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on 15 June 2013
I've had these gloves a good 5 years, in that time they've endured 2 climbs up pen'y'ghent, 2 climbs up snowdon, a climb up scarfell and scarfell pike and a climb up Ben Nevis. Each time these gloves got rained on, used and abused by weather and clambering up the rocks, they were a present and I didn't realise how much they were worth so I treat them like dirt. I would throw them in dirt, stuff them in pockets and leave them wet and scrunched up in there for months and when I got them out just put them on and they returned to their normal dexterity. I've used them to put together bikes, take them apart, work on vehicle engines the works and they've held together perfectly.

There's been no damage to the glove at all apart from they've got a little darker from all the mud but I can wash that out. The stitching is undamamged and still like it was when I bought it. Their comfortable as far as I've experienced wearing them (loads). I've used them as shooting gloves too and the padding on the palms makes recoil much easier to handle. The gloves also for great and the sense of touch isn't hindered at all as I can still operate a weapon just fine.

The nose whipe has been used a lot too and is still soft and very comfortable to use. The Velcro is still as if it was bran new and the it around my wrist is spot on.

Would recommend these gloves to mountain walkers/climbers, cyclists, shooters and military personnel due to there durability, dexterity, warmth and waterproofness as well as their ability to operate equipment such as firearms and climbing equipment. I would recommend them especially for colder months, these are not summer gloves that should be obvious, for summer buy the thinner waterproof sealskinz gloves.

Would just like to add that these gloves dry extremely quickly after downpours or walking through deep water with them fully submerged.
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on 23 November 2010
So far so good. Gloves arrived promptly and fit well. They are comfortable to wear, offer very good wind resistance (Worn down to -2 Deg C)and have kept me dry in moderate rain conditions. Very pleased with this purchase.
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on 4 January 2011
I have had these gloves over the Christmas period due to a desperate need to keep my fingers dry. I had read bad reviews before about this product, but thought to try... They don't work! They lasted less than 15 mins in the rain on the bike. PLEASE don't waste your money. The 1 star is too good for this product waterproof wise.

Other than that, they fit ok.
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on 2 December 2012
These were recommended by a friend who was fed up of me complaining about my fingers on cold weather rides. No more complaining about fingers from me, but she can't take her earplugs out quite yet, I still need to get the socks.
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on 4 June 2012
Okay - didn't have time to read all the reviews as these were needed for a cold and wet weekend in the dales.
Like -
Did do a good job of keeping my mits warm in the cold (but see below)
snug fit
Dislike -
The liner is a pain and can take a while to get your fingers in partculary if sweaty or wet which happened quite regulary once the ambient temperature rose above 5'c
Because of the dodgy liner the grip on the bars is not so reasuring - if your a serious downhiller don't buy these
Haven't fully tested in the wet yet
I've now got into the habit of packing my fingerless gloves in my pack in case I need to swap.
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on 17 January 2011
Aren't these supposed to be waterproof?? Like a sponge, more like. My one-hour commute today was in steady rain. Within 10 minutes, the fingers of these gloves filled up with water. There was no way that water was getting in from the wrist (the cuff is in fact very well designed, and the cuffs of my jacket were likewise velcro'd tight over the cuffs of the gloves and weren't shifting at all). The fingers filled up so much that when I lifted my arm to signal/indicate or to adjust my glasses, the gloves poured cold water right down my wrist into the sleeve of my wool jersey. Not nice! Got sick of that after an hour, stopped, removed gloves and wrung - yes, wrung - at least a cup of water out of them. Utterly useless.

They're obscenely expensive to begin with but I'd consider them worth the price IF they were any good. As it is, Sealskinz is going to be on the sharp end of a very stiff complaints letter from me.


(And the search for good rainy weather gloves resumes...sigh)
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on 10 March 2011
I'll keep this brief.

These are very well made and designed gloves. They are pre-curved nicely to fit to yours hands on the bars. The level of insulation is well balanced so that you don't end up cooking your hands in anything other than arctic conditions (I'm guessing my comfort threshold with these was about -5), but when it does get that cold you can just about get away with it. They also have the added bonus of being pretty waterproof too. (I never emersed them to test)

The positioning of toughened patches is well thought out and the padding unobtrusive. And subtle strips of reflective material are used to catch the attention of drivers coming up behind at night you in the event you actually obey the highway code and indicate as you should.

Basically; they're great gloves.

Now the downside... I fell off my bike last winter. The gloves and my elbow and knee took the brunt of the fall. The company who made my clothing (who I shall not name, but for the purposes of this review I shall call fendura) were happy to add patches at a competitive price to my expensive winter gear. Sealskinz told me they didn't offer a repair service! All I needed was a re-infoced patch sewn back on with a new pad in it. I was shocked by this lax attitude to after sales to the point were when I come to replace these gloves (which will be soon if I go through the now unprotected palm) I'll not be choosing Sealskinz again.
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on 22 January 2014
I am looking for pair of winter cycling gloves for cold winter morning rides to replace old pair which have literally worn out. From description of these you would think they would do the job - 1st ride comute to work yesterday morning - about 1degree C so not that cold really hands were freezing for the whole journey. Admittedly gloves were doing something as i didn't have to stop and warm them but it was pretty unpleasant and i am pretty sure my old gloves would have done a better job (at a fraction of the cost ) trouble is the don't make them any more !
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on 17 September 2013
But for some reason they collect sweat and are a bit difficult to clean. End result being they STINK like smelly feet after a season. Also, the longer you have them, the less waterproof they are - by the time they'd done a winter they barely lasted 30 minutes before being completely sodden.
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on 18 April 2013
You'd think when Porelle sat down and decided to make an 'All Weather Waterproof Glove' that firstly they would make them waterproof, secondly make them warm. Unfortunately they have failed to meet either requirement; I can only think that the 'All Weather' they refer to is warm and dry as these are useless in any other scenario.

I've worn these twice. Once on a two hour long ride on a cold (minus degrees) but dry winter's morning. When I got back I couldn't turn the key in the front door my fingers were so numb - these gloves are not windproof in the slightest and in cold weather are about as useful as an inflatable dartboard.

I recently tried them again on a warmer (10 degrees C) day but in relatively heavy rain. It took all of 2 minutes before the fingers were soaking wet and combined with the wind chill I was soon freezing. At the end of the ride I could wring them out with a sponge.

Not good - buy something else!
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