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on 15 September 2014
Recently I purchased four highly rated travel pillows, in the hopes of coming up with a decent travel pillow. For 12-hour long-haul flights in the past, I have relied mainly on rolling up the blankets they give you on airplanes, as this was better than the numerous U-shaped inflatables I had used in the past. And free. However, times have changed and I have noticed numerous new travel pillows in various designs, all promising the ultimate in comfort. I was curious if they worked.

I decided to try these: (1) Travelrest; (2) Cabeau Evolution pillow; (3) J pillow; and (4) the Snugbe Luxury Travel pillow.

Of the four, I would rate Travelrest as the best option to take on a plane, and definitely the one to buy if you want to buy someone a gift and do not know their neck measurements, etc.

I must note that I only tried using the Travelrest by strapping it around ME, and not a seat. This works great, because you can easily change the pillow to sit on either side of you. I had good support for my head regardless of the shape or position of the seat. In fact, I tried it sitting up in bed (with no back support whatsoever) and it enabled me to rest my head comfortably to either side of me.

While the J pillow and the Snugbe are comfortable in certain situations (Snugbe was good for me on the coach, and the J pillow was better on the train, because of the differences in seat height, position, angle), they didn't provide the overall support I wanted and would slip down on occasion. You need the weight of your body on them at all times to keep them up.

The Cabeau Evolution was comfortable for me, but whether or not it is comfortable for you might depend on the length of your neck. I have a very long neck. Also, it would add more weight and bulk to your luggage, unless you are prepared to wear it all the time.

So the winner for me for plane travel is Travelrest because:

*It offers a comfortable place to rest my head regardless of the seat type or seat position
*It works regardless of your head size or neck size
*It stays in place
*It is lightweight
*Inflates quickly
*Deflates quickly
*Rolls up easily, and takes up little space

In short, the Travelrest wins on all counts. This is the one I would buy for family and for gifts.

I noticed there is now also an optional (sold separately) velour cover with memory foam inserts. This may be the next gift to myself!
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on 18 October 2016
So I needed a travel pillow for my imminent trip on several super long hall flights (Nepal, New Zealand, Vietnam). Naturally I went straight to Amazon and the best reviewed items. This travelrest pillow seemed to tick all the boxes - great reviews, clever design, small, and most importantly it was comfortable. Or so I thought. 4 hours into a flight to India I was looking longingly at my girlfriends travel pillow that attached around her neck wishing I had the same, or even wishing I had once of those cheap neck pillows you can pick up from a pound shop!

It's a real shame as the company seems nice and they are clearly proud of their innovative design. However it just doesn't work, for the following key reasons;

1) it offers no neck support (the woman in the advertising picture should have her chin drooping on her chest)
2) you can jam it in place using the string as suggested but it will inevitably come un-jammed as you move trying to get comfortable (even with your arm in place as per the instructions)
3) it's just too bulky when in use and a faff to move between shoulders mid-snooze.

I dearly hope I am missing something and will try it on another flight in a few days. However I've used it on both buses and planes and so far it has been terrible. I have no idea how it justifies its cost (although not that expensive in the grand scheme of things) and how everyone else gets on with it.

My advice would be to think about the most uncomfortable thing about trying to sleep whilst flying. For me this is the inevitable head droop as the neck muscles just want to relax but can't, and the resulting stiff neck and no sleep. Then find a pillow that solves that problem.

I for one will be scouring duty free before my flight to NZ for a pillow that works, no matter the cost.
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on 16 February 2017
After spending so much time researching... and already having tested a different inflatable pillow... I opted to buy this one. YES. Best decision I made.
I looked into all of the popular pillows, such as the J- pillow, memory foam, neck wraps, etc. And decided, as I am a side sleeper, and didn't find my last U-shaped pillow particularly comfy on my 8 long haul flights- and like to be able to deflate it- to go for this! What a great choice.

- it's inflatable so storage is fab, as it's tiny when deflated (what I liked about my previous U shaped inflatable pillow)
- again it's inflatable so can adjust squidgy-ness to each person
- Straps to back of airplane seat so won't loose it during sleep
- Nice box it arrived in

- material is ok, same as other inflatable ones where there is edges to the joins. Got around this by wrapping a blanket over it
- now need to buy the memory foam cover that fits this pillow (could sellers do a discount for buying both together for future customers??)

