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on 22 June 2017
I don't think my machine can count........On 2 occasions now, the very first 2 times i've used it and i've only used it twice, the grinder has ground twice as much coffee as i have the dial set for.

As you can see from the pic, I have it set on medium and 6 cups.......I did get medium ground coffee but I got 13 cups worth. The first time I tried it I had it set on course ground but yielded the same amount of coffee ground. 13 cups.

I mean it's not wasted, it'll get drunk, but what if i had it set on anything higher. It would trip out the machine or overheat........

So to compensate i have to have it set on half the amount of coffee needed......not a travesty, but a pain never the less......

As for the machine itself, its a nice looking grinder. Fits well with our decor and grinds coffee as it should. Just too much.....lol.

UPDATE: Ok, I've just re-read the instructions and it appears that the machine does grind the stated amount per cup.....1 Tablespoon.....really?
My last grinder, a Krups, did one heaped teaspoon per cup. I thought this was the norm. Is a tablespoon of coffee the correct amount these days?. I know it's all down to personal
taste, but I would've thought a tablespoon per cup would be too strong....

UPDATE: Well i've been drinking coffee with the settings this machine does...1 tablespoon per cup. Yes it's been stronger than i'm used to, but now i'm enjoying the strength. So i have changed my rating to 5 stars as i'm a happy bunny...........
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TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 28 March 2017
I am very pleased that I chose this burr grinder.

1. It is De'Longhi a brand that seems to make really robust products
2. It is very easy to operate, fill with beans, set the coarseness or finest of the grind and the quantity and way you go
3. The fine setting creates a very fine grind perfect for my stovetop Espresso pot
4 The coarse grind is perfect for my cafetière creating good coffee and no sludge

So, this is a very well made, engineered product that creates a consistent grind.

I do intend to put rice through it every month to clean it, as the burr grinder can get clogged with oils from the coffee.

Overall I could not be happier with this grinder.

It is also very good looking!
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on 14 February 2017
Saves me a fortune in Cafe Nero & makes the kitchen smell of fresh coffee.

The only downside is the plastic round holder in the middle of the bean compartment always comes loose.
It is meant to stay in place but more often than not just moves out of the way by the motion of the beans. This makes the machine sound funny as the beans are not grinding properly. So what i do is manaully start and stop the machine after 3 or 4 seconds, do that say 4 times.

Its a bit of a pain then as you have to tip the machine upside down to empty the beans, re-insert the plastic holder then re-fill with beans again.
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on 22 January 2018
De'Longhi KG79 Professional Burr Grinder

I've had this grinder for 8½ weeks. I find that it is excellent. I grind enough for one cup (10 grams) each time I use it and I have two to three cups a day. So, it's been used around 150 times - so far there have been no problems. Some people, in reviews, have complained about the grind not being fine enough. My grinder is perfect for my De'Longhi expresso machine; so, maybe, I'm lucky.

Some reviewers complain about the coffee flying all over the place. It seems that (same as all coffee grinders as far as I can see) this is due to static being generated by the grinding process. I have found that if you "haarr" in the ground coffee container, after grinding a batch, it helps considerably. You know; the same as "haarring" on a mirror to help clean it with a bit of condensation. If you don't want to do this in front of your guests I guess you could try steam from the kettle but I've not tried that.
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on 6 August 2017
Having used a number of different coffee grinders over the last 5 years such as the bladed and hand burr variety, I was a little sceptical when reading the reviews as some people were simply saying it doesn’t grind fine enough for an espresso machine, however after a little research I came across a simple video on youtube to modify the KG79 in order for it to accommodate an espresso machine, on arrival I dismantled the machine and made the modification in under 5mins and OMG the crema and taste of my finely ground coffee is out of this world, best purchase I have ever made highly recommended.
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on 4 October 2017
If you like espresso don't buy this machine. Despite their claims even the finest grind setting is far too coarse for espresso, it's barely suitable for a cafetiere. I had a Krups machine for about 6 years which was great until it gave up the ghost, I should have just replaced it with their latest model,
Krups GVX242 Expert Pro Combi Grinder (which I have since done and it's perfect). It may be a bit noisy but, as it only takes about 15 seconds to grind enough for two cups, I can cope with that. The Krups machine costs a little more but it's worth it.
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on 8 January 2018
This Christmas a colleague decided to feed my coffee prob..iss... passion with a manual bean grinder along with a bag of beans. After 3 days of improved coffee and what was already a duff wrist and an inconsistent grind I deliberated on the purchase of this.. it's a hefty investment.

