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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 9 September 2014
I'm becoming quite a fan of Julia London, everything of hers I've read so far has been wonderfully well written and she creates some very likeable and realistic characters. I would say that you need to stick with it through the first chapter set in Bavaria, for some reason it didn't jive for me but it very rapidly warmed up into a story I couldn't put down. I'm thankful that I still have more of London's work left to read. I hope she types uncommonly fast.
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on 6 August 2008
I enjoy Julia London's style of writing and I quite like the characters she creates. In Wicked Angel, the lead character Lauren Hill is poor, but quite beautiful and her uncle keeps trying to engineer a financially advantageous alliance, which he succeeds in doing by marrying her off to a very old man who is a Bavarian count, who dies a short time later, leaving his estate to Lauren. However, Lauren doesn't feel right about taking the property from Magnus, the counts nephew who should have inherited. The beginning of the book sees her being escorted back (again penniless) to Britain by her brother after the count dies and she resumes her life at Rosewood. Rosewood is falling apart and Lauren's uncle starts to engineer other potential alliances for Lauren that will help pay for Rosewood. Then there's Alex Christian, the Duke of Sutherland no less, who is weighed down under the pressure of his position and responsibilities and is engaged to a woman who he does not love and seems to be resigned to second best. He decides to escape to the country to find some peace and then chances to meet Lauren. Their meeting is written with humour and they fall for each other beautifully. Reality calls and Alex has to go back to London. They meet up again several months later and it is quite entertaining to see how Lauren reacts to Alex when she realises that he's a Duke...etc...etc., as of course, Alex never revealed who he really was. Some parts were funny and made you wince especially when she finds out who alex really is. I enjoyed the book, however in the end it dragged on a bit and wasn't as interesting as the first 3 quarters of the book. Still, it was a good read.
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on 4 November 2001
This is the second Julia London book I've read, and angst is definitely her forte. The characters' every emotional agony is clear; fortunately so are their joys - otherwise things would be very gloomy!
I have to say that Ms London writes character-based books, so if you like an action-packed plot, her work probably isn't for you. Even for me the character-driven story is a bit much at times, especially towards the end when I just want the characters to get together. How many misunderstandings can there be between two people?! But then that's love, I guess.
There is a nice dash of originality in the plot, in the form of politics. It's nice to read an author who does more research than looking at 'The Illustrated History of Costume'.
One gripe: the title is a blatantly mismatch for the plot inside. Otherwise, 'Wicked Angel' is a rollercoaster of emotional turbulence, with all the graphic detail a romance junkie could want.
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on 17 July 1999
I wasn't sure Julia London could top The Devil's Love--boy was I wrong! The love story between Alex and Lauren unfolds with riveting emotional intensity. You feel every bit of what the hero and heroine feel, and when they find their happy ending you want to stand up and cheer! The secondary characters are complex as well, no simple villains here. Ms. London creates believable, empathetic people in a fashion that shows she has a keen understanding of human nature. Now where is Magnus' story???? You can't keep me hanging! Fantastic job Julia! Now you just need to write faster...
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on 10 June 1999
Julia London delivers another winning story in Wicked Angel. This page turner will leave you breathless from all the action. You'll feel as though you've struggled side by side with these well defined and wonderfully written characters. The writing is so fresh and original, it's sheer pleasure from cover to cover. Splashed with humor, lively dialogue and vivid scenery, the reader is drawn into the world of Alex and Lauren with such ease. Julia London has mastered her craft with a distinct voice and will rise quickly into the upper echelon of her genre. No doubt, the battle cry of her loyal readers will be "keep 'em coming!"
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on 6 June 1999
I loved this book! First, Ms. London's writing style is head and shoulders above anyone I've read in the last couple of years. Her characters are so real they practically leap off the page and her humor is so smooth and subtle. But best of all, this story was truly original! Finally, someone with a fresh idea! I hope she is writing fast, because I can't wait for her next one. In the meantime, I can't wait to read Devil's Love.
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on 14 June 1999
Julia London has done it again. She has made the characters of Alex and Lauren come alive. I laughed at Alex so many times - London has captured that uniquely male perspective on females head-on! Lauren is charming, witty, a bit bumbling at times, but always wants what's best for those she loves. It is refreshing to see real characters who grow and develop as you turn the pages. Eagerly awaiting the next release!
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on 4 May 1999
A friend told me about Julia London, and I am now a huge fan! This is the best book I've read in ages...she has wonderful characters and a story that hasn't been done before, which is really refreshing. I adored Alex. He's the kind of guy you dream about. I think London is going to be a really big name! I HIGHLY recommend this book!
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on 24 May 1999
The characters in "Wicked Angel" are so well drawn and the plot is so constructed that this story is very exciting. Miss London has presented Lauren and Alex, the main characters, as real people with feelings and emotions. I could not put down the book until I had finished it, and I wanted more,more.
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on 23 May 1999
You MUST read this one!! Julia London's writing is wonderful and her characters are so real! I could not put this book down. I was so drawn into Alex's dilemma, and I wanted him to win, but I loved Madgoose! All I can say is that this is a fantastic book from a fantastic author!
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