To summarise, if you tilt your head to the side when sleeping, and want a pillow that you can adjust to your personal preference... GET THIS. You won't be disappointed.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 January 2016
The Travelrest is described as "The Ultimate Travel Pillow" and it probably is. I travel a lot (over 200 flights in 2015). I don't always get to travel in First/Business (unfortunately). When in Economy/Coach I need a travel pillow. BUt most of the donut types just don't work well and push my head forward and leave me feeling sore and sleepless. I have tried every pillow on the market, this year I purchased five different ones!

The Travelrest is a bit weird. But good weird. Unlike conventional pillows, this is a whole new concept. This gives you FULL LATERAL SUPPORT for the upper body making it easier to sleep. It looks strange and you will get looks, but later in the flight it will be looks of envy as you will be snoring away.

It inflates fast and mean fast! It takes me under five seconds to get it fully inflated. It also takes about three seconds to deflate. Check out teh amazing valve below in my pictures. I purchased the optional cover, but I'm not sure if you really need this. Try the pillow without first and if you find it uncomfortable (not sure why you would) then get it. The cover makes it a bit bigger when folded of course.

This works, let me make that clear. I find using the cord over the head of the seat head rest is easy and gives me the best position. But on a flight last week I had a free seat next to me in economy (yea!) and I put the Traverest in the gap between the two seats and slept great. It may take a few goes to work out the best arrangement for you. I tried the over the sholder method described by others butfound that unfomfortable. I personnally like the snuggle up method.

The pillow is very well made and I have used it ten times so far with no issues. The greta thing is it deflates small and doesnt take up room in my on-board case. Im guessing it would also work on a coach or in a car, but haven't tried that.

Overall recommended and worth the rather high cost. For this you get quality and its worth it.

The photos below are the Pillow with the added cover Travelrest Cover - Luxurious Velour with Memory Foam Inserts
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on 22 December 2016
I am not impressed as this has arrived supposedly new and is in a damaged box which has definitely been opened (see pics). It is unfortunately a Christmas present and too late to return now but I'm not impressed that I have to give a present which looks used. I would return it but the person it's for is going away on boxing day so no time.
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on 26 April 2016
Hmm comfortable enough (on flight to India)as you can stick it under your arm and hold on. Good job as toggle snapped off first use 🙁
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on 3 June 2016
Disappointed after the reviews I brought this as a present as it was meant to be the best on the market, however, when giving it a try out my husband found it uncomfortable and awkward to use. It's cumbersome and the pillow doesn't fit across your neck and around the head and I must say I agree with my husband. the pillow for your head is quite shallow so it's is difficult to find a comfortable position to rest your head, you also have to choose which side to want to put it and it has a tendency to slip unless you anchor it. I will be sending this back and will stick with my original pillow which fits around the head and will buy one of these as a replacement for my husband.
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on 6 December 2016
I bought this and found it cumbersome. it needs to be tied in place, certainly the commercial vehicle passenger seat I used it in. However the ties repeated snapped and I had to re tie it several times. Should you wish to change position you need to change everything over and again i use the word cumbersome. I had hoped to keep it inflated but due to size you need to deflate and inflate every time you use it in order to pack and transport. Maybe if you are only using as occasional item it maybe okay. However I was using it as a nightly essential and just did not find it comfortable enough. TOP TIP : do not inflate it all the way up. As it becomes too hard and your face will bounce off it when the vehicle is in transit. So let some air out and let it be slightly squashy or you won'd find it restful due to head bouncing effect. I eventually gave up and brought a pillow, an ordinary bedroom pillow and have been okay since.
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on 28 May 2014
I did like the travel rest pillow it was comfortable and helped me sleep on flights to & from Cuba & to South Africa. But when I tried to use it on an overnight flight to China the internal valve broke off as I was trying to inflate it - rendering the whole thing useless!

I am very disappointed especially as this meant an uncomfortable and virtually sleepless night on a 12 hour flight from Shanghai to London!
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on 23 August 2017
Not very impressed with this product. Easy to inflate but awkward to use. I used it recently on a flight to Canada and it was just big and clumsy to use. The part that goes across your front doesn't really sit well, especially if you're a larger size. I used it to hit my partner over the head when he started snoring! I thought it would be more comfortable than the neck ones but I was wrong. I looked on with envy, while everybody on the plane had the neck collar ones! Would not recommend.
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