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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 6 November 2013
I have four of these units. I purchased them because we have so many power cuts here that the ordinary mechanical timers are often not set to the correct times.
The first one I received did not seem to work at all (the display seemed to be frozen) but apparently you should first press the small reset button (above the week button) if this happens when the unit is first charged up (with a pencil or pen as it is recessed) as the instructions say . After this, all the functions work properly.

Having done this, set the current time and day by pressing the clock button followed by the hours and minutes buttons and set the day of the week by pressing the week button until the correct day is selected.(note you can easily change the settings for GMT or British Summer time ,see instructions).

The unit has ten program settings (i.e. times that you can switch a connected device on and off). It can be set to come on daily, or in groups of days or on a specific day of the week. To setup the program times press the timer button followed by the week button to select the day or days, followed by hours and minute buttons to set the "on" and "off" times . Make sure that when you set the "on" time for a specific day or period, that you set the "off" time for the same day or period. I did not do this the first time I used the timer and as a result the unit did not switch off on the same day. Seems obvious I know, but it is an easy and frustrating mistake to make.

The other thing to note is that there is a random button to make it operate at random times. I did not notice this at first and had accidently pressed it and as a result the units were not turning off when I had planned but much earlier. A small letter R is shown in the display if you press the R button. De-select it if you did not mean to use it.
Make sure you leave it set to auto after you have finished setting up the program times. It can be operated manually as well as by the programs.

The unit will operate modern low energy lights as well as ordinary lights (it has a relay inside which clicks the supply on and off) but it is NOT suitable for high energy loads such as emersion heaters or kettles or washing machines or any device that has a heating element inside it.
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on 15 May 2012
In general this time has been a big improvement to my standard of living. I needed it for my fish tank as I am out a lot so needed to be sure the fish and plants were getting enough/not too much light. The timer was delivered promptly and was fairly easy to set up.

However, I can only give the product 3/5 as it's very unreliable. I find that it works well for about a week and then suffers some sort of error that causes the timer to stop working and the screen to just show a series of random characters. This is easily fixed by using the reset button but this means that a) you have to spot the error has happened and b) as the set up is quite fiddly it's time consuming to have to do it every week or so.
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on 16 May 2012
I have 4 of these and one developed a fault where although it could be programmed it would not switch on or off.

I contacted the supplier .....ebinary LTD...whom agreed to replace or refund it, but insisted I pay return postage.

I pointed out that under the `distance selling` regs the seller was responsible for return postage if the item was faulty and under 6 months old. The seller then suggested that I cross out my address and write return to sender to avoid paying postage costs !!! I emailed back that this was illegal and fraud !!! Again the seller refused to pay return postage.
I contacted AMAZON in the hope they would mediate on my behalf as the seller sells on their website. AMAZON REFUSED to help me.
If a seller contravenes the `distance selling regs, I would have thought they would have breached some term ofr condition to sell on AMAZON.......apparently not.
FINALLY ebinary LTD have refunded the cost of the timer, without returning the faulty one.

Beware, not all third party sellers abide by the distance selling regulations !!!!

I contacted the manufacturer whom said there had been some issues with these timers when switching flourescents, but again couldn`t help me.
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on 6 January 2015
Don't waste your money like I did! Even after reading all the bad reviews, I thought it was worth taking a chance. How wrong I was.
It has to be the most infuriating, unreliable piece of electrical junk ever made. Bought it to turn the outdoor Christmas lights on and off.
You would think that should be a simple task for an electronic timer, but no.
I wanted the lights to come on every day at 4pm and go off at 11pm. Nothing could be simpler. This useless gadget would turn the lights on at the right time but would hardly ever turn them off. On about two occasions and for some unfathomable reason or logic it did actually switch lights off. It wasn't even worth the effort of returning it so it has been binned. Please don't bother with it. You will only give yourself a heap of stress. Don't say you weren't warned! It really merits zero stars.
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on 8 December 2013
Spent quite a while setting up the programmes for this - it's simple but fiddly - but I got there. Plugged in a light to test and waited. Nothing. I decided to try the 'random' feature which is supposed to put lights on at random intervals between 6pm and 6am which would be ideal for my purpose. I waited and the light came on for a few minutes, went off again and then came back on a bit later. I thought it was working until it never went off again. The light was still on (and very hot) at 9am the next morning, 11 hours later. The only way I can have this unit attached to an unlit light is to choose the 'off' programme, otherwise it comes on and stays on permanently as soon as I plug it in and set to either 'random' or 'auto'.

