive Satellite Finders which are battery operated and can show you the actual channels being received and which satellite you are pointing at as well as the signal strength, but these are for people who do a lot of installations and need to get the job done more quickly and with less fuss.
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on 1 December 2014
Does the job really well but you have to realise that it only tells you there is a satellite there, not which one! You have to apply a bit of knowledge first so the dish is pointing roughly in the right direction. (use a good phone app for that, there are lots)

Putting up you own dish and setting it up yourself saves you enough money to buy your Freesat PVR!
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on 1 May 2016
Wonderful device, very easy to use and it worked brilliantly. My dish now catches all channels here in Wiesbaden in Germany. I can arrange the dish with my sat receiver, but this handy device is at the dish, so I can align it much easier and faster. I just should have bought it at first hand that would have saved me a lot of trouble. For some reason I don't get PBS America at night but the rest works. I would definitely recommend this little thing.
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on 16 October 2016
Made finding satellite a hell of a lot easier, although instructions are limited just crank up sensitivity to pick signal of satellite before reducing to fine tune. Spent 2 weeks trying to use maps and apps took 10 mins in conjunction with them and this product to get perfect picture.
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