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on 30 January 2016
I read many reviews before deciding to buy these headphones. I even went to Currys PC World and sampled a few headphones to compare. I ended up choosing these and I'm glad I did. I agree with many other Amazon customers who posted reviews here that these are the best headphones you can buy for the price. The reason for the great sound is the whopping 50mm driver units, which deliver powerful sound. I tried them with my iphone, my Samsung S4, and my Sony Walkman, and the sound is great. My ears are fully enclosed within the leatherette earpads. You get a 3m cord, 24k gold plated 3.5mm plug (with an adpater for larger jacks), and a soft wide cushioned adjustable headband. These are meant more to be used indoors than outdoors, as they are quite bulky. These are Best Buy headphones that are worthy of 5 stars.
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on 31 March 2012
For the price these headphones are fantastic! Have other headphones, which are much more expansive than these, but even though these headphones may not possibly be of top audiophile quality they surely have one thing going for them, and that is that they have an enjoyable sound and are very "musical", in the sense that they get you to tap your feet with the music. Even though they may not be as analytic and detailed as some other of my more expansive headphones, I am completely pleased with their satisfying sound, especially with their good and deep punchy bass that they emit without overpowering the mid-range and high frequencies. But they are amongst my most satisfying musical headphones I own and I have been listening to them every evening these last few days. They will probably get even better (as they already seem to do) once they are burnt in and the driver settles in. Got tempted to purchase these headphones due to their reasonable price, their huge driver, and generally good and favourable reviews of them, and I must say I am quite happy to have purchased them!
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on 2 September 2014
After having a pair of Technics headphones for nearly 15 years it was time for something new but with classic style and function (beats or other fashion headphones need not apply here).

These headphones are both comfortable and powerful. They deliver great bass and treble sounds. My only small con is they make your ears fairly sweaty after prolonged use, but to be expected with most leather pad earphones. I'm sure these will last just as long as my old ones.

I wish people would buy headphones for quality and not for fashion.
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on 10 July 2012
I bought this can after reading some forum reviews on head-fi and it turned out i enjoy this headphone alot..Even more when the money i paid for it was..Well nothing to rave about really.

The great things about this headphone is not the build quality or the finish or folding features..It is the sound.

If you need a sturdy built can that folds, well don't bother reading more of this.
It is build very cheap and flimsy. One good thing is the earpads which are rather soft and big and creates a great seal even if the clampingforce of the headband itsel f is rather loose.

The cable of this can is also very thing and does not help the overall flimsy build to look any better.

Well why would you buy these then? Well they sound impressive!

I own alot of headphones and amplifiers, all of them costs alot more then this set..but not all of them are as fun to listen to as these.

I will compare them to the Audio Technica ATH-M50 which is a very popular headphone that will please the average crowd looking for a bassy headphone with somewhat great buildquality.

The panasonics put out an impressive bass, its very deep and throws a great punch. The bass is more exposed compared to the m-50 which says quite alot. But the quality of the bass can be rather boomy and "wet" sometimes.

The mids are quite good although not great. Just as the M-50 the mids are recessed..Although compared to the M50 they have a warmer tone and i would prefer the panasonic for music like blues or other music with alot of vocals.

The highs are rather good compared to the massive bass. They are a bit more toned down compared to the M50s but still they might provide a more "true" and comfortable sound.

Bottom line.

If you want massive bass and a headphone that will do hip-hop, electronic and dubstep just right well this might be a bargain.

But if you want good clarity and a more balanced sound you will have to look elsewhere.

The same goes with the buildquality. If you sit at home listening to music they will hold up. But i doubt they will take a beating in a gym bag or when snowboarding for example.

I would say that the headphones impressed me..I had very low expectations when i put them in the basket..Turned out they are better then what it looks like. And for the DIY:ers they may provide a good bass for modding.
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on 26 April 2017
The sound quality for the price is amazing. The headphones feel really nice, but within a month the wire crapped out and only works if I have it in a very certian way. I wasn't being too brash with them, which is a shame but while they lasted they were amazing. Just be careful of the wire.
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on 19 February 2013
I love them. And yet I hate them.