After a week, here is my take away...

The hopper can hold approx 225g of beans, howevre in doing so tends to render it non functioning.. I believe this has something to do with either volume or the hopper lid.. still..it's not enough to annoy me.

The Volume...nothing to write home about.. makes noise sure.. but...hey it's grinding.

The dials.. I prefer course for my french press and it stays on course.. man does it make a great cuppa. The minimum cup selection is 2. You can either chose to utilise this as your strength or as it is 2. I use my fresh grounds and leave the rest in there for later..usually making for 2 cups. You could grind more but if you're going to get into the ultimate coffee making side of things then you need to look into appropriate storage..there are legit proper filtered tins for this sort of thing. All in all I get 4 tablesspoons out of a 2 cup blend. I work at 2 tablespoons per 8 fl oz and brew at 4 minutes after stirring and before plunging.

The collection box does have static.. but no biggy.

The takeaway.. This is a great blender and like any device is open to having issues out of the factory. There is a warranty so make sure you keep the leaflet that comes with. Make sure you maintain it, and clean it out and don't let everything get clogged up.. get into a routine. I can't complain.. this has made me a happy man.

The only negative I can think of is the packaging. This comes in the polystyrene base and top padding fashion and I feel that it could be better.. but that's just me.. it's not enough to annoy me but could result in damage if the package is thrown around.
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on 18 November 2017
I've had this for a few months and it's great.

My initial thoughts after my first grind weren't too great. When i looked at the end result, it looked like the size of the grind was all over the place - on investigation the ground coffee had just clumped together. It's also a little on the noisy side. If your other half is still in bed, you'll probably not be too popular using the machine before they get up.

When you get over that it's a good little machine. The auto-stop feature is great - You can get it started and go off and do something else while it's grinding (likely to avoid the noise).

- It does come with a big ugly sticker on the front of the tray which comes off pretty easily.
- I have had one jam so far which was pretty easy to resolve, but it did involve having to pour all the beans out and removing & replacing the burrs.
- The design is a little annoying. The tiny cable restricts where you can put it and the grind control is on the left hand side. Unfortunately for me the unit is between the wall and a microwave which makes adjusting the grind awkward.
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on 20 November 2017
Decent grinder. Much better than the cheaper blade grinders or the one built into our Cuisinart coffee maker. Grind is adjustable from very course for cafetiere, to fine for espresso machines. The amount of coffee ground is determined by a dial. I've found this quite inaccurate as the grinder will produce far more than what the setting suggests. I now pre-measure the beans before grinding rather than rely on its measurement. The design of the grounds container could be better as well. The ground beans are deposited into the container through a small square hole at the back of the container not through the top. After grinding there is always some blow back and spillage from this hole. This means constant clean up of the counter and the slot where the container fits after you remove the grounds container from the grinder. A minor niggle but still annoying.
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on 13 August 2014
This is the first coffee grinder I have owned, and apart from fine grounds being sprayed around by the static electricity it generates, it has given me reliable service for around 18 months.
It has always made strange wailing noises from time to time, but recently these have got worse, and I now keep having to increase the 'number of cups' in order to make it grind the same amount of coffee.
I have now ordered its replacement - the Dualit with it's removable and cleanable burrs, and look forward to seeing how it compares.

p.s. Having now used the Dualit, I realise just how mediocre the De'Longhi is. The dust which eventually clogged it was present in every brew, settling in either the espresso jug or the cups if poured quickly. Not only was there dust though, the whole grind was a mixture of very different sized particles almost like a cutter type grinder produces.
By comparison, the Dualit produces a grind of consistent size - no dust to fly everywhere, and no coarse pieces which would not give up their flavour fully. Now knowing what ground coffee should be like, I have downgraded the De'Longhi to three stars.

p.p.s. Dismantling the now unwanted grinder revealed that both the motor and the metal burrs were still in perfect condition, however, ALL the available space around and under the rotating lower burr was completely full of a thick compacted mixture of fine coffee dust and natural coffee grease leaving just a tiny space for new grounds to escape into the collection box. No wonder it was grinding ever more slowly and complainingly. It is difficult to imagine that it could have survived the increasing workload much longer without burning out either the motor or its electronic controls.
There is no way, however, that the buildup could be removed without completely disassembling the grinder as I did, but it is not designed for that to be done.
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