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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 2 December 2009
I'm a long time Muse fan, and some might say, a little obsessive, I have everything, all the B-sides, all the EP's even the very first demo.

This album generally didn't seem to strike the old hardcore Muse fan's taste, and I'll agree, it's different to the legendary Origin of Symmetry, it's just not as powerful, and more piano based on the whole, it seems the classic Muse riffs have gone missing.

However, this album still receives and deserves the full five stars, it's different, but no less epic, one or two disappointments are easily made up for, by the rest of the album.

1. Uprising - A great start to the album, again, it's different, but there's still a hint of the old Muse in the chorus, and chanting, which really gets you in the mood to shout out Bellamy's revolutionary lyrics. The song features one riff, in a less stereotypical Muse style, one might describe it as a Marilyn Manson glam rock riff, turned to the "light side".

2. Resistance - When I first heard this, I was exited, the strong piano and drum opening, was unfortunate enough end up at a chorus, some might say, below Muse's standards, with a hint of Freddie Mercury, the chorus vocals just lack the power of typical Muse, however, I am pleased to say this follows on to a rather epic ending, as Bellamy screams "RESISTANCE!!!!" The lyrics couldn't be more Nineteen eighty-four inspired, listen and see!

3. Undisclosed Desires - Yeah... This is not Muse, but more of a Depechemode crossed between Timbaland. Catchy enough, but a fan might question the reason for the production of this song, yes unfortunately Muse have commercialization in mind, and this song is designed to hit the market, in the mainstream R&B/Synthpop genre.

4. United States of Eurasia - Epic track! Powerful Mercury style vocals, crossed between expert piano work, created something completely different, Muse are entering the realms of the unknown for themselves, and they succeeded, all I will say is "SIA!!!!!" Listen and you'll understand!

5. Guiding Light - The weakest song on the album, slow, no guitar riff worth mentioning, sounds like something Queen may have produced in the early 1980's but decided not to go ahead with, something which got lost behind a shelf, and required a little dusting, still, most bands would love to have the capability of writing a song like this. Good in the wider perspective, but come on, this is Muse we're talking about!

6. Unnatural Selection - Powerful guitar riffs, strong vocals, catchy lyrics, and a truly Epic ending, as Bellamy pounds the guitar for a little THRASH METAL! It's the days of "OOS" crossed between something completely different, what you might get if you crossed Iron Maiden and Queen together.

7. MK Ultra, now this is the PWOPER Muse! Excellent lyrics/vocals, powerful riffs what more could you ask of Muse, this might be regarded as one of their "modern greats" up to the standard of their old material, any old Muse fan will fall in love with this track!

8. I Belong To You - Rather Maroon 5-esque, but surprisingly catchy, and easy to listen to, not typical of Muse, but not a complete disaster.


This, well and truly makes up for any previous failings or uncertainty in the album. Muse are exploring the fringe of the unknown, and they've never sounded more powerful and epic, this is a musical great, it takes a clever man to arrange an orchestra, it takes a genius to compose a three part symphony, words cannot describe what you will experience when Muse take you on this musical journey, I can only beg you to listen!
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on 30 December 2009
This is my first Muse album - and if it's anything to go by, I'll be gettting more! The songwriting, the playing, arrangements are all spectacularly good. This is a must-have album for fans of Prog, fans of Queen and to be honest, anybody who enjoys good music. The whole album has an epic feel to it, with hooks that embed themselves in your head for days. Having resisted getting into Muse for a number of years - not sure why really - I'm a definite convert now. I can definitely see what the fuss was all about. Excellent
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on 18 September 2009
A couple of years ago `Prog' celebrated its 40th birthday. While The Beatles was never a Prog band, their Sergeant Pepper's album was perhaps the root from which it would later flower. It showed us that rock could sally beyond 3 minute pop singles, that there was a big wide world of music and technology out there waiting to be explored and manipulated.

Muse also operates in this middle zone: while falling short of Prog with all its grand pretentions and 'virtuosity', it is a band that reaches out beyond the ordinary, invariably extending just a little bit further than an average rock or pop artist. The Resistance goes further than ever before, their most accomplished and varied album to date. Existing fans will find the band's sense of operatic drama still intact, but now enhanced almost to excess with more carefully crafted arrangements full of light and shade, hatred and love. The whole is dressed in a clean uncluttered mix that adds to the music's vitality and driving energy while enabling each instrument to breathe in its own space.

