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on 4 January 2010
Well this is just the neatest little touchscreen media player I have ever come across. Beautifully made and able to play a great variety of files, both video and audio. I have the 16gb version and find that to be adequate for most of my listening and viewing. Has an games, an e-book reader and FM radio built-in. Also has a DJ mixing deck which to me is useless other than a toy. Can be connected to TV to play Divx and other types of file but the lead to enable this is not supplied. The only fault I can find is that it is very difficult to keep a grip on the smooth finished surface. Would have been better if there had been some rubberising somewhere on the body to help hold on. I have had a couple of near drops in the first few days of owning this player. There are a couple of leather cases on the market for these at the moment so I am buying one of these straight off before anything happens. I found the headphones a great in-ear fit and a tangleproof cable but they don't have the base resonance and clear dynamic sound of my Koss Sparkplugs. All in all more versatile and much easier on the pocket than the Archos and I-pod range. Highly recommended!
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on 8 April 2010
I lost my much loved Creative Zen and was on the look out for a replacement. Have had this now for a few weeks. Initially I wasn't impressed with the battery life - even an hour's listening would see the battery down at 50%. However, once you load up the latest firmware (v3) the battery life improves dramatically and it will last me several days now of on & off listening. This now makes the R1 an excellent player. Drag and Drop via the PC is the easiest way to move music & video (including BBC iplayer content for portable devices) to the player. I hadn't used a touchscreen mp3 before but the Samsung R1 is easy & intuitive to use and the tapping the screen icons or text works very well. If I had two complaints they would be (1) it can take a while to get navigate through the touchscreens to start playing music & to help the battery life the screen switches off while you listen - and it is a little bit fiddly to wake the screen up again. Despite this, I think you can buy with confidence - this will give you lots of happy listening and watching.
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on 13 January 2010
Chose this player due to great specs at a decent price.

This is my second Samsung - 1st one was a yp-p2 that served me well for nearly 2 years, when it was time to buy a new one I originally went to Sony based on specs, but due to problem had to return it, and took this one instead - Got everything that I had with the P2, but:
1) Smaller and lighter - it fits into the palm of your hand
2) 4x bigger memory
3) With DNSe 3.0, better sound than the award winning audio of the P2
4) Cheaper

Sound quality: Absolutely brilliant, better than my P2 and a similarly specced Sony that I had for about a week. Very tweakable sound with both presets and bespoke settings, to suit your tastes, musical genre, and/or headphones used. I understand from reviews the YP-P3 at a pinch sounds better, but this is pretty superb, especially given its coming out of a box half the size of a mobile phone.

Build: All metal body, and glass screen. Very light so doesn't have the tank like feel of the P2 or P3 but still very well put together.

Functionality: Haven't got into all the add-ins yet, but it's got all the bells and whistles I want, including:
1) FM radio w recording
2) Voice recording
3) Great video player compatible w a huge number of different codecs (eg, I've simply dragged and dropped most of the videos I've got on it)
4) BBC iplayer compatible
5) Bluetooth for connecting bt headsets or speakers, can take incoming calls from your bt connected phone (!), and apparently (tho haven't tried it yet) even supports file transfer to other bt devices!

Not much in terms of cons - No speaker if that's important for you, and due to tiny size the rated battery life is 25hrs rather than the 30-35 hrs of bigger units. Love it, and would highly recommend.
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on 12 January 2010
I've become a bit of a Samsung enthusiast, their products just keep impressing me. This adds to my Laptop, PC Monitor, and LED TV! If there's one thing they have in common, it's a great quality screen. I would definitely recommend this device if you're looking especially for a video player.

I'm not an audio nerd but the sound quality seems pretty good to me. User Interface is intuitive, easy to use. Memory is plenty for me. I'm not looking to have all the music in the world on it, only my favourite 1000+ songs and a few films, what more do you really need!?! Not to mention the little thing is a gorgeous piece of design, with flawless build quality! I'm Trying to sell it to you because I'm so impressed.

Can't fault it as of yet :D we'll see how the battery fairs, some light use today, still at 88%. You need one.
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on 9 January 2010
I was looking for a replacement for my now defunct Creative Vision M and was having a time of it looking for a player that was portable but still had a good array of codecs equipped to play lots of formats, since my music collection is made up of .wma, .mp3, .mp4s etc etc as well as having the compatibility to play Divx/Xvid's. This player fit the bill perfectly.