These are one of my favorite headphones. I love the way they look. They are so good I bought 5 headphones - for everyone at home(one for each of my parents, bro and me) and a gift for a friend. All was great for a month or so - totally awesome sound - especially the low end.
BUT THEY ARE CHEAP in everything else - price and build - both out and inside.

You can't really complain because of the money, the sound is incomparable but only if you can listen to that sound.
Two of the headphones broke on the hinges(one on both), one at the headband, another got torn cable so they don't stand abuse. But I treat headphones with respect - I have some that for years don't have a single scratch(dead serious on that one - I would rather risk myself than my cans). However even mine had problems.

The driver inside constantly gets out of place and the sound becomes atrocious(some don't really notice it though...). Blowing inside the pad(I know, right?) against the driver(the thing with the magnet inside) seems to fix it - only to appear again in a minute. It got so annoying I stopped listening to music - if you can't use your favorite headphones what's the point(that doesn't sound right xD).

I have not commented on the sound because:
Overall I would not recommend them to a person that just wants to listen to music - you are better off with something that lasts.
However if you appreciate headphones AND (!!!) are not easily irritated or you can fix them - you're in for a journey !

BTW BURN IN IS REAL - JUST TRY THESE. They just transform all the time (kind of makes you think if its because of the build quality :?).
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on 9 April 2012
I should point out that I am no audiophile, but I am very particular when it comes to the quality of the products that I buy and I do have particularly attuned tastes when it comes to audio and visual equipment.

Having previously owned a pair of Panasonic headphones which eventually gave in to a loose connection, I bought a pair of £30 Sony headphones from my local Tesco. I was hugely disappointed, and it took only a short time before I sought to replace them with another set of Panasonic headphones similar to my original pair.

I came on Amazon with a £30 budget, and found that these headphones (one model up from my original pair) were within my budget.

I have now "burned in" these headphones, and to be honest, the difference is very minimal: perhaps just a little more "full" sounding. Out of the box, however, the performance offered by this set of headphones is earth-shattering. The bass is very rich and powerful, but doesn't swamp the sound. The mid-range is very clear, with vocals coming through very clearly. The high-end is very clean and sharp, with no perceptible sibilance or harsh brightness.

These are "open" headphones, and so will not keep your music confined to your ears only. Unless private listening is a must (on a train etc) this is a moot point, as the result is outstanding quality and fidelity.

For £30, these headphones are an absolute steal. I don't know of any other headphones that can offer this standard of listening quality for the price. Yes, they pale in comparison to a £400 set of electrostatic headphones, but not by much.


TLDR: Near perfect performance for very little outlay. Massive bang for your buck.
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on 19 July 2015
I changed the ear pads within the first few days, as I found the leatherette ear pads included to be hot and tacky after using more than 30 minutes.
I bought mine in 2012 and used them virtually everyday, still as good as when I bought them, for the price and quality of sound they are well worth the money and worthy of 5 stars.
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on 13 September 2012
These headphones, being from Panasonic (the parent of Technics) I expected to be absolutely fantastic. When they arrived, I was pleased to discover that I was correct. The audio quality is amazing. I know other's have been complaining about the wire breaking or other things that cause the headphones to stop working, but personally I have had no problems at all. These are currently plugged into my 1974 B&O Beomaster 2000 using the included 6.3mm adapter. The audio is warm, bassy with a perfect balance of treble. The sound is very rounded, and immerses you in the audio. I don't know how these will perform when plugged into something like an MP3 player, but I can assure you they are fantasic plugged into Vintage equipment.

The actual jack coming out of the headphones is gold plated, with the cable being fully shielded. The 6.3mm adaptor is also gold plated.
The only complaint I have with these headphones is that they are very bad at noise isolating. Take these off when playing something at a reasonable volume and you will be able to hear the audio (albeit faintly). I don't reccomend these for public use.

The bottom line is:
If you want something that is rugged and truly high-end, buy these. If you want to 'look cool', pay 4x more, and have terrible sound quality, get yourself a pair of beats.
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on 25 June 2014
These are okay for audio dilletantes, but nowhere near as good as my Thropsch-Gurmtunt DQSL180's with Titanium Flange Interrupters. Now, with those babies it seems like Ed Sheeran is actually sat next to you singing directly into your ear, just imagine that!
If you can't afford the auditory paradise I inhabit, then I suppose you could just about live with these, and yourself.
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