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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£11.55+ £1.26 shipping

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on 6 September 2009
Ever since the US version of Alf came on DVD, I was waiting for a better one. The US DVD's present syndicated versions of Alf and are in NTSC format (not a problem for most of the DVD-players, but still a bit shaky when showing fast motion scenes).

Now there's a new Warner-DVD Version in Germany. It's the european TV-standard PAL and offers various languages. The DVD's contain the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish (Same for the subtitles + dutch). So far you can only get the first season, but the second is supposed to be on the market in november 2009. I'm not really sure if the Alf episodes in the UK had the same lengths as in Germany, but from what I read on the internet I guess they did. Here are the running times of the first 5 episodes:

1. 24:14
2. 24:45
3. 23:45
4. 24:43
5: 24:44

For everyone waiting for an "uncut" version of Alf who don't mind to have a german DVD-Cover, go to "amazon.de" and search for "Alf Staffel 1" (which means Season 1) otherwise you might find the US-versions. Don't mind the few people who rated the german version "1 star" these guys were calculating the running times before the DVD's were out and thought it would be syndicated versions. Now that the DVD is out they realized that they misclaculated the running times :-)

Hope the UK ALF-fans will enjoy the DVD's as much as I do.
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on 17 February 2005
This DVD-box does not contain the original 24-25 minutes episodes from TV but the syndicated versions missing 3-7 minutes from eatch episode!!
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on 14 October 2008
I am glad for Amazon's customer review facility! Thank you!
And thanks to those who have let everybody else know that the episodes are actually cut and not the full length versions. I don't want to pay £20 not even £10 and not even £5 for something that I won't enjoy as much because I know that there are some bits missing. I really don't understand what the point of this is but this message is mainly to those responsible for this release - give us the full version and we'd be happy to pay for it, but I won't spend my hard-earned credit crunched cash on second rate.
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on 16 April 2006
Alf is finally released on dvd. This was my favourite show as a child and i still love this television show today. I think ALF appeals to anyone with a great sense of humour, Adults, teenagers or children will all adore this dvd. They're many good and many points about this DVD release. First the good. Included is the unaired pilot (this is a superb extra because untill a couple of years ago i had no idea it existed) and interactive menus. These are superb and although i don't normally count menus as extras these really are. All new Alf footage is contained in these menus and Alf will even tell you abit about each episode. The episodes; they're are 26 episodes in this season one collection (all still great; all still funny)and they've been remastered with dolby sorround sound. Superb. Now the bad points. As i'm sure you're aware these episodes are not the original uncut versions they're the syndicated versions. IE: Each episode has a few minutes cut out of them. I'm not sure how much footage is missing. Lions Gate released this dvd set (and season 2 and 3)and they have issued a reason for this. The syndicated episodes where in better condition to tranfer to DVD. As a long time ALF fan i'm disapointed that these episodes are cut. We don't have sydication in the UK; when are favourite tv shows are repeated they're shown uncut everytime. I doubt the original episodes were that bad that they couldn't be remastered. And where's the UK release? Alf was hugely popular over here! I wish they'd release this set in the UK (uncut) and Alf's hit talk show because it's only been shown in America and i really want to watch it. Another bad thing is the packaging (when mine came from America two of the discs were lose) Luckly they weren't scratched. The packaging is ok i suppose; it's no worse than a lot of other DVD releases. In conclusion...episodes that are edited are poor releases; fans would pay a lot more for intact episodes but i supose some Alf is better than no ALF. This would have received 5 stars but you know why it didn't... Alf is still the best but unfortunately some of the best footage landed on the cutting room floor...
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on 16 November 2007
This is a much awaited DVD of ALF; a sitcom of late 1980s about a fuzzy extraterrestrial (looks like a furry dog) enters the lives of the Tanner family when his spacecraft crashes into their garage. In order to protect this creature, the Tanners father Willie, wife Kate (Anne Shedeen; played the role of Jack's girl friend Linda on Three's Company), and kids Lynn and Brian take ALF into their household like a family member. The fun starts when ALF gets interfering in the lives of Tanners especially Willie and Kate. ALF is the center of attraction with his wise cracks and meddling nature and of course hiding from nosey neighbors, the Ochmoneks. There are 25 episodes on four discs and some great episodes of the series are from first season. In the episode, Pennsylvania 6-5000, ALF uses Willie's shortwave radio to call the president on Air Force One, and Willie is arrested for the crime. In Don't It Make My Brown Eyes episode, ALF has a crush on Lynn and makes a rock video to woo her. In Lookin' Through the Window ALF believes he saw the next door neighbor murder his wife and begins to investigate and we see some very funny and little scary moments. The show has plenty of comedy to enjoy and it is reasonably priced.
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on 27 July 2010
"Alf" is a sit-com TV series about an alien who crash-lands on Earth and ends up living with a human family. The jokes come basically from two sources: 1) Alf often acts in a peculiar way (from our earthly point of view); 2) the need to hide him from outsiders creates many awkward situations (like when Alf says something to someone by telephone and the father of the family will later have to pretend it was him who did it). The alien's nickname Alf is actually short for Alien Life Form. His real name is different.

