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on 16 February 2016
I have been using my RTA300 for 9 years but never got round to writing a review until now. I really like this table although I agree with other reviewers that assembly is moderately difficult. I had a Trend Craftsman router table previously and I consider the Triton table to be better. Why do I like it? The clamping system for fixing almost all brands of router router on the router sub-plate is easy to operate and works well. (Triton routers can be 'dropped in' and locked in place without the clamps.) The clamps are 'quick release' and it's easy to remove the router ,say, for hand-held use and then replace it in the table in exactly the same position as before. A tool is provided to enable you to centre the router in the plate aperture. The adjustable split fence works well and recently I made use of the facility to off-set the in-feed and out-feed fences to do some edge planing on timber that was a little out of square. The two halves of the fence are spring-tensioned in place and they can be moved closer together or pushed further apart to provide the optimum amount of clearance between fence and cutter. Being made of MDF, the faces of the fence are easily replaceable when it becomes necessary and it is a straightforward matter to modify the fence for special applications, eg to fit a taller fence for tenoning. The fine (micro) adjustment facility for fence position in relation to the cutter (the two adjustable 'buffers' that go just behind the fence) enables repeatable fence positions to be established. This is very useful when it's desirable to take a 'light pass' by setting the fence a bit closer to you, then moving the fence to its end position to make the final pass through the cutter.
The transparent plastic dust chute cum guard works well and it is actually very sturdy (having stood up to 9 years of use without any fault developing. My shop vac. is coupled to the dust chute by a length of hose and in use, it collects most of the dust and chips produced when routing wood.
The adjustable sliding mitre sled works well too. I used it recently with profile scribing cutters to make replacement frame and panel doors for some kitchen cabinets.
In summary,The Triton RTA300 router table is capable of delivering professional quality routing for all routing projects; as with all woodworking machines and equipment the limiting factor is more often than not the skill of the user. If you decide to buy an RTA300, bear in mind that you will need to mount it on a Triton router stand or on the Triton Series 2000 WorkCentre, or a shop-made platform or cabinet. I chose to mount the table on the dedicated Triton router stand and I am satisfied with its performance in use.
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on 29 November 2013
I was so looking forward to having a router table, when it arrived it was very unclear how to assemble it and now having used it for quite some time I really regret buying it. It is useless for any sort of accuracy, the parts are flimsy, almost like a toy, the lack of a mitre guage groove is a problem too, the fence is likely to slide in use. I could go on but you will get the gist that I am very disappointed with it. The router is great though.
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on 9 May 2015
I purchased this table for an old router which turned out to be to fiddly to operate, so also purchased the Triton MOF001 to go with the table.
The router table box contained so many nuts and bolts the first thing I did was lock myself away and lay out all the parts. I took it a bit at a time and completed the assembly. I was blown away by the ease of use, 10 minutes from storage to use, easy to set up, and operate. With my old system it took so long to set up the table I was put off using it because of the hassle. The extraction works well, Triton have thought about this little beast, I keep discovering more, all the time.
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on 29 July 2016
Beaucoup de plastique sans solidité. Centrage imparfait de la tête de fraisage. Je regrette cet achat
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on 7 March 2017
As A Triton devotee for many years now I bought this router table as an upgrade on the original router table for the 2000 work centre, although the product is up to usual Triton standards, I was very disappointed with the instructions which were very poor and blurred black and white on poor quality paper, which is in stark contrast to the instructions in a bright glossy colour booklet I got with my work centre many years ago.

I was also disappointed as also bought a Triton router as I thought it was supposed to be compatible and easy to fit and remove, which it is but ,and a very big but, as I wanted to adjust the height of the router from the top of the table, I found that you you have to drill a hole yourself in the table top and router plate, this seems ludicrous as they have several superfluous hole and slots cut in them already and you have to drill your own! Triton this is very poor after all the publicity about precision and compatability and at premium prices you should have thought this out better.
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on 28 August 2016
Router insert plate sags down 6mm in the middle. Bought the tra001 which is a excellent router but the sag in the router insert plate makes it impossible to get any accurate results. Total waste of money.
review image
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on 20 April 2012
I bought this table and the stand 6 months ago because it had 5 star reviews. I am making oak panelling for a sitting room. The table and stand are very sturdy but the table top itself is not very flat/true, also the rise and fall handle supplied with the router will not work with the table. If you want to machine something for a garden shed its fine but useless for any sort of accurate work I really regret buying this table and stand. I ended up making my own. Dont waste your money, buy a sheet of good quality plywood and make your own! You'll have it made in the time it takes to figure out how to assemble the whole thing, the instructions are very poor.
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on 24 January 2015
Quite difficult to assemble thanks to a lot of little widgets, knobs and what not that comes spread randomly in three or four bags so you have to open them all at once. Also, the assembly manual could be a whole lot better. Once all the bits and pices are put together, it works like a charm. Only issue is that it is impossible to get a non-Triton Router perfectly centered, but it doesn't make much difference if you have a router depth gauge (about £ 10 on Amazon).
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on 21 June 2013
Absolutely terrible.
Having loved the Triton plunge router I recently purchased, I went ahead and got the table top.
Reasons for the extremely low rating:
1. Cheap plastic construction throughout. Table surface and fence metal, almost all other pieces medium-density plastic
2. Ridiculously bad instructions. Given a bit of patience, not difficult to sort out yourself, but at this price would it have been that difficult for Triton to produce an intelligible manual?!
3. Locking mechanism to table stand (of course, you'll have to purchase this separately) flimsy at best. Using a wedge system (that is, plastic to metal!), sure it'll hold for a couple months, but thereafter you'll see the connection wear down.
4. Don't think this item is well-priced. If you include the cost of the table stand and table top together, you can find VERY comparable products at a cheaper price.

So incredibly disappointed. I'm a massive fan of Triton's router, as well as a recently purchase oscillating drum sander. But the 'accessories department' over at Triton need a bit of schooling from the 'power tools division'
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on 24 November 2014
I'm pretty fond of those revel 'built your own' toys and I'm used to unclear instructions and loads of small parts, but I didn't expect that I had to use those building skills for a router table. It took me about four hours to screw and build and about one hour of sanding and making everything fit. If you like spending about five very hours assembling than this is your table.
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