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on 22 July 2017
Great - as described, in time and as described
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on 5 March 2014
Bought this for my sister for her Birthday some years back and she still plays it every now and then. A great family console.
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on 2 July 2010
I am so glad that we purchased this item, it's fun, easy to use and great value for money. We have had hours of entertainment on it and although I am nearly 60 I found it simple to set up and not too technical.
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on 17 February 2015
Bought for niece and nephew made there Christmas
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on 3 June 2017
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on 5 May 2017
Very happy with it!
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on 18 October 2017
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on 19 December 2010
I'm a girl who has owned ZX Spectrum, Atari, Sega, PlayStation (longest ownership) and now, Nintendo Wii. I couldn't be more neutral when it comes to gaming consoles. Honestly, if this wasn't a Wii review, I would tell everyone to go home because Atari takes the cake STILL.

Anyway, I noticed that a lot of people downgrading the Wii have nothing solid to say against it except pulling out the graphics insults and the "Xbox/PlayStation is better" insults. These very people would also stop short of killing each other while reviewing the PlayStation against the Xbox too. Here are some common arguments presented and my responses to them:

1. OMG WII GRAPHICS ARE POOR - no, they are not. Graphics aren't everything, it's the game-play and gaming experience that matters. That being said, the graphics on the Wii are by no means poor. Please pick up a copy of Golden Eye or Black Ops and tell me if it's "poor". And really, if you think it is, I think there is something wrong with you or your eyesight. They might not be top of the range, but they are far from being bad. And please stop referring to Wii Sports or Mario/Classic Nintendo games because THEY ARE MEANT TO HAVE THOSE KIND OF GRAPHICS! The whole purpose is to give gamers that retro experience with some modern elements to it. If you're a kid born in like 1993, of course you're not going to understand that. I would never want to pick up a copy of Mario if he looked like a real life human being with swords and guns in his hand, going around butchering people.

2. WII GETS BORING AFTER A WHILE - no, it does not. There are plenty of games on the Wii to choose form, and they continue to make more games. Let's not forget that they also release latest titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops. If you're playing SO many video games that you run out of good games to choose from, I suggest you either get a job or find some other hobby because you have an unhealthy life-style playing video games all day long. I have a full-time job and it takes me a while to finish a game. I honestly don't understand how people can finish a game within a few days and then complain that the console got boring. Re-evaluate your lifestyle, not your purchase.

3. SWINGING ARMS ALL THE TIME GETS OLD AND BORING - in case you didn't notice, there are classic controllers (not just the Game Cube ones) that are available for the Wii to play some of the games. Regardless, what's wrong with swinging your arms? Sitting on the couch in one position for hours and hours straight, tapping on the buttons frantically while staring at the screen is meant to be interesting!? I think you guys should do yourselves a favor and swing your arms, shed some weight, and get some exercise. It's actually quite therapeutic. And by the way...if swinging your arms isn't fun, then what are PlayStation's new sensor and Xbox connect all about???

4. WII NEEDS MORE ADULT GAMES - the Wii is aimed at people of all ages for some family and/or individual fun. While Mario Kart may seem like a childish game, I enjoy it despite being 24 years of age. Most people are referring to violent and gory games when they say "adult games". If you're a hard-core gamer, then perhaps, Wii isn't for you. It's for people who just look for an hour (or two) of fun every other day. I love having a laugh with my sister as we play tennis on it. But if I was going to lock myself in a room to try and finish every level of GOD OF WAR, then I wouldn't be buying a Wii. Please do your research before you purchase something and then bash it.

5. WII DOES NOT HAVE STRONG HARDWARE - not sure what this argument is about but if you're going to talk about "strong hardware" then let's have a laugh at the ever so expensive Xbox with it's 'ring of death' problems. I've HARDLY heard of people having issues with Wii's hardware performance but I do hear a lot of rants about the other two major consoles. Nintendo has more experience in the gaming field than Sony or Microsoft. There is a reason why they continue to make profits even when its two rivals were making losses.

I'm sure I'm going to strike some nerves with this review considering I made references to Xbox and PlayStation. Just to clear up, I will ALWAYS be in love with my old PlayStation, but truth be told, Nintendo broke the mould. It was the first console that brought body movements into game-play. People bashed the idea when it first came out and now they're camping outside stores in the middle of the night to get their hands on Kinect. 70 million plus people in the world have purchased the Wii (almost DOUBLE the amount of people who purchased other consoles in the same years) so I'm going to have to say that it is a pretty successful, innovative, and fun machine.
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on 20 December 2009
As we have just retired we wanted to keep mind and body active especially through the winter months. We have had a lot of fun and become very competitive. I especially recommend the Wii Fit + to any elderly people wanting to keep themselves in good shape.
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on 11 May 2010
The Wii does have it's flaws:

* Average graphics
* Pretty poor control system
* A complete lack of channels
* A limited system memory
* Childish games

However the good points about the Wii far outstrip the bad.

* An internet channel
* Almost everything easy to set up
* Backwards compatible
* A few fantastic games
* The BBC iplayer channel
* A shopping channel where you can purchase old classics as well as new games
* A great online gaming experience with alot of games
* The ability to use the gamecube and classic controller
* Wii sports
* SD reader where you can view your pictures and music.
* USB inputs where you can charge your ipod, phone or access your USB memory stick.

The Wii is probably not better then the 360 elite and it's deffinitely no match for the mighty PS3...but it doesn't half put up a fight.

Growing up with a PS2 that was not connected to the net it's amazing to discover just what the Wii can do.

I know many people who don't get their net working with their Wii and it's such a shame because all the good stuff comes with the internet, when you have the internet on your Wii it's as if you discover a tardis effect. The Wii's hood is up if you like and you see it's engine...it's full potential.

One of the best points about the console is the backward compatibility. I never played a gamecube game before I purchased the Wii. Quickly I discovered that the Gamecube games are usually ten times better than the Wii's somewhat childish catalogue of games.

I really love this console and can see it surviving longer than the PS3 or the 360...the Wii already sells better then either of these powerful consoles.

As for this package though Resort is a poor game in my view and the makers ruined their chances of creating a great golf game by adding the curving rubbish. Although table tennis is a lot of fun, but it's not worth buying the game just for that.

Also the Motion Plus is a waste of money too as it doen't seem to make a huge difference in my opinion, and if anything it makes games alot harder.

Ignoring these pointless additions you get a fantisic console which is basically a multimedia centre.
Get a Wii...you won't regret it!
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