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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Size: 30litre|Colour: Brown|Change
Price:£10.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 27 June 2015
We get 2 of these 30lt bags delivered every month via amazon's subscribe and save service and so far it's been excellent - reliable, with courier drivers that don't grumble too much about the weight! Occasionally the bags have turned up on separate days but so far all have arrived safely.

My cats are 95% indoor & made the transition to these wood pellets from a seemingly hit-&-miss dusty sanicat classic without any problems. Their 2 trays are 3/4 deep filled every 5ish days & the fresh installations remind me of my Dad's joinery workshop! once that's dissipated it holds the smell of ammonia really well. It's easy to see when a change is needed as the pellets break down into what looks like areas of mush or 'fluff' and is equally easy to empty so no more plastic tray liners - Yay! The hoover however is far less keen on this compared to the smaller clay pieces, but they don't stray as much & are large enough to pick up by hand. We've not yet experienced any dust with the product which is great as one of our cats is prone to sneezes.

A few pellets do find their way down the loo with poop and if not flushed immediately you can see them swell up quite quickly! If too many went down I'm sure they'd cause a blockage. My cats don't spend a lot of time burying their poop and you can usually tell pretty quick when they've been so a clean up happens almost immediately or first thing in the morning!

I'm not so sure this product would meet the needs of cats who enjoy a real good ol dig. The pellets are chunky - the longest unbroken ones measure roughly 25.5mm x 5mm diameter and aren't easily moved around unlike clay litters. Well worth a a go with though.

Packaging claims include;
no trees were felled to make it
100% timber, natural and safe
highly absorbent

Directions for use include; dispose of in a sealed bag appropriately with household waste, wear gloves if you are pregnant, wash hands thoroughly. Pampuss is biodegradable and can be composted, help cats adjust by sprinkling old style litter atop the new one.
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on 27 April 2016
Forgive me if this is a little long-winded, but when I first bought this type of litter I had only ever used "gritty" litter and I didn't know how to use pellets properly and had to search on the internet! I'm glad I did or I would have been throwing away perfectly good litter! So, this is aimed at helping folk who have never used this kind of litter before or been given any advice on "how to". I find this litter is very long lasting, and a good price. I have one cat and have had this bag for nearly 2 months now, I reckon there is still 1-2 weeks' worth of litter left too. It arrived in a very sturdy, obviously waterproof bag, with an address label on, so no excess packaging. An added bonus for me is no lugging heavy litter home from the supermarket/pet store. Firstly, I scoop as soon as she poops usually, and I just use Tesco nappy sacks, a squirt of dettol air freshener into the bag, tie it and place it in the bin, outdoor or indoor depending on the weather. Provided you have a lidded and bin lined indoor bin, you shouldn't get odour leakage - we don't. Even though we have a hooded litter tray there is no getting away from the fact that whatever type of litter you use, cat poops smell terrible! I don't think there is a solution for that problem, it's just part of being owned by a cat! We have a can of Oust on standby for those moments and throw the patio door open. All that said, a couple of times she has pooped overnight and buried it, and when we entered the room in the morning there was no poop smell in the air or even around the litter tray, just the smell of the wood pellets. So I would guess, if your cat buries her poop and you are out all day, you may find the house will not be smelling when you arrive home. That was our overnight experience anyway.

My cat likes to dig and bury, so I usually put a nice deep lot of litter into the freshly washed and dried tray at the start of the week and then daily separate the usable pellets from the sawdust. I've found, provided I use a good depth of litter at the beginning of the week, I don't need to add litter during the week at all. Additionally, the tray really doesn't need washing unless there's been some kind of accidental poop contact. To separate the litter, I push all the litter to one end of the tray, take it a scoop at a time and sift over the empty end of the tray. I have a sturdy carrier bag (make sure there are none of those little holes in it!) by the side which I empty the pellets into from the scoop as I go. You end up with a tray with sawdust in it, and a carrier bag full of usable litter pellets. The sawdust can then be emptied into the bin, the compost, the garden, as you see fit because obviously it's biodegradable. I agree with the comments where people say, it literally just smells something like a carpenter's workshop, it's that woody smell, you don't smell urine at all. Once the sawdust has been emptied from the tray, I just pour the pellets from the carrier bag back into the tray, level it out with the scoop and it's ready to use again. Nearer the end of the week you will see the litter level has gone down but there is still plenty for purpose. My guide is that I can't see the tray through the litter, if the tray shows through, it needs more litter. I sift the remaining pellets at the end of the week, wash and dry the tray, then I pour the sifted pellets in from the carrier bag, add a good amount of new litter, mix it all together and the cat is perfectly happy with this. I've had no problems with her refusing to use her tray at all. So if you can spare the time, sifting the pellets from the sawdust is definitely the way forward, you can save yourself a lot of money by doing it this way. As I say, this 30 litre bag will end up lasting me just over two months. I don't think I'd ever go back to "gritty litter" again! For info, I've added a picture of the sawdust you are left with after sifting, and a couple of pictures of the pellets which you are left with after sifting. As you can see there is nothing wrong with the pellets, even though the litter tray had been well used for number 1's!
review image review image review image
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on 20 August 2016
I had my reservations about this. Having never owned a cat when I purchased mine I was told by an experienced cat owner that the best cat litter she had ever used was a supermarket own brand clumping litter.......so I bought that. It did a great job but it disturbed me that it said on the packet to avoid contact with skin/wash hands immediately after touching the litter. I have nothing against chemicals being used in the home but I didn't particularly want my kitten using something with this type of warning and I didn't want to be exposed to it either! So I happened to be looking on Amazon and found that Pampuss had great reviews. I read some of the negative ones about smell and the fact that if the cat digs to cover up her mess - mine does - she might not do it with Pampuss because of the pellets. I decided to give it a go anyway because of the fact that it's natural and the woody smell........and I'm glad I did! To be completely honest I did not find any noticeable increase in smell. As long as you remove any mess in a reasonably good time then there should be no problem and most of the smell I got was that nice smell of wood - a bit like being in a timber yard! As far as covering up the mess is concerned I will be honest and say that sometimes she does and occasionally she doesn't but it could be because she is getting used to it. However, I think this is a great product at a great price and I am happy to continue using it.
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on 29 June 2017
I prefer this SO much that I have subscribed it to be sent to me once every month!

