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on 27 April 2014
One of the best mouse mats I've bought,great for gaming and worth every penny.Would recommend this mat to any gamer.There is one out there that is massive though but you better have a decent size desk for it to fit.Make sure the Razer Goliathus will fit your desk also..
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on 10 May 2013
An exceptional gaming mouse mat. The surface is smooth and low friction with stitched edges for durability. For those curious about the dimensions (oddly lacking from the description), this is the medium sized Goliathus - 355x255mm.
The other sizes available are:
Small (called Omega) 270x215mm
Large (called Alpha) 445x355mm
Extended 920x295mm

Each mat is around 3-4mm deep.
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on 6 January 2014
I was always sceptical about spending reasonable money on a mouse mat - after all, how much difference can it make? This product has really surprised me in how the type and consistency of build quality has given me better control with the mouse. I use a gaming mouse with lots of extra buttons and play everything from strategy to fps and I have noticed a a much improved control difference in all of them. I did a test with my old gel style, wrist rest mat and the Razer and it was impressive to see how smooth the results were. On the gel mat, which I always thought was ok, there was a noticeably inconsistent stuttering to the mouse pointer across the screen. Not so with the razer, very smooth indeed. I am no artist but I suspect if you needed to use your mouse for more detailed work touching up photos, etc. then I suspect you would notice a difference as well over a 'standard' mouse mat or your desk.

To answer my question it has made a very satisfactory difference to my gaming experience but that, of course, will be subjective to each individual user. I don't think anyone with no mouse mat or a 'standard' one would regret purchasing this. Just be aware the mat is much larger than the traditional sort.
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on 7 October 2011
Already had the Omega mouse mat decided to get this larger one, glad I did, those few extra cm do make a difference. This is a great mouse mat.
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on 15 July 2013
What is it?
Its a mouse mat! And its one that you should definitely get if you're a serious First Person Shooter fan.

Provides you with a VERY smooth surface for your mouse. I was using an older Razar Goliathus mouse mat before I decided to get this one and the difference was immense. I actually had to adjust my mouse sensitivity because of how much easier it was to move the mouse.
The mat is also very high quality and the size (355x255mm) is perfect for my desk.

The material that makes up the edge of the mouse mat can come apart rather easily, particularly if it gets caught on something.

A must buy if you enjoy playing First Person Shooters and want a smooth surface for maximum mouse accuracy!
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on 11 June 2013
First thing is don't believe that this is some super scientific material that will give you boosted gaming performance or something similar, this is just a mouse mat. However, that being said is a very, very nice mouse mat. it is very smooth and very comfortable to wrest your wrist on; even for prolonged periods of time, because some mouse mats can cause some skin irritation because they are quite rough. This mat works very well with the deathadder and if you are deciding between this and the 'control' version, go for this one (or any speed one). You will not see any improvement in different types of games by using different style of mouse mat, simply put one feels nice and the other feels rougher.
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on 5 February 2013
I haven't owned a proper gaming mouse before, but seeing as my new rig cost me an arm and a leg I decided I may as well spend a bit more. I purchased a corsair M60 mouse and this mouse mat.... wow! the difference to my old cheapo mat and gigabyte mouse is night and day. The mouse flows effortlessly over this mat. It is also a nice large size without being too big. I spent ages pondering over the speed or control editions. I think I made the right choice going with the speed, don't be worried, it still offers plenty of control, it just allows effortless movements. If you are on the market for a mouse as well, have a look at corsairs little gem, perfect combo..
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on 9 January 2014
Well i loved it as i started recording gameplay for youtube it helps to have good equipment and thats what this mouse mat offers.

I rated it 5 stars because i loved the mouse mat it gave me control of the mouse when i really needed it for example playing Battlefield 4 i needed the control to turn fast enough to shoot someone before i got shot thats really it, this mouse mat is amazing.

The Unleashed !
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on 16 January 2013
not much to say.bought to go with my new gaming mouse and the pair have improved my skill level significantly.

i note a previous complaint that the top tended to peel off at the wrist end has been attended to. the mat now has a binding all round it which will prolong its life.

i bought this model for it's size, 10" x 14", but with other sizes available there is one to suit everyone.
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on 6 September 2013
Been using my old trusty Goliathus Control for about 4 years now but I found the edges were frayed and it had got dirty from increased use and moving.

Decided to get the speed edition and after 10 minutes I was already at home and I preferred it. The fragged edges are a definite plus as it prevents fraying and the performance has been precise and fast. Really great.
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