Good points:
-Easy to slip into your pocket
-Good array of codecs - drag and drop audio and video files in without conversion (which I never have patience for). Much better than limited format players like a certain "i" branded product!!
-BBC iPlayer compatible
-The screen looks small in photos, but it's very clear and has a large viewing angle without any colour distortion. It's lovely for watching videos on the bus! Widescreen-formatted programmes especially look very good as they fill the whole screen.
-Good audio performance with DNS enhancements to give different audio "environments" for playing
-Good responsive touchscreen (make sure you upgrade to the latest firmware 3.00)
-You can flip the music playing screen (not the main "icon" screen though) vertically if you want to
-Comprehensive music browsing tools - sort by Artist, Album, Song, browse within Album feature etc.
-Volume controls are via hardware buttons on the right of the screen, rather than via a touchscreen interface, which means there's no nasty moments where you can't get to the volume control at once before you blow your ears out
-You can use Windows Media Player or Explorer to view the player and sync up files if you don't want to use Samsung's own software. For video files I would recommend just dragging and dropping into the Video folder on the player if you're not bothered about conversion, as the Samsung software automatically goes into conversion mode (it would be nice if it asked if this is what you want). Note: if you want this working on a Mac it won't automatically show up - on your player, choose Settings>System>PC Connection then select MSC in order for it to show up as another drive on your computer and then just drag and drop).

Bad points:
-BeatDJ is a complete waste of time, but I doubt anyone will really consider this a dealbreaker!
-Battery life takes a hit when you start using the player. Playing video for about an 30 minutes takes about 25% or so of the battery with the screen on the lowest brightness. It's better if you're just playing music but I tend to mix and match. I have a load of USB ports always available so I'm always topping up the battery where I can so it's not a problem for me, but if you're looking to play music for a good few days without topping up, this may be something to consider.
-Lots of pointless widgets which will looked at once and then put back on the widgets list (unless you're buying this for a very lucky young child).
-Samsung's own software is rubbish, much like Creative's own transfer software. But then who uses proprietary software on these things anyway?
-It uses a proprietary Samsung USB lead which doesn't look like any other lead I've got, so if you lose it then it's probably an expensive process to get another one so keep it safe! Why don't all players just use mini USB connections rather than this short-sighted approach?

I would recommend this player to other people. The only sticking point for me is the proprietary USB lead interface and the battery performance as it does seem to go down quite quickly, but it might just be the cost of all these features in such a small and dinky player. However, the general performance and video and audio file compatibility stops so many headaches it beats other players hands down!

Note: I got this from HughesDirect and for some reason they charge a much lower price than I've seen around the internet for this player. I can confirm that it's the official Samsung YP-R1 16GB player and comes with all the leads etc as expected, so I hope this will put some minds at rest in case you were wondering about the cheaper price.
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on 2 April 2010
I managed to use the YP-R1 for the grand total of two weeks with constant crashing until it finally seized up during a firmware recovery where I ended up with a black screen and white stripe across it. No support from Samsung at all and got a refund pretty quickly upon return to the marketplace seller. I would have preferred a replacement but they're out of stock as I've also invested in a cover and TV cable which amount to another £30 which are now waste of money. Having read the other poor reviews and what I've recently read in other places of this player I may go for something else now and keep the accessories as a reminder to be more careful in future.
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on 11 April 2010
I've had this player now for a few weeks and am delighted with it. I was looking for a decent quality audio player and reckon I found a bargain here. It plays everything I throw at it (mp3, wma, ogg, flac) the quality being very good with the supplied earbuds. In fact, there is probably no immediate need to upgrade these. I do not regularly play video on this unit but can say that the quality of playback is extremely good - not sure I'd want to view this size screen for longer than a few minutes though!

I cannot comment on the quality of the supplied software as I use Ubuntu and drag-and-drop media files to the player. It is still possible to upgrade the firmware (one of the first things I did) as all that is needed is to copy the new file over and restart the player.
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on 2 March 2010
At first glance this looked to be the perfect player. Great sound quality, lovely touchscreen, plays most audio formats but there are big problems.

The bundled software (Emodio) is awful and repeatedly crashed on me. It also cannot find the latest firmware for the player.

There are also outstanding firmware bugs:
Ogg and flac files won't list the artist and album titles correctly after transfer even though the PC software lists them. It will also progressively lose some of the tags it does have after a synch.

The following is the real killer bug. After synching, the player can hang whilst updating the players media database - this requires a hard restart. Sometimes the player restarts but eventually (this happened to the 2 players I had) the YP-R1 goes into "recovering firmware" mode and hangs at the boot screen. At this point the player totally dead. This was with latest firmware version (3.03) installed as well.

Neither of the players I had lasted a week before bricking themselves. I now have a Sony X-series walkman instead. A bit more expensive (even though they are heavily discounted now) but it is a finished product that works brilliantly.
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on 28 March 2011
Long time buyer, first time reviewer.