In the late 80's, "Alf" was one of my favourite TV series. It was aired Monday evening right before (or was it after?) "Get Smart", which is why every Monday evening was a big event for me. In later years, I've also read the Alf comic strip, which was possibly even better than the series. Alf books, though, I didn't like at all.

Anyway, I don't find the series nearly as good as I did 20+ years ago. I often find myself disturbed by the craziness of Alf's acting and the way he routinely puts his host family into embarrassing situations. I read an article which perfectly summarised what Alf was psychologically all about, but I don't want to ruin the enjoyment for you if you love the series.

In spite of everything, Alf is one of the most ingenious creations in the history of sit-coms, I have to give them that. I'll rate it with 3.5 stars for the good old times' sake.
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on 12 April 2010
Season 1 & 2 of the ALF DVD's with uncut episodes have just been released in Australia end of March 2010.

Australia is DVD 'Region 4' so you *may* need a multi-region player and/or TV that handles PAL system. I say 'maybe' because in Australia we usually get DVD's as authored in the UK/Europe which uses the same PAL TV system; and often our DVD's are enabled for both Region 2 & 4. The Australian ALF DVD's would be based on the German/French masters therefore have the same uncut episodes with minor edits as discussed by others.

I also bought the US Region 1 DVD's with their heavily-cut syndicate versions when they came out because at that stage it seemed unlikely that ALF would ever get distributed in Australia (it had been absent from our television since its original 80's network broadcasts). But over the last year the introduction of new digital TV networks in Australia resulted in ALF getting a full series re-run hence the renewed interest here.

PAL has a higher technical spec (eg. resolution) than NTSC so these DVD's are actually a better quality than the Region 1 NTSC sourced material.

If buyers want the uncut DVD's authored/packaged for English rather than German/French, then search for Australian-based (Region 4) online DVD retailers. Amazon does not seem to deal in any Region 4 DVD product.
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on 11 November 2004
Well, we've been waiting for this for YEARS ... but it's been well worth it. The DVD menus are excellent - with all-new ALF footage introducing each episode and presenting a unique piece to camera on each disk. I already had just under half the first season on hard-sought video and to be able to purchase the remaining episodes in one go to complete the collection is fantastic! I never caught season one on TV back in the 80s as I came in around the start of the excellent season two, so I am savouring each new episode on this DVD box set - trying not to watch too many in one go. Let's hope that season two is not another ten years in the making ...
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on 27 September 2009
Shame they didn't release it in the Uk but hey stick it in the Pc it all works fine.
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on 10 December 2014
saw series when it first came out....some of it anyway...my sister loved it and wanted this series for her 52nd birthday. too bad her dvd doesn't play region 1 films....sent dvd back...full refund no probs
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