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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 15 February 2010
Although there is nothing remotely original about this slasher. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. In what is mix of Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. A of group sorority sisters play a prank that leads to the accidental death and cover-up of one of the sisters. A year after said prank the girls are stalked by an ominous killer with a modified tyre-iron. Standard teenage stalk and slash rules follow and while the gore is tame, the murder scenes are quite fresh and imaginative. The dialogue is cheesy but the acting is above par for a slasher film. The cast are all sexy, the smoking hot Jamie Chung being the standout. A hilarious cameo from Carrie Fisher and a rocking soundtrack all added to the enjoyment of this film. The only thing I was disappointed with was the obligatory plot twist.
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on 29 September 2009
8 months after the accidental death of their sorority sister, a group of sorority sisters are targeted by a serial killer.

Stewart Hendler's picture is a blend of the hormonal versus the slasher. The sex versus the violence. And whilst recent pictures have blended similar ideologies together (Donkey Punch etc) this is still a highly likable picture.

Beginning with your conventional teenage college party we see the camera flowing around in a big one cut opening sequence (impressive one to) as we see students demolishing their surroundings, couples getting frisky and even the odd brawl breaking out. Like the first series of Skins everything is spicy and elegant with colourful unknown protagonists.

From Bruce Willis' daughter to Step Up 2 star Briana Evigan we see a collection of attractive personalities engage in a sorority gathering and when a sexual prank goes from bad to worse in the middle of nowhere we dive right into gritty drama.

The dialogue in this sequence feels quite ordinary, as if plugged straight from any other horror. From the "What's happened" to "What are we going to do?" everything is samey but thankfully this particular sequence is saved through some wonderfully shot hand held camera motives. Flashes of panicked faces flash by in a whirlwind of emotional drama and incomprehensible circumstance and from there we have our horror.

8 months pass by with no incident and as the biggest party of the year arrives, so does a masked guest who targets the sorority girls. Scream was and perhaps still is the first and best original slasher movie thanks to its creepy flinching motive and dark intertextuality to other horrors. This 2009 picture follows similar traits with its unidentifiable villain and modern comedy style. From Facebook jokes to appearance jibes, this stereotypes itself into the trend of modern cinema. If you're looking for a refreshing bite of horror with raw humour like Scream, look elsewhere.

Not being too big on horror myself I ashamedly admit to flinching a few times but any big horror guru will not be unfazed by its frankly predictable justification of attacks. The humour is not on the scale of Scream or Scary Movie but modern culture gets a slap in the face with this collection of appearance, sex and party flicks.

Acting wise Evigan steps up from her blank portrayal in her last outing and the leader of the girls Leah Pipes is cruel and as suave enough to manage the others, easily generating the most humour. And whilst Rumer Willis cries all the way through and Julian Morris fits the stereotype of aloof boyfriend, they all fit easily to the narrative.

By far the best horror in the world, Sorority rows makes for a fun viewing with modern and current vibes of teenage angst and oppression.

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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 9 January 2016
This 2009 slasher is a reworking/update of the 1982 film, ‘The House on Sorority Row’ in which the sorority sisters pull a prank on an ex boyfriend but it goes badly wrong so they dump Megan's body in a nearby mine shaft. Eight months later and Cassidy has grown apart from the rest of the group as the others put the incident behind them, During their graduation party the girls all receive a photo sent to their mobile phones. But who sent it and as the bodies pile up, who’s doing the killing?
Some of the acting is unconvincing and there is a lack of emotional involvement with the characters meaning we never really sympathise with the girls. The intro is also far too long, taking 30 minutes to get to the main story and its almost halfway through before the first death. It also tries for humour but the funniest moment has to be the queen B on the receiving end of an insult.
The single disc opens to a single preview before going to main menu offering play, scene selections, special features [secrets from the set, killer 101, kill switch, deleted scenes, outtakes] and set up [subtitles on/off].
If you love slasher movies or are a ‘B movie’ fan then this might work for you and although the 15 rating seems appropriate for some brief, novel, gory deaths, it’s never more than a *** shocker, but the hectic last half hour does pull it back to a ****.
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on 3 December 2014
Wildly, outrageously, OTT teen slasher movie remake with attractive cast (hello! Matts Lanter, from 90210, and O'Leary, from that other horror remake, also featuring the lovely Brianna Evigan, Mother's Day and Brit doing a passable US accent, Julian Morris, from Donkey Punch) and some nice gory murders. This reimagining also features Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher and Demi and Bruce's daughter who is a champion screamer. Nothing really original here but the film is so fun it's infectious. And a final girl, or, in this case, final girls that you can genuinely root for. The murders are violent but not torture porn violent. There's some choice dialogue to savour here mostly courtesy of an ultra mean girl bitch. (Who gets her just desserts, quite spectacularly) This film was never gonna win any awards for doing anything first but as horror / slasher remakes go it's actually fairly decent. With some nice acting from a relatively unheard of ensemble and a tense atmosphere throughout it's not all about the gushing of blood. That's not it say that it's bloodless coz there's some fairly brutal kills to enjoy here. I liked this film. I recommend it to any horror fan who enjoys some reasonable nastiness. But if it's guts spilling you NEED to see Mother's Day. It's graphic and gruesomely gory.
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on 28 January 2015
Hilarious movie!!! Gorgeous sexy babes gagging for it hahaha!!! Similar to other slasher movies but more babes! Great acting through out. Was nice to see Carrie Fisher. Hope theres a sequel. Oh yeah!!!! Blu-Ray is brilliant!!!!
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This film hardly classes as a slasher as apart from the accidental killing that sets the story in motion nobody dies for the first thirty five minutes. That said its not bad at all. The story is simple, a killer is stalking the sorority house purportedly in revenge for a prank that went wrong where one of the sisters died. As no one is supposed to know then the killer must be the only non-sister or the dead one, right? The film follows the classic format of inventive killings and stalkings but differs from the norm by having girls with guts and they fight back. It is presented in letterbox format and is a very good print. The audio track is excellent and makes great use of the directional sound field. If something happens off screen you will hear it clearly behind you if you have a decent surround set up. The music doesn't intrude on the dialogue and has a very good tone when it is required. A lightweight way to spend an hour and a half with plenty of eye candy for boys and girls.
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on 23 August 2013
You gotta love a movie that starts out with college girls jumping on a trampoline in pj's having a pillow fight. Clearly the writers know the formula for a successful slasher movie. The sorority girls are intelligent and snarky. Roofies? "A great way to have sex and get a good night's sleep all at the same time."

