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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 14 May 2012
I bought this DVD after reading many of the existing customer reviews. People either said it was really good, or too complicated. So I saw it as a challenge! I think other workout DVDs can be too repetitive and dull, and make you feel like you're working very hard and very miserably because that's the only way to get fit. But try this DVD - it's so much fun, and half the fun of it is that you won't pick up all the moves or routines straight away and and so you'll keep coming back to it until you've mastered them! It's the kind of workout I look forward to because I want to keep getting better. The challenge of the complex routines is what makes it so rewarding when you can finally do it and start to dance (just a bit, maybe) like the girls in the video. Stick with it, don't give up just because it goes too fast. It'll be really enjoyable once you've got past the confused flailing arms and stepping on your own feet phase, I promise.
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on 12 August 2014
I like it, will need to do the exercises a few times to get my arms and legs moving in the right direction - doubt I will ever be as synchronized as the actual dancers, but its fun. Could definitely feel it in my legs later that day or was that trying to jump over my two kids whilst trying to do the work out? Would give 5 stars but find the music is a little quiet so need to have it really load but then the instructor is shouting!
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on 16 February 2010
i was very excited for my pump it up DVD to arrive as i have an older version with Deanne Berry as the instructor which is great fun but since i have done that workout for a couple of years i thought it might be time for a change. Unfortunatley this pump it up DVD was nowhere near as simple as my other and more importantly nowhere near as fun. The workout is complicated and i found myself just jogging on the spot more often than not trying to work out the steps, that are only demonstrated to you for a couple of seconds. I ended up getting really frustrated that i was wasting my time trying to get to grips with the workout rather than actually doing any exercise and after 5 failed attempts to get the hang of the routine i have switched back to my older version. The new music is good fun but unfortunatley the workout is not!
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on 24 January 2010
If you like dancing and aerobics then this dvd is perfect. The moves are sometimes hard to coordinate but you will get the hang of it, its nothing to be put off by unless you have absolutely no coordination at all! my 50 year old mum did this and loved it and she isnt the most natural dancer! The powermixes are good but hard on your body, I ached for days after my first session. The abs section nearly killed me, and its no surprise how those girls have washboard flat stomaches, they are super fit!! The dance sections in the powermixes are good, it requires you to memorise 3 sets of about 6 moves, which they take you through them individually and then link each set onto the end one by one, so you can imagine towards the end of the powermix you are really going for it. If you buy it have fun!!
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on 15 January 2010
Was so excited to get this DVD as I love the music. However, didn't take long to realise that a dance background is probably required as the instructor goes way too fast for one to get the feel of the exercises. Was so busy trying to keep up with her and get the steps right that half way through the workout, was getting extremely annoyed. Yes, its great cardio and gets you sweating, but so would dancing round the living room to great tunes on your own. This is definately not worth the money unless you're very used to dance workouts or can learn moves fast.
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on 17 January 2011
I bought this dvd to motivate me to get fit for skiing. I didn't get very far. Unless you are able to pick up a series of moves quickly then don't bother. I felt like a guy who'd been thrown into a dance class and was left out of time, out of shape and out of control at the back.

That's the last time I apply metrosexuality to my fitness choices.
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on 7 August 2014
This pump it up dvd has hard moves to follow i own the orignal pump it up dvd and nearly all of gareth walkers which i havent tried yet but this was not as great as the orignal presented by deanne berry the ultimate dance workout was the best however this dvd has nice music
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on 14 June 2013
Om pretty fit and have a good selection of workout dvds,mainly celebrity ones (Davina,Nell McAndrew) However I was getting board as they all follow a similar form.I went with this one as it was cheap and fancied something different.When I first started,I hated it as I didn't understand the moves and was getting frustrated not being able to master the moves.Two months on I love it! Its really challenging and I like the fact you can pick and choose your workout.It leaves Davina and co for dust.I've stopped using them.Once you get into it ,it you don't feel like your exercising,which is a good thing
In two months,I've lost inches all over and my stomach and legs have never been so tight and toned.Buy it,but don't expect to learn it in a few days.It takes time and practice.
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on 23 November 2010
I was given this DVD by somebody who didn't need it. I'm only 17 and I'm definitely not in bad shape, although I haven't done any structured excersize for about a year - but I'm not a complete couch potato! Anyway, the warm up had me close to collapsing and 5 minutes into toning I just flopped onto my sofa and couldn't move for 15 minutes. I used to have a DVD from the 80's which, although incredibly dated, was simple but burned up calories like a dream. But in this they didn't break down the moves or give you any time to get a grip of what you were supposed to be doing - plus they don't allow time to have a drink of water. You're launched into this full on dance routine where you're given about 4 seconds to learn what to do next and each body is doing a different thing and then 5 seconds later you're doing something different. It was good in that the presenter was good and the music was fun, but I felt like a complete failure just lying there and thinking 'How unfit am I if I can hardly get through the warm up!?'. You definitely have to be a dancer to make this work for you.
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on 23 January 2010
This was my first ever workout dvd, considering I am fit and regularly exercise at the gym and lots of classes, I thought it would be good to incorporate an extra workout at home.

I skipped straight to the advanced workout section, and found it good fun. The exercises do work you hard as long as your giving full effort and following the correct technique. I wore my heart rate monitor watch to make sure I was working hard enough, the main section of dance-aerobic routines had me breaking a little sweat to keep me happy. Combined with doing the ab sit up section this is a good all round workout, and I recommend it!

The only down-side is that I was hoping that there would be lots of different advanced routines to choose from, but instead there is only one, unless you do the beginner/ intermediate one as well. Given the variety in the routine though I think it will keep me interested. I am considering getting some of the other Ministry of Sound workout dvd's now, I hope they are as good as this one.
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