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on 2 December 2017
Adequate for the job, AM, FM and DAB+ radio with internet capability. Reasonable sound quality and more or less reliable. The only fault I have found is that the device 'freezes' maybe every 3 or 4 months and requires the power to be removed to reset it. This is only an issue if it happens overnight and isn't noticed until you wake and realise that you are late for work !!
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on 8 July 2014
I have had my radio for 3 years, and am considering junking it, if I can find something that works better.

There are lots of good reviews for the radio here, and I believe them - when the radio works well, it is brilliant. However, when it doesn't, it is frustating.

The first problem I have is with DAB reception. I can go many days with decent DAB reception, then one day I wake up to find the signal is continually breaking up. Funnily enough, my physical proximity to the radio seems to affect this - while I am lying in bed next to the radio, it picks up a signal; the moment I get up to go to the bathrooms, it descends into endless crackles.

No doubt ths issue is with changing quality of signal in my area; but I have two other DAB radios, both with telescopic aerials, and neither of these suffer in the same way.

My other issue is WiFi connectivity. My WiFi is pretty darned solid - I use it regularly for my tablet and laptop, and for streaming HD video to my TV, all without any problem. However, the Siesta seems unable to keep a connection going for any length of time. Furthermore, when listening to streamed content - podcasts etc - any minor disconnect has the programme resume at the beginning again - there is absolutely no attempt to buffer and continue. Once you have listened to the first 15 minutes of an hour long podcast 3 times, without any hope of getting to the end, you tend to give up. Which, as this feature was one of the reasons I bought it, is a great shame. Again, streaming exactly the same content to my phone, in the very same room, gives no problems.

So generally, I use the radio just to wake me up, and once I am awake, I switch to one of my other radios or a phone or tablet. The features of this radio are fantastic; it's just a shame they don't work properly.
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on 9 June 2010
I was looking for a media player for my bedroom, something that wouldn't look out of place on a bedside cabinet. I happened upon the Siesta Flow and it looked to be just what was I was looking for, DAB, internet radio and UpNp compliant. I used to have the Pure Siesta which is very similar but after a while I sold it due to the terrible display and over complicated way you had to set it up using too many (loud) clicks to get anywhere.

Anyway to the Siesta Flow. Firstly the display, this is a vast improvement over the old Siesta, it's still auto-dimming but this time you can actually see it in the dark! Good news. Wifi se-tup was easy enough no issues there but the front panel touch buttons are a bit of a pain. You just don't get that tactile feedback from them which gives you the confidence that you have pressed it. They need a light touch and do work OK, but they can be a pain and make navigating the menus very slow at times. The buttons on the top are much improved over the Siesta not too loud and you get direct access to the alarm settings so switching one of the alarms on or off is easy. A good feature is the alarm display that shows you the next active alarm and which ones are on or off, very handy.

The DAB radio is good, again no issues, I live in Oxford so I get good signal strength. Sound output is fine, stereo speakers, slightly tinny but better than expected. You won't get hi-fi sound out of it but it's only small and costs less than £[] so I'm happy with this aspect.

The Pure Lounge was a bit odd, you set it up on the internet and enter a code into your radio to store your favourites. It took me a while to figure this bit out but when you do it works fine, again no issues. But this isn't a key feature for me and I don't use the internet radio much.

My main use for the Siesta Flow was going to be streaming of my music from my UpNp compliant NAS drive. This isn't so good. It works flawlessly streaming from the Flowserver software installed on my PC but refuses to play from my NAS. The Pure Helpdesk was no help saying my NAS AV Server had 'incompatibilities and inconsistencies'. However both my Xbox 360 and my O2 Joggler stream from my NAS perfectly so I know where the problem lies. Anyway it works from my PC, but this has to be powered on. Not ideal and was almost a deal breaker for me. I tried everything I could think of to get it to work with my NAS but no joy. Installing a twonkyserver was not an option for me.

Oddly you can't wake up to the Lounge Flowsounds, which is a bit strange, you can only listen to them like the internet radio. But there are plenty of 'stock' sounds to choose from on the unit itself. I chose a soft chime to gently but firmly wake me from my slumber but you can equally have a barking dog or an air raid siren if that's what you need.

In summary, an improvement over the old Siesta, the soft touch buttons are not for everybody and Pure need to listen to their customers and actually fix something that doesn't work very well (like the display in the old one!)
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on 30 October 2016
Bought years ago and it still works as expected.
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on 11 January 2012
Please be advised that this device is not compatible with many modern wireless routers.
Use of the internet radio requires that you connect it to your wireless router. However, for some god-unknown reason, the designers decided not to make the radio compatible with many N-band routers. If your router uses the N-band, there is a good chance that this radio will not be able to connect to the internet.