Seller responded quickly offering a replacement (which was then out of stock), an alternative replacement (which got even worse reviews) or a refund which was very quickly processed. They get the 2 stars for the 'service'. The timer gets none.
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on 11 May 2011
This is an excellent item to have around the home. Item arrived with instructions though I found it self-explanatory to setup. This is really a 'set and forget' device in that, once setup, you can forget about it. It will do it's job throughout the year. The backup battery (to memorise your settings) is rechargable off the mains.

I have 6 of these timers around the home doing their job. The only time they need attention around British Summer Time start and end. Even then, there is a combination of 2 buttons to switch to BST mode (+1 hour or normal time) and it will continue running.

Simple to use and reliable.
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on 8 December 2015
I have had a timer very similar to this one for a number of years and it is very good. I even replaced the battery in mine when the original died and the timer is still going strong. This one is very similar and functions in the same manner. Its supplied with instructions which are very easy to follow and must be followed closely if you want the timer to function properly.

Following the initial 14 hour recharge the master clear button needs to be pressed to reset the unit and in some cases make the LCD display function. Don't assume that just because the display is blank, the timer is faulty, a simple reset may well be all that it needs.

Once set I normally set the unit to manual on, then manual off then to Auto. I have found on my previous timer that it wont necessarily switch on reliably if I don't do this so I follow this procedure as a matter of course.

Lastly, it wont necessarily work on an extension lead or with fluorescent lights. When running such lights I generally plug the timer directly into a hard wired socket and try to keep the timer as far away from the light assembly as possible.

When not using the timer for actual timing functions I keep mine plugged in and set to Manual On and use it to power something like a table lamp. This keeps the battery charged up and the timer electronics functional. If you put it in a draw and let the battery go dead flat there is a strong possibility you will kill the device completely. Batteries do not like being left connected and discharged for long periods of time so don't do it if you want to use it again in the future.

The timer is great value for money, very flexible and easy to set. Its a lot better than a mechanical version.
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on 2 November 2016
Use this for turning my heat trays on throughout the night for my Kombucha brewing and sauerkraut as my kitchen is very cold. Set the timer which is very easy, and it works perfectly, used through a extension as well. Also used ti to turn slow cooker on early in morning to make my breaksfast, worked great no problems, breakfast ready when I woke up. I am not sure if the timer settings can be deleted individually once you have used them without having to delete everything using the pencil button and then having to reset clock, but then again I haven't really looked at the instructions fully, if you cannot that is a minor issue if you can then great. It definately works for my needs and I was so happy I brought a second one. Worth every penny imo.
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on 4 May 2012
This is a sub-standard product. Lasted me less than a year before it broke down, and I was using it only to switch something on and off at the same time every day - so not constantly fiddling with it. Set it and leave it - not in my experience. Made in China, with a "EUROSONIC" logo on the back, which just s happens to be identical to the "EUROPASONIC" logo but with two letters removed. So it smacks of cheap piracy - and unfortunately seems to be just that. I have decide to go for the old, trusty Smiths timer instead.
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on 14 November 2016
I don't know why everyone's saying that these plugs are really tricky to programme. If you read the instructions they are simple!

Mine has been working reliably for the last 6 months now, turning my fish tank light on and off twice a day every day.

You can set different on/off times for different days of the week which is handy if you have a different routines (weekends for example).
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