Despite a general preponderance of thunderous power-chords and pounding drums, the band has reigned back a little on bombastic anthems, heavyweight riffs and electronics, while adding a liberal sprinkling of subtler acoustic textures from piano and string ensemble - with a dash of pipe organ as a welcome bonus. We are taken on a boundary-busting journey from conservatoire to Casbah, from sweaty mosh-pit to Parisian Vaudeville, yet never far away from the 02 Arena or Wembley Stadium as singer Matthew Bellamy delivers his powerful exhortations against the mind-control of fat-cats and corrupt authorities that are tearing the planet apart. Even his love songs are bitter-sweet! It may be an emotional roller-coaster, but it is a rewarding experience.

Is it a masterpiece? Only time will tell, but all in all The Resistance is a very fine album that effortlessly marries an unerring sense of a good pop melody with some of the most inventive rock-music-plus around today.
Highly recommended!
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on 30 November 2009
I didn't buy this album immediately when it came out. I've been a Muse fan right from the start, when people were saying they were just a second-rate Radiohead. I knew they were all wrong. But when Black holes came out, I found myself really disappointed. The initial listening of a Muse album has always been an event for me, and after my first listen of Black Holes, I felt quite upset that I wasn't blown away by it. I kept giving the album a go, hoping it might be a grower on me, but sadly not. So when news of this album came out, I found myself not feeling enthusiastic. And then I heard the single of Undisclosed desires, was quite impressed, so today I went out to buy the album.
I'm so glad I was wrong in not being enthusiastic. This album is really quite special, and I'm really loving the new direction Muse have taken. Listening to a Muse album can sometimes feel quite all-consuming, and I never really found myself just dipping in for the odd song; it had to be the whole album.
Listening to this new album feels like a breath of fresh air. I'm loving being able to hear Matt's amazing talent on the piano, and the insert of the Chopin Nocturne was such a nice surprise. I can hear hints of Rachmaninov in the Symphony, and I really admire the string arrangements Matt has written. He has used the sound of the strings so well, using each sound a string instrument can make, from quite brutal to the such-loved lush string sound.
My love for Muse is back!
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on 7 October 2009
On first listen to every song I thought that this album was very different, but by the end of every song I just wanted to listen to more. Every song is just awesome from the usual rocking riffs of Muse in MK ultra and Unnatural Selection to the new dance inspired songs such as Undisclosed Desires. I cant fault it. Even the 80's style Bon Jovi influenced tune, Guiding Light, is just pure awesome. Buy this if you like Muse. Buy this if you haven't listened to them before. 5/5
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on 10 September 2009
I mean WOW!

The change between Absolution and Black Holes And Revelations was quite a leap to be honest. But this tops it all. Think about stepping stones and that's what we have here. BHAR was merely a stepping stone from Absolution to this.

The album opens with Uprising, a punchy pop/rock song with a blast of goldfrapp-esque rhythm. It drives you along as you listen. A very well written song that will have you returning to it quite often. 8/10

Second is Resistance, the title track. Opens with a slow synthy build up and then cracks in this little piano riff that'll make your spine shiver and your insides go all funny. It's a beautiful opening complimented by a catchy bridge and a heart felt chorus. The ending cools down again from the rest off the song to a synthy end. An awesome song 9/10

The third track, Undisclosed Desires really closes in on more chart music than before. It has many loops and doesn't have a complicated structure. The lack of guitar work in the song gives it a different feel to other Muse songs, and the lyrics are glorious. A well written winner 10/10

United States Of Eurasia. Slow piano to start, with an intense build up which hits into an awesome, arabic sounding pentatonic melody/riff. It's powerful and thrilling. The before the chopin piece at the end, the repetition of the work eurasia just makes this track an epic masterpiece. 7/10

The fifth track is Guiding Light. This is a typical power ballad in the sense it has a massive snare sound. Other than that, it's another muse song. It has an epic solo in the middle and a lot of synth. It doesn't build much, but everything you need is there. It's a nice song 7/10

Unnatural Selection. Just wow. Opens with organ and vocals with a radio effect on them. Then everything kicks in with a driving build up to a massive riff. This riff will have you wanting to hear it again and again. The vocals are mega catchy in the verse. There is a nice slow section before the chorus which you will be singing along to. The chorus sees the return to a loud, epic section. After the second chorus, everything breaks down into a sinister middle section, that is dark. This then build towards the end, where metal riffage comes in and will leave you remembering the days of past. Massive tune 10/10

MK Ultra is another return to the heavy side of things for muse. It has a sweet little riff with the verse and a nice use of synth. The chorus is quiet at first, but builds. Then there is a mega riff of doom that'll make you want to mosh to. This song is yet another winner 9/10

I Belong To You is a fantastic example of their writing power as a band. The song is beautiful and might leave you speechless after your first listen. Beautiful piano playing with an awesome mid section, which is sung in french. There is a crazy solo in it that you will just have to wait to hear. It will bring a smile to your face 9/10

Exogenesis, the last three tracks, a symphony. I'm not going to say anything about this other than it tops the album off in a way that you would not believe and i won't rate it either.