I have tried a few cat litters and wasn't happy with any of them as they kept leaving a lot of trails out of the litter box and all over my floor. When I first got this item, I was quite skeptical but I was surprised as barely any fell out of the litter box due to it being pellets.
Even when it has been urinated on or opened bowels by my kitty, she would cover it well and barely any would stick on her paws! I was very happy so I continued to use it. I trialed it a few times: leaving it on longer period, shorter period, less and more and each time, it worked perfectly.
So far, my kitty has managed to bring out only a few pelltes out of the litter box with her so I ened up subscribing to it!

This is very easy to clean as the pellets become dust when it's been urinated on and the pellets form a sturdy barrier on the stool and the smells are literally gone within minutes!

However, due to hygiene, I still recommend cleaning out your cat's litter box completely at least once a week or two.
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on 10 February 2017
It came in a massive box and was too heavy for me to carry even after I'd taken it out of the box. I have 3 cats but only one consistently uses a litter tray. We have a large tray and I filled it to the top....around 4 inches deep. I found the pellets looked wet and crumbly overnight and it wasn't possible to salvage pellets, as suggested by another reviewer, and top the tray up with fresh. They were all wet and dirty looking and I had to completely throw it all away. Each re-fill lasts 2 days. The same as my normal £1.55 for 10kg litter. The only plus is the cat likes it and doesn't make such a mess with it.
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on 10 May 2016
This woodbase litter is ideal as it produces less trace outside the box. I used other types before and found the cat trailed a mess with her paws which this doesn't to the same degree, just a slight trickle which is less annoying. It really cuts down the odour very well which is a bonus if you can't get to it quick enough to clear away. I fill up a small bucket kept in the kitchen with a big plastic ladle for easy cleaning. Very happy with this product as others before me recommended.
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on 28 August 2015
After trying this brand of cat litter, I was so impressed overall, that I decided not only to buy this litter a second time, but also to make it my new permanent cat litter! I would hope that this speaks volumes about this product - this cat litter offers excellent performance for the price paid. Understandably everyone has their own preferred brand of litter, but this one ticks three crucially important boxes - cleanliness, affordability and ease of use overall. There is a pleasant pine smell which masks odours effectively, and provided that the litter tray is cleared out regularly, there really is no problem with odours at all; the litter also covers cat mess extremely well, and would be well suited to cats who enjoy digging in their litter boxes.

The litter breaks down into a substance rather like that of sawdust - it doesn't stick to the bottom of the litter tray, cleans away effortlessly, and best of all, can be disposed of in the lavatory in small quantities! This inexpensive cat litter seems almost too good to be true; it does absolutely everything you'd want it to, and I am amazed that such a large bag is available at such a meagre price - I highly recommend that you try this litter at least once, it is excellent value, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results - you'll see the reason why there is a reason this product has such positive reviews!
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on 23 May 2016
I love this litter. I've been using it since November 2015 so a good amount of experience with it. It absorbs well and has a lovely woody smell. When its get saturated it kind of sinks to the bottom of the tray which is handy. I use a hooded tray and it's not until you get up real close that you can actually smell anything (unless you leave it too long which I try not to do anyway). Cats are fine with it and if a little pellet gets kicked out they enjoy batting it round. Will continue to use this litter until they stop selling or something cheaper and better comes along but I've been looking and haven't found it. I use the subscribe and save option and delivery is prompt and always on time.
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on 27 March 2017
I am a recent convert to wood based cat litters and I think this particular brand is excellent. We ordered our current bag in mid January and still have plenty left now at the end of March. We have two kittens so two litter trays and change the litter every other day. Unlike other types of litter you really don't need very much in the tray as it bulks in size massively once your cats have had a wee in it. The odour control is excellent & the woody smell of the litter itself is quite nice although not overpowering. As it's a 30 litre bag it's quite heavy so to have it delivered to your front door is perfect - and well over 2 months plus litter for 2 cats for £10.99, it's a no-brainer. Very pleased.
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on 20 June 2016
After reading the reviews of this product I was very surprised at the low cost and it appeared excellent value for money (less that half the price of my cat's usual litter (Cats Best). However I soon changed my mind. The look of the litter and initial pine fragrance was quite pleasing and my cat seemed happy enough to use it. However it has proved a bit of a false economy as it needs totally renewing every 1 to 2 days because the very unpleasant smell of cats urine completely overriding the initial pine smell. As only tiny amounts are flushable (so one of the reviews said) the rest of the tray has to be emptied in a carrier bag in the dustbin and the tray washed out. So my advice is if you are happy with your current product but like me are looking to save some money Think Twice if it appear too good to be true - you know the rest.......Needless to say I will be returning to my cat's usual litter when this runs out. A litter that clumps so only a small amount needs flushing and the tray totally cleaned every 6 weeks.!
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