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on 1 September 2010
I'm off to Africa soon and I wanted a secondary backup device. I already own a Hyperdrive Colorspace UDMA which is very, very fast. When I heard about the ND2700 and its claim to be "World (sic) Fastest Backup Speed" I thought it was worth checking out. I transferred 960MB of images from a Sandisk 60 MB/s card and it took 41 seconds. The same files on the Hyperdrive took 31 seconds. So the Nexto fails in its claim.

Of course, what they're really referring to, and the main reason I bought the device, is the fact that it's got eSATA. So, while it may not be super-fast at doing backups, it really is very speedy at transferring those backups onto your hard drive when you get home. Then again, I normally set everything transferring then go away to make a cup of tea, so it's not really that vital.

Where this drive really wins is the price. For a 500GB Photo Storage Device that, while not the World Fastest, is pretty nippy, seems to have a good battery life (not really tested it yet) and has USB On-The-Go, £180 is a very nice price indeed - about the same as 4 16GB memory cards.

If you're going away on holiday and think you (and the rest of your family) may shoot more than 64 GB of pictures (which isn't hard to do with today's multi-million pixel cameras) then this would be a good option. It doesn't display the images, it doesn't play videos or MP3s, it doesn't make the tea. It does backup photos at a good speed and a decent price.


Just noticed that they've tagged my review onto a new product. The ND2730 claims to transfer images from card-drive faster than the ND2700. But it's lost the eSATA interface (swapped for FW800), it's got a colour screen (which is too small to be useful) and it's price has risen by over £100.

I'd really recommend the Hyperdrive Colorspace UDMA, or the Colorspace iPad over the ND2730.
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on 11 September 2012
I have been looking for a device to down load my pictures to while on the move. I already have a Vosonic VP5700. This has done sterling service and has never let me down. However Vosonic seem to have stopped producing storage devices despite having a good reputation. So the hunt was on for another device as I get paranoid if I have not backed up my pictures at least on two devices while on the road. My iPad used to be my second storage device but since file sizes have increased a 32gig iPad does not cut it anymore plus if you have ever tried to import lots of pics to an iPad well lets say it's not the fastest process in the word. So I googled "photo storage devices" and a few popped up but there seemed to be two extremes really expensive devices and cheap and unreliable ones. But then I found the Nexto Extreme which had good reviews a selection of storage sizes and best of all reasonably priced.
I choose the 160gig version and so far the device has performed very well with no problems. The only down side is the tiny screen. Yes, you can check that your pics have loaded but as for checking quality for get it. But hey, as long as they are backed up thats fine by me. Battery life can be an issue but no more than any other device of this sort. Speed of importing large files RAW is impressive and very welcome. The device is reassuringly well built and comes with a good leather effect cover. It connects to my Mac with no problems and behaves like any external hard drive. Overall the device is very simple, easy to use and reliable.
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on 18 February 2010
It is amazing what does modern technologies can do! My purpose was to have a compact photo file storage devise when on the trip. And it served me perfectly! Simple in use when files are stored from memory card and from devise into computer. The only failure could be too small screen on it - one need a magic glass for reading what is written on it... Otherwise there are no complaints - fast and reliable!
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on 6 May 2011
I am going abroad and did not want to take my laptop but wanted an easy way to back up my CF cards, this product appeared ideal for that requirement.

The product is well made and does all it says when backing up and is fast. The viewing screen is tiny so upgrade your specs! System is quite user friendly.

One warning if you are using a MAC. I have had problems seeing the hard disk on my MacBook.
Sometimes it comes up and sometimes not. I looked at tech support and many MAC users have similar problems. There seems to be no issue with windows.

There are suggested fixes but Nexto need to address the problem as many pro photographers who would find this product ideal will be put off with the MAC situation.

On reflection I would not have bought this product if I knew of the MAC issue. It did say it was MAC compatible on the spec so I feel very disappointed. I just want to plug in and go not fiddle about with power cables etc (one suggested fix).
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on 25 May 2010
This product delivers exactly what you expect, simplicity of genius, just plug the data card into it and it automatically either copies or moves (depending how you set it up, copies by default) the contents of the card to the internal hard drive in record time. You can then take a USB lead and plug it into the computer where it just shows up as a normal hard drive.

Despite the fact it only has a single button to control all the settings and functions of the device the design means that you only need a single button.

If you regularly run out of space on your data card when shooting pictures (especially if your shooting in RAW) then buy this, a couple of hundred pictures takes about 4 mins to transfer from the card to the hard drive, thats about 4Gb of data for me, then you can carry on taking photos.

If your worried about filling the 500Gb up you can always replace the internal hard drive, in fact they even give you the right sized screwdriver to open the case and do just that.

The little gold box does only one thing, manage files, but it is very good at that one thing and a very sensible alternative to carrying a laptop or a number very expensive high capacity storage cards, it would be invaluable on holiday or just to create a backup of the data on your cards.
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on 2 March 2011
I have two of these portable hard drives which I use to download my images on holiday. It is quick, easy to use, small and lightweight.
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