For those less familiar with wireless router Bands (including me), there are 3 types of band which routers use to broadcast- B, G and N.
Your wireless router will use one of these bands- it should be written somewhere on your box, or on the packaging. B and G bands were designed about 10 years ago and the N band is the latest technology which delivers superior speed and range.
The Pure radio is designed to run on the G band as the radio does not need the high speeds which N provides. That makes perfectly good sense and should cause no problems as most (if not all) N routers should be backwards compatible- meaning that they can connect to G devices, while still running the N band for the rest of the network.
However, in the case of this radio, the device is unable to connect properly to N-band routers. The radio can see my wireless network, I can connect and exchange the password, but then it just hangs and fails to connect.

This FAQ ([...]) from the Pure site confirms they are aware of a problem where the radio does not connect to N-band routers. I emailed them to see if they intended to release a firmware upgrade to address the issue. I received no response...rather poor form. So I have no choice but to return the (non)-internet radio.
Why on earth someone would chose to design a piece of equipment that relies on a wireless internet connection, and then design it to be incompatible with modern wireless routers is pretty baffling. But there you have it. If you have an N-band router, odds are that you may not be able to connect the radio to the internet.
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on 10 August 2011
I have owned this radio for about 6 months now and have developed a love hate relationship with it. Overall it's a good radio but it has a number of issues which bug me.
- Good sound
- Nice clear display
- Easy to set up - despite some of the comments on here to the contrary I found it easy to hook up to the wi-fi, select the stations I wanted etc.
- The Lounge - this is the Pure website where you can register your radio and set up all your favourite stations, what podcasts to store, your listen again `recordings' etc. etc. and this then all synchronises with your radio
- No problems with wi-fi signal dropping, too much buffering etc.

- The volume buttons are the sort you click and therefore you cannot fine adjust the volume. This can be quite annoying on a bedside radio as sometimes I can only get it to be a fraction louder or a fraction quieter than I want
- The touch control buttons on the front. Previous reviewers have complained about these and they are right, they are a complete pain, particularly when you are trying to operate it in the dark. The `buttons' have no tactility to them so you end up guessing whether you are pressing them or not. This is probably my biggest gripe.
- The listen again function. Anything you set to record to listen to again later takes ages to appear/become available. For example, I like to listen to Radio 5's `wake up to money' which is on at 5:30 am weekdays, but often I am not awake at 5:30 so would like to listen to it at say 7:00am. In theory this should be fine but it isn't because it isn't available until a lot later in the morning (circa 11am) which is of no use to me. I have spoken to Pure about this and it is something they are aware of and is a problem with their system but not something they are currently fixing
- The alarm. It might just be that I haven't found the right way of doing it but I am often awake and listening to the radio before the alarm goes off, when the alarm goes off you can't just cancel it and continue listening to the radio, you have to turn the device off and back on again.

All in all it's a good wi-fi radio with plenty of stations available but it is not without its annoyances.
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on 6 September 2010
This works fine most of the time. However, the annoying (& I mean really annoying) is the auto-updating of the firmware. So far this has occurred twice (in about a month). The problem is this. When the auto-update happens the radio deletes it's current firmware prior to downloading the new one. So, if it fails, the radio is unusable.

First time it failed, so the radio was useless. All I got was a message on the display "USB Upgrade (RelI) - Waiting for upgrade, press any key to exit". According to Pure this was due to the auto-upgrade failing. The only option was to do this manually via my computer. But, the cable required to do this isn't provided. Eventually obtained the correct cable & followed the instructions from Pure's website. They are quite easy to follow.

Second time & this is happening now, STILL. when I switched it on it gave the usual "resuming from low power standby" message. And that's it!!! It's been in this state for almost 4 hours now. Slowly downloading the firmware across my wireless. BTW: this is with an excellent wireless signal & over 11Mb broadband speed. I'm checking my router now, from work, & it's still downloading the update, absolutely useless.

So, if you want a radio to listen to when YOU want & not when the radio wants you to. Then DO NOT buy this. There is now way to stop it auto-updating (this is from Pure themselves). & if it is unsuccessful then the radio is no more than a paper-weight. There is an option to restore it to it's factory default. However, the radio has to be ON to utilise this. It can't be done after a failed auto-update.