Overall, this album is a fantastic collection of musical varieties that you will listen to again and again. 10/10
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on 14 September 2009
Black Holes and Revelations was an alternative, progressive metal album. It was all deliberately written, each song felt like it was deliberately written to slot into place in the album. Even the vastly different songs Hoodoo and Soldier's Poem were deliberately placed as a break between songs. The music was a mixture of techno mixed with Bellamy's guitar riffs, Chris' bass lines and Dom's amazing drumming.

If you are looking for that here you might be disappointed. That same song writing is there, the riffs are there, the bass is there and the drumming is as amazing as ever... but the whole album sounds so different. Black Holes was a "loud" album, this album sounds almost "clean", you can hear tom's cymbals, bass notes... not just a wall of sound. This is music for the mosh pit where people can sit down on armchairs midway and mull over the day in their head.

Many fans will see this as a departure into ripping off Queen and Doctor Who, but I see this step backwards as a step forward... discovering a new sound, seeing what they can do without the effects pedal. What Matt can do if he sits behind the piano for three tracks. And what happens when they self produce an album.

I would buy the Resistance because its Muse doing something different and doing it brilliantly :D
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on 26 August 2009
This album is amazing! It appeals to a much larger audience than any of the previous albums. It has many different musical styles and influences clashing together yet it is unmistakably Muse with signature guitar, piano, drums and Matt Bellamy's great voice. It will have at least one track which will blow your mind yet many love all of them!

The 3-part exogenesis symphony is my favourite on the album. Its really ground-breaking and inspiring and while you listen you have no choice but to be in awe of every second and its overall message of "we're killing the earth, we need to stop it, we need to change and we'll have to start again, try and find a new planet, learn from our mistakes" who'd of thought Muse could make climate change cool.

Personally I also adore Mk Ultra, I Belong To You and Unnatural Selection. But for your own sake, get this album, listen to it and discover what tracks you love. :)
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on 15 September 2009
It's been 10 years since I first heard 'Plug In Baby' on the radio in my Sixth Form common room, and I've been following Muse avidly ever since. I was eagerly awaiting the release of 'The Resistance', and had it kindly delivered the morning of release.

The album is very good, drawing on a wide inspirational base ranging from Doctor Who to Queen to 80s synth. Some of the tracks are guaranteed single hits - infused with the required amount of pop to appeal to the mainstream.

But that's just it. Despite drawing in from very diverse sources, the album does feel mainstream.

Don't get me wrong, it's a good album, you should definitely buy it and Muse are still brilliant. But I expected this album to blow me away, and it didn't. I felt the same about 'Absolution', although 'Origin of Symmetry' was always going to be a tough act to follow. Likewise, I think that 'The Resistance' struggles to match pace with its predecessor, 'Black Holes and Revelations'.

'Uprising' is pretty cool - you can see why its a single. It gets your feet tapping, its easy to listen to, and reminds me of 'Supermassive Black Hole' quite a bit. The next highlight is 'United States of Eurasia', which is a delightful homage to Queen - close vocal harmonies, screaming guitars, but also a delicate piano melody. Probably the best track on the album.

The much-hyped rock symphony 'Exogenesis' was a bit of a disappointment. I guess I was expecting Beethoven with guitars, but it's something entirely different. It's good, just not as over-awing as I was expecting.

Overall, a good album, but one that sits in the shadow of their previous works. For me, their best album is still 'Origin of Symmetry', with 'Black Holes and Revelations' coming in a very close second. 'The Resistance' is easily good enough to clinch 3rd place though.
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on 14 September 2009
The Resistance a really good album. It bucks the trend of the ipod generation by giving a cohesive, arranged musical experience rather than a jumble of singles that randomly shuffle out. This is also a piece of its time, a protest if you like at the iniquities in our society, the unrestrained growth of government and the eroding of personal liberty. It is impossible to fit Muse into any specific musical genre because of the evolutionary style of their music. This evolution seems to be a difficulty for some of the reviewers on this page who seem to be stuck on a particular sound from a particular album. My other fav band Metallica were plagued with this attitude for years with many fans moaning about everything they produced after 'and Justice for All' (some say Master of Puppets)with accusations of selling out and changing too much. As for some tracks sounding like other artists- if you listen hard enough you're gonna hear something you think you've heard before. I say yes to the constant whine of Queen comparisons but I heard bits of everything from Extremes' 'Three Sides' to Rush 2112, and some S.O.A.D. where do you end? It just demonstrates the depth and breadth of this album. Reconcile the violence in your heart, exercise the demons from your past.
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