When one of the boyfriends of one of the girls cheats on him, they opt to play a joke on him. His gf pretends to be knocked out from roofies while he initiates sex. Then she vomits fake blood and pretends to die. In a fake panic the sisters take her and the unsuspecting bf out to a remote area to bury her, although she is not dead. In Hitchcock like fashion the boyfriend, Garrett, throws a wrench into the works...well okay a tire iron, but it had the same effect. Now with a real corpse, they decide to cover the whole episode up.

TV actress Leah Pipes plays Jessica. She is the blond ring leader of the group. Her dad is running for the senate. She is opposed by Cassidy (Briana Evigan of "Burning Bright") who has a raspy Demi Moore voice. Rumer Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis/ Demi Moore)plays Elle. She is the girl who goes along with everything. She wears glasses in this film which makes her look like Emma Stone on a bad hair day. She is the one that doesn't sound like Demi Moore. Jamie Chung, whose career has taken off (no thanks to this film), plays Claire as every movie now needs its token oriental babe, something Jessica makes clear. Margo Harshman plays chugs and rounds out the group of sisters because they needed a fourth to carry the body and dump it down a mine shaft, as Cassidy wouldn't help. Chugs is the drunk and slut in the group. Guess who dies first? In order to ensure her silence the sisters tell Cassidy she was the one that killed Megan (Audrina Patridge) as opposed to Garrett(Matt O'Leary).

Then the killing starts. The movie is about who lives, who dies, and who done it. Caroline D'Amore plays dead Megan's sister Maggie who is going to start college and decides to pledge the same theta pi sorority because we need one more killer suspect to prevent this from becoming a Scooby-doo mystery. Carrie Fisher plays the House Mother. She lets us know how far down she has fallen since being a princess.

Unfortunately this is just a me-too slasher film and doesn't really bring anything new to the table. Now if they had a better sound track that worked with the film and maybe a scene of Carrie Fisher with some Star War memorabilia, we could have bumped this up a notch.

F-bomb, sex, nudity Megan Wolfley (?)- nude butt on trampoline, Deja Kreutzberg (As the World Turns)-plays drop the towel, Nicole Moore (?) shower, Kimberly Jones(?)topless dancer
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on 9 June 2013
I really enjoyed Sorority Row, it was a classic guess the killer film and was really well done. The characters were likeable and some were not so this make the atmosphere of the film even better. I would definitely recommend this movie to people that enjoy horror films and fans of the Scream franchise as I found them to be quite similar.
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on 29 February 2016
'Sorority Row' is a slasher horror film about a group of girls who accidently get their best friend killed during a prank. But many months later they start thinking that someone is after them, and as the body count rises and the girls get killed one by one, will they work out who the killer is? I found this film different to many other slasher films. This is because there are a group of lead actors instead of having just one heroine, but this did not always work as it meant there was less character development and some of the girls did annoy me. The killer also didn't get much screen time than I originally hoped, but the killings he/she committed were cool and very smart. The main downfall is that this whole film lacked tension and excitement. There were far too many scenes set during a party (in the same house) which became very boring and there was no threat of the killer being around so the film did not put me on edge like it should have done. The ending had a good little twist and managed to sustain some tension but it's a shame the rest of the film didn't.
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on 24 April 2012
A prank goes wrong and someone starts murdering sorority babes with one of those multi purpose tyre iron things you find in Homebase.
The is allegedly a remake of the House on Sorority Row, but aside from the basic hazing goes wrong theme it bares no resemblance to the 1983 movie whatsoever .

Sorority Row is very like "I Know What You Did Last Summer" with a boosted up chick flick element. Unfortunately, the characters are uniformly unsympathetic. Worse still, the killer is yet another one of those nonthreatening young people in a something with a hood and the deaths are ho-hum.

The cast try hard, but they are lumbered with a script that serves them badly, by really only requiring them to behave like divas and look pretty. This is a very common fault with latter day American horror and recent slashers in particular. On the plus side Carrie Fisher is on hand to add a bit of heart to the otherwise bland proceedings.

In short, Sorority Row consists of Barbie Doll characters being iced by Ken in a hoodie.
A bog standard 2.5.
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