After my zen x-fi2 bricked itself I was in desperate need of a new mp3 player with a flight to the USA looming in a weeks time, a browse of Amazon and various other review sites brought me to a choice between the Samsung R1 and the Sony NWZA845B A series. After reading reviews about the A series EU regulated sound levels i decided to go for the Samsung as i have a phone and a monitor by them and have been impressed with their design and ease of use.

Let me state that i, until this player, have always bought creative players for the superior audio quality and my distaste for ipods.

Firstly, this player is tiny, the specs list it as such but until you have it in your hand it dosent really hit home, that dosent stop it being easy to use or its menus easy to navigate. Its use of space is almost perfect, 2 dedicated volume buttons are brilliant (creative take note) and the on/off/lock switch is easy to access. The only annoyance is that the usb lead has two release clips and the inside one is obstructed by the headphones when they are plugged into the jack, nothing massive but it does mean you may have to disconnect headphones to disconnect the usb cable. One other slight design niggle is the lack of a micro sd card expansion function so you are stuck with the 16 gb advertised, again nothing that breaks the deal or reduces function.

Product user guide is not supplied with the packaging outside a quick start guide but is available as a pdf on the Samsung website and i believe it is on the player itself, seems to be common practice theses days and dosent bother me as 90% of the functions are easy to use/figure out without needing a manual.

The touch screen is responsive (although not quite as much as an ipod touch but a massive improvement on the zen x fi 2) and is easy to use with a screen display that is nicely lit and has vibrant colours. Biggest shock was a video play back quality which was fantastic, i dont usually buy into such additions as i like my mp3 player to play music, not video, but the image quality is superb. I dont have any problems with accessing the icons or such but my brother with his fat fingers complained when he had a go, although he does this with every touch screen device so perhaps something to bear in mind.

The on screen icons and widgets on the home page can be repositioned and removed/added as you wish allowing for a custom layout that has been a feature of Samsung products for a while now, which is good as so many of them are redundant and just clutter the screen (a gingerbread man that crumbles as you tap it? Really?)

Syncing is a painless affair, i use media monkey as my player of choice and have no problems with it at all (really, who use the propriety software these days?). Only downside is that Samsung have gone the route of apple and have issued their own propriety usb cable instead of using a mini usb clip, nothing awful but it means that a replacement is harder (and that usually means more expensive) to come by.

Battery life isn't really up to the listed web site numbers but when are they ever? With the dnse (Samsung equivalent to an equalizer and music enhancer it would seem) on i got around 15-18 ours (maybe a little more as i left the player on over night) hours play back with a middle level of volume which is fine for me. Some reviews have said that the battery continues to drain quickly if the player is in sleep/turned off but i haven't noticed this (NOTE: i immediately updated my firmware to the latest version, as i almost always do when applicable, and other reviews seem to indicate that this either reduces or fixes the problem). I will update after a full days proper use. (after and hour and a half im down to around 80% battery, which seems a bit quick on the drain but it is running at high volume with the dnse functions maxed out, should be able to comment more accurately after work.) Some users have reported firmware crashes on a regular basis but i havent encountered any yet, again updating to the latest firmware (or perhaps the product being out so long that such problems have been fixed) seems to have saved me.

Now the most important part, audio quality.
To be honest i am stunned by it, its near enough to my zen x-fi2 that i can barley notice the difference, paired with a surprisingly good set of in ear headphoness supplied with the player (although the design looks a little strange). Bass is perhaps missing just a bit of punch but its not much and dosent detract to much for me.

Overall i would love to rate it 5 stars (and so far it is for me personally) but the slight niggles are making me drop a star for other users as the lack of SD card expansion and the propriety cable will be considerable turn off's for some as will the perhaps slightly short battery life. To be honest if Samsung removed most of the rather redundant widgets and just added slight additional functions to the hardware it would be perfect, as it is i have no problem recommending this player.
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on 8 February 2010
Nice little player - good features and good looking. I sometimes fat-finger the touch-screen but I don't think it's the fault of the screen.

Whilst overall good, there are still some issues that people should be aware of. Vorbis support is incomplete - if you use MTP mode (e.g. transfer songs with Windows Media Player) then they won't have album or artist information, and if you use MSC mode (and drag and drop the files) they have to have upper-case tags or they won't be recognised. Even then, there is no support for track numbers or album art with Vorbis.
If you're using MP3s only, though, this shouldn't affect you. The worst problem (and apparently Samsung engineers are working on the issue for the next firmware release) is power consumption while on standby - if you leave the player off overnight you can expect it to lose 5-10% charge. While somewhat annoying, this is pretty easy to work around for me, and hopefully it'll be fixed in the next firmware update.

Finally, like another reviewer said, I bought this from hughes direct, who have it at a significantly lower price than I could find elsewhere. I was a little apprehensive about such a good deal, but there were no problems with the order - it arrived promptly, in good condition, and as described.
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