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on 16 March 2017
Having recently bought the entire vinyl back catalogue, this is their best album by a big margin. Man Machine and Computer World coming 2nd and 3rd. Being very musical by Kraftwerk standards, this album is a must for fans of the Electronica genre.
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on 4 July 2017
Its Kraftwerk - of course its awesome! The Vinyl is perfectly made and the sleeve and book are beautiful
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on 9 August 2015
I was 19 when this album came out, and I didn't understand it. I had loved and enjoyed every Kraftwerk release up until this one, and despite really wanting to love it - I couldn't. It was a cold, detached effort, and it felt like the soul - you know - those beautiful melodies that Ralf and Karl were great at writing - weren't there.

But time is a great distancing mechanism. It allows you to lose the context of when the album came out and I now find it one of Kraftwerk's albums I keep going back to. The reason being - it's the most futuristic.

And in what way do you think I find it futuristic? Well, I believe that some things when they appear, the world isn't ready for. I think this album is one of those items. It's clinical. It's cold. It shouts 'framework' and 'minimalism'. There's a lot of construction on display in this album - the title track 'Techno Pop' for instance is all about the construction of sound, and Kraftwerk used this as a way of showing that music is really a collection of frequencies - tempered, with silence between the notes. It's a very intelligent track and one that seems to be more contemporary than any of Kraftkwer's other output. I also find 'Musique Non Stop' very contemporary also.

I think this album inc it's (at the time) dodgy title of 'Electric Cafe', was really talking about dislocation. About a world where the internet exists and people (if they choose), can remain alone. For example, 'Sex Object' is really about a sense of dislocation from a partner, and 'The Telephone Call' is really about being far away from someone, even though you can talk to them right now.

This album has aged well. Almost spookily too well. Perhaps the Krafwerk boys saw the future, and I've been spending the last 30 years catching up :-)
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on 15 April 2015
Superb album! I remember buying this as 'Electric Cafe' on cassette back in around 1984 and constantly playing it in my car- the album name may have changed but the tracks are (thankfully) the same. This brings back so many great 80's memories, I love it. One of my favourite Kraftwerk albums.
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VINE VOICEon 29 January 2016
Writing this in 2016, I'm in a bit of shock. I've started listening to Kraftwerk again after a long time and I'm forcibly reminded just how great they were and how much their music has influenced almost all modern chart music today. This album could have been released yesterday, or last year, or any time really, since 1986 and to me it STILL sounds fresh and new. Unlike a previous reviewer, I don't find this version compressed or hard toned. rather, it's refreshingly challenging to the playback system and it's the recording and mastering quality (both old and new) that actually dates it because it's TOO GOOD! Too much modern chart stuff is disposable dreck, made with the volume too high for instant gratification and then soon forgotten. Even the likes of Adele are badly treated as she always sounds as if she's shouting, even on her quietest songs. This record has light and shade and humour aplenty, yet was crafted with absolute care. Did it really take a few years to record, or were there breaks in between? Not sure we'll ever know, but looking back with hindsight, it was well worth it.

