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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 September 2012
Live from The Royal Albert Hall is probably the best DVD
that I have seen and heard from The Killers. No doubt
being a first live album makes all the difference.

This pack contains two discs, the DVD of course and a CD
offering 17 tracks recorded live, with over 78 minutes
on the CD alone. All of the old favourites are here.

Human, Mr Brightside, This is Your Life, When You
Were Young, Jenny Was A Friend of Mine, Somebody Told Me and
lots of incredible others.

I was doubtful about buying a live album, many of those that
I have bought in the past from all pop genres have had too
much crowd noise which can drown out the artistes. Not so
on this recording. yes, there is audience participation but
it is not intrusive, and is only apparent between tracks and
when Brandon calls out for it and eggs them on.

There are a few bonus festival performances included on the
DVD. Oxegen Festival, Hyde Park and the V Festival giving
tracks from each. Some backstage material is included too.

Brandon the quiet unassuming Mormon from Las Vegas becomes
something raw and alive on stage and along with his Killer
buddies backing him, the whole thing is very special and
recreates that concert atmosphere. The Killers at their

The whole DVD/CD experience is of 2 hours 40 minutes.
Well worth buying.
Well enjoyed by this 66 year old fart!
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on 11 December 2009
I was there at the Royal Albert Hall on the second night The Killers recorded their first live DVD. I went to this concert for two reason; the first was the beautiful iconic venue that the Albert Hall is; & the second was the fact that the concert was recorded, I`ve never been on an "official DVD" before, & I adore The Killers, so I thought it would be so special to be a part of this. And it was. And when I received my copy over the post, after waiting for a few months for it to be release, I watched it with some friends that same nite. For us, the ones that were at the Albert Hall that day, this DVD was a trip down memory lane...I felt so emotional when I heard the opening chords to "Human"! It transported me right back to the 6th of July; & the same applied for everyone else. The ones that weren`t there with me on that day, the Dvd was a great opportunity to get to know the band live, not through some bad youtube copy where the sound is awful & the image is not much better. This is the real thing, & the most accurate portrayal of what the real experience of a Killers performance feels like. All the favourite hits are there for everyone, & some b-sides & less known tracks for the hardcore fans; "Sweet talk" & "This river is wild" were a more than pleasant surprise for the ones like me that love those tracks, but never heard them live before.
Of course, The Killers trademark anthem: "I got sould but I`m not a soldier" was chanted with almost religious fervour. "Spaceman" had so much energy that the front man: Brandon Flowers, had to ask for a minute to catch his breath! Mark Stoermer`s opening bass guitar at the start of "Jenny was a friend of mine" is pure virtuosity, it`s so powerful that just hits you like a thunder, & that`s so rare of bass players these days. Now, mine & my friends personal favourite moment has to be their Extended performance of "Bling (confessions of a king)"...I mean, this track is so huge when is played live, & The Killers just built it up, & it gets bigger & bigger & bigger, until there`s this explosion & we finally are allowed to sing the lyrics we`ve been dying to sing aloud: "Higher & higher we`re gonna take it, down to the wire we`re gonna make it, out of the fire, higher & higher"
I mean, it doesn`t get better than that. If you`re a big Killers fan, this Dvd is just an indispensable addition to your collection as it captures the feel of their live performance, perfectly. If you are just a fan of their hits, or you`re only now getting to know their music, its a perfect way of getting started, as their live performance has got better than ever, & all their big hits are there, including: "Mr Brightside", "All these things I`ve done", "somebody told me", "when you were young"...special features include some more performances from this year`s summer festivals, & a documentary about the crew & the fans. Well worth your money!!
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on 28 February 2013
If you own 1) A blu ray player, 2) Surround Sound and 3) you are a killers fan, then this is an absolute must have. This is the first concert I have purchased on Blu Ray and the picture and sound are absolutely stunning. Not only that, this concert is loaded with songs and the Killers Performance is Electric. I had almost forgotten how good the song Bling was and their performance of this is possibly one of the best things I have ever seen live. I can't recommend this enough.
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on 2 February 2011
This just happens to be one of the best Blu-ray I have seen up to date , it makes for compulsive viewing , it is just so good , if like me you are a fan of the Killers you will be blown away , and think that you are at the concert , with a external sound system on your TV WoW... but with a good pair of headphones .... just a magic experience .
Well worth getting even if you do not know who the killers are , just to experience a concert .
Highly recommended +++++The Killers - Live From The Royal Albert Hall [Blu-ray] [2008]
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on 2 October 2012
If you are a Killers fan then even if you have their albums this is an excellent purchase. The CD gets played all the time on my MP3 player and the DVD shows what fantastic live performances they gave at the R.A.H. It's just a shame that my concert "attendance" days are a thing of the past. Still watching the DVD has sorely tempted me to try to forget my advanced years as a child of the Rolling Stones years and sneak into an upcoming live performance.

If you aren't a fan yet this serves as a superb "greatest hits" collection which is an absolute steal at the current price from Amazon. Personally I feel that it would still be excellent value at twice the price.

Enjoy !
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on 22 July 2011
Only knowing a couple of The Killers songs I took the plunge and bought this disc. I'm soooooooo glad I did!
The concert is amazing! They are all such great performers and love making good music.
During the song Spaceman, the drummer breaks one of his sticks, replaces it and still keeps the beat going all within 1 second! That's how professional these guys are! The picture and sound quality are top notch and the behind the scenes documentary is worth a watch. This disc also contains some bonus performances from festivals.
So now it's time to feel Human, turn the music up and Smile like you mean it and remember that Somebody told you to buy this blu-ray so you could look on the Brightside, reminiscing on When you were young, living in Sam's Town dreaming about A Dustland Fairytale!
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on 25 December 2009
This concert film is absolutely amazing. Although I wasn't there, watching it makes me feel I'm part of the whole thing. Great performance by the guys, and great camera work. Both the picture and sound quality is stunning. I've liked The Killers for a few months, I have their albums and I listen to them regularly, but I think it is this package that actually made me a fan. I had no idea they are so great live!

The live CD is fine, however, the package would be perfect without it as well.

A final note for those who want to buy this CD-sized edition: it's a digipak and contains no booklet. I've heard that the DVD-sized one has a booklet, well, this one doesn't.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on 16 December 2016
Great show, great perfomancers, greatest songs, greatest sound!! Complete DVD content show 2 hours and bonus perfomances some hits into a couple european music festivals
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on 12 November 2015
The kids bought me this for a 'landmark birthday' as they knew I liked the'Sam's Town' album. Very very good concert. Good choice of venue for this as RAH acoustics better than the more usual festival/stadium venues of the Killers where BF sometimes seems to be straining to sing right to the back of the park. The volume mix could be better when the audience sings the odd line. Really liked the acoustic version of Sam's Town. The only real negative - Shame that 'Bones' & 'Reasons Unknown' were not on the CD
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on 22 February 2013
I saw the Killers live on this tour and this disc is a superb reflection of those concerts. Filmed at a range of venues as well as the Albert Hall, this is the best film I can think of to indicate what it's like to see this band live. All the great songs are featured, and the package is a real bargain at the price. Superb.
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