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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 3 January 2011
I originally downloaded this book in early December, but haven't had the chance to review it yet.

J. R. Rain takes the female vampire character and gives it an almighty and sympathetic twist; for all her strength and advantages, this is not a condition I'd like to have. The delicate and heartbreaking exploration of a marriage collapsing - and a formally supportive partner turning into a manipulative sadist - was one of the strongest elements of the book; it turned Samantha Moon into one of the most likeable characters I've ever come across.

Combine this with Samantha working as a private detective, throw in a loveable though suspicious cop, and spice with a werewolf. Gotta love it!

This is one of the strongest and most original voices I've read in years.
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on 16 March 2012
I'm not usually a big fan of the vampire/fantasy genre, much preferring detective fiction/thrillers. However, after reading the reviews for Moon Dance, I thought I'd give it a go (OK, so the fact it was also free was also an incentive!). I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised. Although somewhat brief (it's longer than a novella, but not quite as long as a regular book), this novel is a great read! It's not highbrow literature, rather a fun, easygoing read that doesn't pretend to be anything it's not. If you're looking for "serious" vampire novels like Ann Rice, then you'll probably hate J.R. Rain's Samantha Moon series, but if you enjoy Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels, then this will probably be right up your street. Rain's Samantha Moon is not quite as sassy as Ms Plum, but I guess you don't need sassy when you're a vampire, and with this first book in the series, we are just being introduced to the new characters, who continue to develop as the series progresses.

Rain's characters are nicely created, in such a way that you are able to actually feel something for them - fascination and sympathy for Samantha, who has had vampirism forced upon her and is trying to find a way of combining being undead with being a mom; loathing for Danny, her snake of a husband (OK, so maybe I'd have some trouble coming to terms that my partner was now undead, but hey, if you love someone, you work it out, right?!) and curiosity about Kingsley the werewolf lawyer (interesting combination - i think Mr Rain may have met some of my former bosses!!).

Moon Dance, the first in the series, left me wanting to read more, so I've invested in all of the Samantha Moon series to date, including the latest, Vampire Dawn, and have downloaded and am waiting to read some of J.R. Rain's other novels (Jim Knighthorse, Elvis etc).

Some reviewers have criticised the author's use of cliff-hangers to get people to buy more books, but to me that's not a problem - I like the books, so I'll keep buying and reading until I don't like them any more, or Mr Rain stops writing, whichever comes sooner! These books are not expensive, and in my opinion, I'm getting excellent value for money!! I've paid far more for other books that I've enjoyed much less. My view is, try the first book for free. If you like it, buy the others, if you don't, then don't buy them - it won't have cost you anything, so what do you have to lose except maybe a couple of hours of your time!

Personally, I don't begrudge a penny that I've spend on the 4 subsequent Moon volumes! Mr Rain's books are some much needed simple light relief in complicated and sometimes trying times!
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on 18 June 2011
Like the idea and the characters and it is an amusing and engaging story but...

Be aware that if you get into this series then the books get shorter and the author gets into the habit of using cliff hangers to get the reader to buy again - sneaky and a bit underhand really..... so, I'm out.
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on 11 March 2011
Moon Dance (Vampire for Hire #1)

I initially downloaded this book because it was cheap and a vampire book. I didn't read it straight away because I wasn't sure about it. Well, I'm glad to say I was foolish to wait! This book was brilliant! Samantha Moon is a not just a vampire. She's a mum. A great mum. This book is the story of how she has had to come to terms with her condition whilst still being there for her kids. When her husband turns against her and becomes an unfaithful s.o.b she still has the humility to empathize with him whilst the reader wants to rip his guts out!

Not only is this book about Sam's personal life, it's also a detective story as Sam is a P.I. An interesting plot and believable characters makes this book a must read.

This book brings a new dimention to the vampire genre with the added bonus of a werewolf too! I was surprised to find out J R Rain is a man because he had great insight to how a woman feels. I highly recommend this book and the following book in the series: Vampire Moon.
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on 12 March 2012
I downloaded this only because it was free, having never heard of this author before. I was very pleasantly surprised at how much i enjoyed this book and quickly downloaded the others in the series. They are not overly long books - having read this one in a day! However they have plenty going on to keep you going. If you have never read any of Mr Rain's books i would recommend starting here
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on 29 July 2016
I’ve been reading quite a few crime novels recently and seem to have developed a taste for who-dunnits. When I read the blurb and spotted the strap line for Moon Dance – A Vampire for Hire Novel – I was instantly intrigued.

Moon Dance is an easy read, full of poignant mummy moments that tug on the heart strings. Samantha Moon is not your normal vampire but she has a methodical way of dealing with her unique ‘disease’. She is also a Private Detective, conveniently able to work the night shift! She is a devoted mother and sister. There is also a well-developed relationship between her and the detective running the case. She never admits what she is to anyone, although they have their suspicions, and it makes for a fun tale at times.

There is more to this book than fangs. It’s got a decent story line where Sam needs to find a potential killer and ends up discovering more about her client than she expected. There is romance and intrigue. I found it highly entertaining.

If you’re a Vampire Diaries fan then this would appeal to you. Fortunately, there are twelve books in the series so I’m all set for a reading marathon over the next few months.
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on 21 January 2016
A relatively light-weight story as far as vampires are concerned, and the detective part seems rather rushed at the end. It does seem strange, as admittedly another reviewer has said, that Sam should reveal so much about her activities to someone she has only met on the internet. It is what you might expect a young teenager to do, not a mother of two children.

I was quite enjoying the story which ended with only 87% of the download read. The story had come to a natural end, so I was wondering what the remaining 13% would reveal - of course it was a sample of another book by the author.
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on 18 February 2012
I originally downloaded this in the off chance it would be a good read, and I wasn't disappointed. From the beginning the book drags you into the story and is full of emotion, excitement, happiness and wonder. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to read the next, I have just downloaded the whole series, can't wait to start reading!
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on 18 June 2013
Moon Dance is about a private investigator who happens to be a vampire. Samantha Moon is a wife and mother and FBI agent, who became a vampire after a brutal attack 6 years ago.

I do have a bit of a problem in those 6 years. Things happen in this book that I'm sure should have happened years previously. The story doesn't go into any of her past, just the present.

This is quite a light read. It doesn't seem to take itself too seriously, although it's not played for laughs.

I wasn't sure how "vampiry" or "other-worldy" this would be but in the main, it's a straight detective story, just with a side of the paranormal.

I did quite enjoy it and would certainly try a bit more.
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on 23 August 2012
I got in to this series by accident and am really pleased I did. The premise is just brilliant, a federal agent and married mother of two, turned who has to do all the mommy things expected, collecting from school etc, while having all the vampire problems of being affected by sunlight, needing to sleep during the day and the need to drink blood. Just one word of warning, as already commented on in an earlier review, if you get into the series as the books go on, they become both more expensive and shorter. I have no problem with paying more, but paying more and getting less is a problem for me. I still buy because the characters are so good and I want to know what happens next, something the author counts on. Had I known this before, I might have thought twice before starting the series, but now that I have, I am hooked.
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