Further Update: On occasion (rare, but not rare enough) the radio locks up. I've woken up a few times to see that the time says it is in the middle of the night, but it's daylight outside & I've overslept. this can be easily resolved by switching off, then back on again. Unfortunately you're not then taken back in time to when the radio should have woken you up!
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on 16 June 2011
I have bought four of these for the children as they have a lot of features and work quite well.
- very readable display with several lines of text. For example when listening to DAB you see quite a lot of the radio station's text information on one screen and don't have to switch to a different display mode to see it. I had a DAB radio in our bedroom which had a dark bluey-white display and it was practically unreadable unless viewed front on. The display on these units are excellent at a range of angles and in various light conditions.
- it is excellent having the ability to listen to DAB, streamed audio files from any DLNA server on your wifi network not to mention internet radio. There's FM and aux in too.
- the USB socket on the side is useful for charging mp3 players, phones etc
- there are four very customisable alarms and you can even set it to wake to a particular radio station rather than just the last one you were listening to. This means you could go to sleep listening to some streamed MP3 music and wake up to Radio 4 news.
- The sleep timer goes up in increments of 15 minutes up to 90 which is easily sufficient for most people.
- the touch sensitive buttons do take getting used to and it is a bit fiddly typing in text or the wifi key for example (the latter only needs to be done once). However it's probably the best you can do with a device like this and it works well enough. The best way to use the device is to set up play lists for DLNA material and favourites for internet radio via "The Lounge".
- the speakers are small and get a bit distorted when turned up full but given their size they sound pretty good. I should mention that there's a headphone/line out socket which gives you the option of bigger speakers if required.
- I personally don't like the shape as it makes the unit deeper than it need be requiring a deeper shelf to put it on.

Overall these are fantastic devices and I couldn't recommend them highly enough. I had a problem with one of them and Pure provided very helpful technical support and fast turn around for repair.
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on 28 December 2009
So far this radio seems ok, sound quality is good, and it has plenty of features. However, there was no manual with the product, only a quick start guide. You can get the manual by registering on the Lounge web site, which you need to do to be able to use your WiFi connection to listen to stations. The main thing I do not like about the product are the touch-sensitive buttons on the front, which are horrible and extremely slow to use. There are proper buttons on the top of the product for things like the volume and alarms, but to select radio stations you have to use the touch-sensitive controls. I also do not like the wire aerial, which requires tac to stick it on to something. A proper metal aerial would be much better!

Jan 2010 - Update: I decided to return the Pure Siesta Flow. FM reception wasn't great, DAB reception was poor, and the radio was only any use when using the WiFi connection to listen to radio stations (and this sometimes cut out). As mentioned before, I hated the touch sensitive controls. They made the radio slow to use and operate. I returned it and got the more expensive Roberts Stream83i. It costs more but it is FAR better. It has a proper telescopic aerial (the Pure Siesta Flow has a wire aerial) and now both FM and DAB radio reception are great! The proper aerial has made a world of difference. The 83i also has proper buttons and a remote control, making it far easier and much quicker to operate. You can even plug a USB stick into the 83i and listen to the MP3s stored on it, and it also has Wifi to listen to internet stations although I haven't tried that yet. I've reduced my rating of the Siesta Flow from 4 stars to 2 stars.
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on 26 July 2011
My Siesta Flow arrived today and overall I'm pretty pleased. Looks OK, maybe a bit more retro with shiny plastic than it looks in the pictures and the cheap-looking orange display doesn't show any indication of being designed more than just thrown together. Still, at the end of the day it's a clock-radio. Sound quality is really great for a bedside unit, particularly for the talk channels (Radio4, 4Xtra). The ability to set which DAB station wakes you up and not just have to default to the last one you were listening to is great. I can fall asleep to R4X and wake to R4.

The DAB reception is atrocious. The aerial wire has to be in a very specific position before it works which is a bit surprising as it replaces a Pure Chronos DAB that had great reception. The reception changes as I walk around the bedroom. Bizarre.

The Internet radio is excellent. Easy to connect to WiFi, sets itself up with no fuss, and just works. Not used 'the Lounge' which seems to have a pay-per-use element. The uPnP is simple to use but I'm struggling to figure out what I'd do with it.

Overall, great wee radio but watch that poor reception.

UPDATE: January 2012. It has 'stopped' three times since I got it. Basically, it hangs up with what looks like a 'normal' display, none of the buttons work and the only way to get it started again is to switch it off at the mains, wait a while and switch it on again. An alarm clock that you can't rely on to wake you is next to useless. I've posted on the Pure support pages and looked at other Internet sites and other people also have the same, occasional, problem with no fix in sight. I never thought I'd have to reboot my alarm clock once a month to make sure that it works!
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