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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Price:£21.62+ £1.26 shipping

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on 1 January 2010
I got this game from my partner, because I wouldn't shut up about it for weeks before it came out, and I am a HUGE fan of Harvest moon!

If you liked the game cube version as I did, this is a little bit of a change bt I thought for the better! I was on it every day for about 3 weeks, for a good 4-6 hours at a time! I was so into it.

I liked the coice! You can be a girl or a boy, you can choose from 3 different farms, and choose from about 4-5 different boys to marry. :) I married the doctor Jin, I thought he was rather cute when he was falling in love and couldn't resist hehe.

I also has a baby, you can choose what gender too! I wanted to be a boy for my next game (You carry on as your child eventually but I never get that far.) so I chose a boy.

You do, however, have an amazing story line to it. You have to get the sprites back to the island by making the rainbows. :) I've got 3 out of 6 so far and am enjoying it. The more rainbopws you make the more people start coming to the island and the more shops and lovers can come along.

Over all, I strongly recomend this game! It's cute and fun. Growing crops can be so magical hehe.

I hope this was helpful.

Have a lovely day from yours truly. x
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on 20 June 2010
I was quite disappointed with this game, even though I am a big fan of harvest moon. Although there are many of the elements that make the games so addictive in Tree of Tranquility, for me it is far less playable than others.

It is far less charming overall than just about any other harvest moon game. I found the art style and especially the character design a bit soulless and odd, and the graphics just aren't very good.

Even where the landscape is attractive, lots of it can't be seen because of the static camera. This also makes it quite hard to play at first, as if you run down the screen you just can't see where you're going. Finding your way around is quite problematic for the first few hours; the area is huge and this combined with the map being near useless (it basically only shows which areas are next to each other) makes even simple things like finding your way back to your house at night become difficult.

If you push past this, however, there is a lot to do in ToT. The activities present in most harvest moons-- mining, cooking, fishing, finding a spouse and, of course, growing crops and rearing animals are all present, and most are bigger and have more features than ever before. There are new activities as well, such as growing flowers and having a part time job, but many of these are pretty pointless. There is definitely loads to do, though, and as each activity is well-developed there is lots to absorb you if you can really get into it.

But getting into it is the main problem with ToT; although it can be addictive, it is nowhere near as much as other harvest moons are, and it is just far less enjoyable. This is down to gameplay annoyances, such as frequent loading screens-- even if you just wander into an area by accident, which will happen often at first-- and smaller problems, including the dull character design and the script, which is often boring and without the charm and wit that could make you smile when playing other harvest moon games.

I would not recommend this to anyone except for big fans of the series, and then only after they had played the other games. There are many better harvest moons out there and they all take ages to exhaust; although this is your typical one in many ways, it lacks much of the charm that made many people fans of the series.
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on 14 August 2010
This is a great game... I suggest to buy it! I am addicted to playing it (LOL). When I first started playing I wasn't sure about some things... so I looked the internet and found answers.. there is also harvest moon ToT walk through guide, on the internet which was helpful too. As you progress through the game you can buy animals and the seasons change too. there are different crops for every season.
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on 5 January 2011
I still haven't finished playing this game! I thought that it was great that unlike the other Harvest Moon games you can choose your gender. I got this for my birthday two years ago, and it makes a great game to play over time. Rather than starting off with a dog (like all it predecessors), you start off with no animals, no plants, and a bit of land. This makes it hugely challenging, and it also means that you are able to make your farm how you want it.
I was glad to see the backside of the horrible, inhuman cartoon graphics from Harvest Moon: Magical Melody to say hello to more beautiful, but still cartoonish ones. However, most video games don't come along without any flaws. The fishing is a bit dodgy, I got sick of waiting ages to get a bite and most of the time I only got cans anyway... But ignore that tiny little annoyance, this is a great game, and it welcomes newcomers with open arms (as well as Harvest Moon fans).

Overall, if you buy this, you won't fail to enjoy it, and without its few niggles, this would be a five star review.
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on 6 January 2010
We did not have any of the previous harvest moons and I chose this for the family when I was selecting games for this Christmas for the Wii that Santa bought the family last year as it looked really good and entertaining when I read up about it. Since I started this game the kids haven't had a look in lol! me and my partner have been fighting over who is going on it!

As the first reviewer says it is very very addictive and great fun to play you arrive on an island and start your new life and it is all shaped on how you personally play the game the three of us that are currently playing on different saved games are all playing it completely differently which also makes it fun as they find things you haven't and visa versa.

I have just managed to woo the farmers daughter Anissa and we have just married in my second Winter which adds a whole new theme to the game.

Its given me great entertainment whilst we are currently snowed in!

So I would highly recommend it .......if you have the time on your hands to play!
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on 27 December 2009
A brilliant game with dozens more features and challenge that it's predecessors. I would definitely recomment this game. The only drawback is the lengthy wait when you transfer through areas of the game as it loads. Otherwise, very entertaining.
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on 28 December 2016
This was helpful. I sold the game back to a game store and I later regretted it. I'm glad you were selling the game as I was happy with the price and quality. I am not very far in so far but I later hope to get further in to it. I am pleased with everything.
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on 10 January 2014
Granddaughter was very happy with this one of her games on her list. Arrived when stated, but not the 3 -5 days that I had asked for but this was Christmas, so this is probably why. But was packed well and arrived in tact. Would recommend.
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on 30 April 2013
Brilliant game,a lot of fun and keep me entertained for hours.i would recomend it to anyone who has played harvest moon games before.
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on 15 March 2016
Among my old time favourites...I can play any latest game, yet still want to come back to it every now and then...
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