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on 27 December 2011
I don't know as much about headphones as a lot of the reviewers on here, but would say -
Fantastic sound - way better than Dr Dre Beats in my opinion.
Bluetooth works perfectly with my iPOD touch, whether it's in my pocket or metres away.
Very comfortable with what appears to be a durable, solid construction.
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on 23 May 2012
I've been using these for several months. They are OK, but I'm rather regret spending so much money on them.
The noise cancelling out fails to work with voices. This appears to be intentional so you can chat with out taking them off, but means when I'm trying to create peace for my work I can hear loads of chat, which defeats the object of why I bought them!
They also fail to block out my husbands snoring. Next door neighbours have been known to complain about the nose and it measures over 75 decibels on my iphone app, so this was never a small ask, but I thought the headphones would at least reduce the noise a little, and they don't. Also he complains because they flash a blue light continuously which stops him sleeping when he turns to face me. Whilst keeping him awake is the perfect way to stop the snoring, frankly kicking him works which ever way he faces, plus it is cheaper and much more satisfying!
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on 9 October 2011
what a great piece of art...it really does it all..bluetooth and cable, wireless with micro perfectly working with phone and skype on ipad and BB...and noisegard,what a beauty...
You do pay the high price but you do get what you paid for at the end.
Completely satisfied.
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on 2 February 2012
I bought these a few days ago to use with my iPhone.
The number of features on this headphones is truly impressive, and the integration with the iPhone is fabulous and works like a charm.
I was not impressed though with the sound quality, which is the basic thing headphones should never forget about, despite all the clever wizzardy with Bluetooth 2.1. Particularly given the price tag they have.
To be honest, I have a set of traditional Sennheiser headphoens (£40), same brand, and the sound quality in them was so much better I just couldn't believe it.
I am buying another set of headphones now, I have changed my priorities. Dropped bluetooth priority in favour of sound quality, something that I mistakenly thought it was a given at this level.
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on 10 January 2012
Being one of the only stereo headset featuring bluetooth, active noise reduction and the ability to control both calls and iPod in an iPhone, it's a product of its own.
The battery is generous, the bluetooth transmition is flawless and the active noise reduction is adequate to a street use (altough it only supresses few noises, one can spot the difference and still hear the surrounding sounds).
In addition, the iPod and phone control work perfectly on a iPhone 3GS with iOS 5, having the ability to use the Voice Control feature.
The talk through function is really handy.
Overall, good sound, comfortable and a full set of features make me value the 230 I paid for it.
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on 13 September 2010
Bought these to use with my iPhone and Macbook when travelling, but I've found a number of minor annoyances that detract from the value of this product.

First of all, the instruction booklet is pretty sparse and does not cover all of the features you can get from the headset buttons (such as a single press of the bluetooth button initiating the iPhone's "Voice Control".

More importantly, if you're thinking you're going to use these in a public place in Bluetooth mode, forget it. The whole time these headphones are connected via Bluetooth, the right earpiece flashes a large and very bright blue light. When on an overnight flight recently, I found this lit up the opposite side of the plane I was on, so I quickly switched the headphones off (to avoid annoying my fellow passengers) and plugged them in using the supplied lead. However, this morning, I was using them on the bus to work (in broad daylight) and the person sitting next to me complained about the flashing blue light. UPDATE: Although the instruction booklet didn't mention this, I found a PDF manual online that shows how to disable this "feature".

Another annoyance is that the noise cancelling feature only seems to work when using the headphones in Bluetooth mode (unless someone can correct me on this, but I couldn't get it to work). UPDATE: I got this wrong, if you plug the headphones in using the supplied audio lead, but also switch them on, you get to control the volume with the headset, and use the noise-cancelling, but the audio is going over the wire, not bluetooth.

The sound quality is good, but the noise-cancelling is pretty limited, compared to the Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B headphones I use at home. It only really works while playing music, otherwise there's an audible (and distracting) hiss to contend with. With the ATH-ANC7B, all outside noise just disappears - there's no hiss.

Overall, I very much wanted to like these headphones, but I think they're overpriced for the sound quality and features, and if there's really no way to disable the completely unnecessary blue strobe while in Bluetooth mode, I shall be sending them back for a refund. UPDATE: I actually held on to these headphones after some feedback on my review that corrected me on a few issues (see updates above). The noise-cancellation is still weaker than I would expect given the price, and the rubber cover for the USB input fell off recently, but the sound quality is very good and they are extremely convenient as travel headphones. Bumped up to 3 stars in light of this.
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on 25 December 2011
Excellent product with cheap price. Very useful for daily use everywere , Bus, Train, Plane, and even on bed!! Great connectivity with almost all bluetooth enabled devices, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, MacBook :D

High quality product, and the NoiseGuard® really blocks noise.

Everything about this product is just amazing.

I would Highly recommend this product to everyone.
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on 29 January 2012
Controls are simple to master. No issues with sound quality. Talk-thru and mobile calls work fine. Handy, compact size. Comfy when wearing for long stretches. Battery life as stated. Noise cancellation a bit hit and miss but otherwise doesn't degrade performance. Excellent purchase.
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on 17 February 2012
Purchased this as an upgrade from the BT 320 as this includes an inbuilt microphone (for skype and call handling) the calls are clear, audio is on par with the BT 320, only criticism about this product is the sensitivity of the microphone, in picking up background noise.
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on 16 July 2011
Believe me when I tell you i do not write review but this deserve it, am gonna be quick and simple, the sound is better without the wire you attach it to, some people has said They can not tell the difference between a wired and theses you surely can. the only significant problem with theses headphones is that, after a couple of hours wearing these you will start wondering if you ever had any ears because they get a bit sore which I dnt mind, the volume all depend on the device you attach it to, if you attach it to an old device you will obviously get a poorer sound. but the headphone are worth the extra pounds. finally the headphones has plenty features, i dnt really use some of them because it affects the quality of the sound when turn on for example, the noise guard although you will notice it actually blocks noise you will also hear a annoying noise in the background of the sound, turn it off and it is back to the normal quality sound.

finally, the volumes is not overly loud unless you want to be deft then jump on dre beats
decent base, okay treble,
excellent call quality people thought I was inside even though I was out with a crowd
overall rating 9/5

Update ............Scratch whatever I had said previously about this product because you truly do need time assessing the mm450 and deciding if it is god or not..

First thing you will notice about this product is that it is very expensive, the valuation is a bit of in my opinion, let me just be quick, after using the mm450 for a while I got use to the feel of the headphone its very adjustable to any head size but your head will still need to get use to the strain on your ears. I first tried the headphone as actual wired headphones however, I was so infuriated by the amount of volume it produce I wanted to send back, however I thought there is no way am going back to wired headphone, they just always get broken easily, I played around with it a bit raising the volume using different apps on my phone to enhance the volume nothing seemed to worked.

I just hoped that the bluetooth will worked a lot better, after removing the wire from the headphone, I noticed the volume was significantly a lot louder, not overly loud just perfect for me, one thing you must understand is to get the best sound you will need to have a good music app player I use the samsung s3 original player which is okay, which can enhance the volume but remember the more you enhance it the less of music time you will enjoy because I can just about get 7 hours of music time. the noise guard is perfect if you want to remove any annoying sound in the background say a passenger next to you talking on the phone or a homeless man playing music for travelers on the tube, you can also fast forward your music whilst leaving your phone in your bag or pocket. stop and pickup phone calls with a simple click of the play button on the headphone, one thing i noticed is that when noise guard is turned on it enhances the bass a little bit. overall i love the mm 450, but just make sure you buy extra batteries because when it runs out believe me you won't want to use the wire.
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