For me, The Man Machine and Computer World are still my favourites, with Trans Europe Express catching up as I was very slow to catch on to this one at the time, but Techno Pop/Electric Café is probably the most influential in the long term, although by this time, there were many other popular 'electro' groups, of which Depeche Mode has a huge place in my heart.
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on 13 October 2009
I have always enjoyed the album 'Electric Cafe' of which this one is to replaced, with its original title re-instated back to Techno Pop. To me the sound is a bit compressed and loud compared to the original Cd, but the strangest thing is this 'so called extra track', at least on the artwork that is what there appears to be, but not really! For some crazy reason Kraftwerk have replaced the original 'The Telephone Call' with I think the A and B side singles: The Telephone Call/Home Phone - 'Home Phone' is just a different remixed version of the second half of 'The Telephone Call' clever marketing maybe, but IMO the original Telephone Call is great the way it is and these single edits should have been saved for a Singles/Greatest Hits/Rarities type compilation, sound issues aside it is still nice to have the single mixes available at the mo on Cd, so if you already have 'Electric Cafe' keep it or seek out a 2nd hand copy if you don't have it, don't buy this to replace the original 'Electric Cafe' Cd/Album because The Telephone Call is nowhere near as good on 'Techno Pop' as the original album version and is totally different IMO.
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on 9 February 2013
once again a five star album musique non stop is timeless and could be released now
but i would say this as i am ahuge fan more long live kling klang
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on 30 July 2010
i remember buying the vinyl in 86.it was slated by the press and fans alike.i thought it was the most impressive thing i had heard.from the opening boing boom tschak,to the brilliant electric cafe it has it all.sound is impressive like all the kraftwerk re-releases,sounds ive never heard from the album or previous cd releases are apparent here.however the change of name and inclusion of a benign track(house phone)are sadly a bit of meglomania on hutters part.well worth buying though.still sounds great in todays music enviroment and will never date,or maybe sex object will,lol.as i couldnt stop laughing how dated it did sound.all in all a great album,short and to the point.long live the robots!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 16 September 2009
A five year absence,and endless permutations of new material result in the over-worked, but supreme "Electric Cafe" - now retitled as "Techno Pop" ; lacking a major concept, it instead took a thematic swipe at a world where the promise of the Man/Machine/ComputerWorld had become true, and where do you go from there? The reality was fast catching up with Kraftwerk's far advanced ideas, and the dilemma was, when you have spend so long being futuristic, what do you do when the future finally catches up with you? Side one, as was, is a fluid, single song that tackles the nature of music, the industrial world, and the soundtrack to life that is machines. Echoing "Trans Europe Express", keyboards replicated the clank of machine parts and showed the sound and msuic of the rhythm of modern life. "Music Non Stop" was the lead single, a slight but intruiging nursery rhyme that has become a staple of Kraftwerk's live set. Given the last minute change of mind, it is also the first song where the video was completed two years before the song was finalised. Side two is less obvious, taking in the only Bartos-sung Kraftwerk number - the sublime, Model-esque "Telephone Call", and then dealing for side two with the relationship man has with his other humans in the machine age. Superb, and no mid-career lag.

This remaster is an elegant step forward in sonic remastering - however the original album recording of "The Telephone Call" is replaced by the rr-recorded and re-mixed single version and it's b-side "House Phone" for no apparent reason.

The phrase 'Techno Beatles' is seriously errant : whereas The Beatles were inventive, wrote songs, and hopped off to communes, Kraftwerk were far more disciplined - they invented not just a genre, that of 'Techno Pop', but also a unique musical language that exists today - where simple was never stupid, where child-like wonder was not childish, where the strength of the work was reflected in a sonic pristine clarity, where melodies were uncomplicated, variant, and reflected the finest traditions of classic music, that is, interconnecting and interweaving themes and motifs, and where the sound itself was created using unique, home made sounds where the band were musical scientists exploring the hypothesis of sound
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on 17 October 2012
To be honest I found a cheap new copy before actually buying this, as I already own one of the earlier CD incarnations, and wasn't happy about the "Telephone Call" being replaced with single A and B sides. However as that made this release materially different I did succumb in the end! The mastering is a bit boomy on some of the drums, but the balance isn't bad, and some nuances on quieter melodic doodlings actually shine through the mix better.

Whilst its nice to hear the 7" remix and B-side "House Phone" on CD they are separated by a 2 second gap which slightly jarred to my ears. I think sequencing these effectively as a continuous track, like the first 3 tracks are, would've worked better. This isn't a classic Kraftwerk album, and adding the 2 single mixes as bonus tracks might've been a preferable, but its worth having both versions due to the actual musical changes selected by Mr Hutter (for whatever reason). Maybe the original master tape of the album version of "Telephone Call" was damaged...we'll probably never know....!
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