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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Size: 8GB|Colour: Black|Change
Price:£78.95+ £4.59 shipping
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on 27 December 2009
After a long time looking at reviews I decided to go for the Sansa clip+ 8 GB and have not been disappointed. I wanted a player for music (MP3 and WMA) and podcasts, and this does all that I need it to do.

Playing - As other have said, it is very small, but mine has 8 GB of internal and I also got an 8 GB micro SD card. The player allows you to play stuff from either internal or external memory or will show it all together in 1 seamless list - which is quite good. I have nearly filed the MP3 and all the play options seem to work really well. You can play all, by artist, podcast, album, genre and recently added - so even though there can be quite a lot of stuff you can usually easily find that new album or podcast quickly. This player will allow you to turn off through a podcast and return to the same point - which is useful for long recordings.

Sound - I got a pair of Phillips earphones and the sound is pretty good. There is an EQ and the volume is loud enough for me

Usability - I find this quite good and can usually get to where I want to go quickly. The instructions are minimal but you can get a full set on line. But you should be able to work without them. I think this is very easy to use. The screen is simple but tells you all you need. If you have a play around there are interesting features, like if you press the centre button the screen changes to EQ. Press again it tell you the next song. Also, while playing a song, if you press down you can get access to load of features, such as the music list, sound features or track information

Power - this seems good so far. I have used for many hours and not had any problems

The MP3 has an FM radio which works ok. You can record what you are listening to.

All in all I think this is a very good MP3 and a fantastic price.

UPDATE: 1 year later it is still going strong. I refresh the music and podcasts at least weekly and use it for at least 20 hours a week. Battery life is about 15 hours. If anything went wrong I would consider replacing with the same model (because of the specification, the price and the size of the device).
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on 21 July 2010
this product is great. the issue about low volume is easy to solve. when you first get the item it asks you to choose where you are from. i.e. europe, north usa, usa etc.
at this point choose north usa. do not choose europe. if you choose europe it restricts the volume that can be played back. this is due to stupid EU regulations on potential damage to your ears. choosing north usa gets around this and you will find that the volume nearly doubles. if you have already set up, no worries go back to "reset settings" and start again. you too can have pain in your ears again!!!
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on 27 February 2010
Well, I've just started going to the gym, and I didn't want to take my huge iPod video with me and have to carry it around in my track bottom pocket or in my shorts. So i figured I would go and get an iPod shuffle. Well first of all the new iPod shuffle has bad reviews left right and centre, plus you cant change the headphones, so then I thought I'd get one of the older ones. Well they are simply too small and I cant get enough of a range of music on the damn thing.

I hunted round on Amazon and found this little player, had some good and bad reviews. Well, for the money I figured I'd give it a try as the good reviews said it had good sound quality and it is also expandable in memory size. Well the 8GB version has enough space to put a small selection of my library on specifically for the gym, but also enough for variety (OK you have to bear in mind that my MP3 collection is in excess of 280GB!!). Anyway, if you dont get stupid and try and put the worlds smallest format/quality files in wierd formats so you can squeeze as much music on this thing as possible then you've got yourself a great player. I prefer quality of sound to quantity of music. The quantity lives on my PC, not on my portable!! I use 192kbps usually for ripping CD's, and purchased downloads at 320kbps. I never convert down, I like quality as I said!!

Right enough waffle, heres the important stuff...
Space........... - 8GB much more space than a shuffle, and expandable via a microSD card.
Sound quality... - Very good indeed. There are EQ adjustments, enough to suit me, and make the quality of sound great.
Head/ear phones. - Not so great, I replaced the standard ones with Genius HP-02 Live Headphones. Available on Amazon!
Screen.......... - Excellent for it's size, easily readable, unless you have bad eyes, nice clear text and backlit.
Controls........ - Couldn't be easier. Very straight forward to use.
Size............ - Well... it's about the size of a small matchbox, and thats just brilliant!
Clip............ - It has a handy clip (hense the name) which works well, and doesn't seem flimsy.
Usage........... - Quite easy, but I cant write files directly to the Removable disc in Windows.. Works well with Media Player though.

Standard music player selections, i.e. Artist, Albums, Genre etc
Built in FM radio, great reception and easy to use. (No RDS though! So you need to know your channels)
Shuffle feature, works well.
Great little graphic display when music is playing (bars style graphic)
Simple to use control pad.
Downloadable manual (from SanDisk site)
Easy to transfer music via Media Player, couldn't get Windows XP to write to the removable disc though using the "drive". Not sure why!

For the price of this player I would say you could do worse by buying an iPod shuffle, old or new. This player to me seems far better quality and value for money than an iPod shuffle. Don't get me wrong it would never replace my "proper" iPod, but for the type of thing I need it for, i.e. the gym, it is absolutely perfect. I've used it while running, on the cross trainer and while doing weights and not had any grief with it.

I would say if you are planning on getting an iPod, take a look at this first. For me I was sold, even after reading the bad reviews!

There are some drawbacks. Once the rechargeable battery stops holding a charge theres not much you can do other than use it as an external USB disc, but for the money if the thing lasts 3 years it has been well worth it. And also as I understand it, SanDisk support isn't the best in the world.
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I have owned 6 different Mp3 players in my time, from the first generation Diamond Rio (yes, there really were Mp3 players and people who knew about Mp3 long before the Ipod appeared) to this. And here is why this one beats the rest:

Price: although the Gogear is similarly priced and has almost as good sound quality, this player gives everything you could possibly want in an Mp3 player without having to lay down three digits.

Sound Quality: I use acclaimed Grado SR60i cans with this and the sound quality is overall V good and nearly excellent: it's sound-stage could be a bit wider and its bass lacks a little punch robustness and rotundity. Mids, however, are sufficiently rich with a hint of warmth, and trebles are nicely detailed. But then I think about the price and all is completely forgiven :-)

Battery Life: Around 10 hours is what I'm seeing and that's a little shy of expected hours, but currently more than good enough for me. Albeit shame on them that the battery is irreplaceable! I really would like to have docked a point on that alone but I hope that manufacturers will become more eco conscious as time goes on.

Features: First thing of note is its expandability: you can easily increase its file capacity simply by adding a Microsd card. That in itself is excellent and a real bonus in a a player of its size. As for playback, this player has a shuffle function which actually works (Hello Philips Gogear!!) as well as the ability to play songs by genre, artist, recently added, highly rated & album; you may rate songs (note that some of these features are missing completely on its nearest competitor - the Gogear). Also there is no DRM BS, in that you can simply drag and drop files from your pc to the Clip+'s music folder and it's as simple as that. That's the way things should be - none of that Wimdows 11 BS is necessary, only optional => nice. The Voice recorder is more sensitive than some dicta-phones I've seen in my time, given its ability to record conversations from 5 metres away at normal voice levels which beats its nearest competitor (Gogear) hands down. It even has Replay gain, which helps to normalise volume levels but alas only *if* such was used when an MP3 was ripped. Of course not many think of same when ripping so it's be nice if in a future player Sandisk thinks of including volume normalization as people may have to keep changing the volume often. But this is a minor issue with regard to all current MP3 players AFAIK. The FM radio won't win any awards and is one of the only areas in which I'd recommend the Philips over this. But this is primarily an MP3 player, so that shouldn't worry anyone too much. Same goes for the absence of video. There is no album art feature which you shouldn't miss either, given its screen size. Flac and Ogg support are nice extras, although if you can tell the difference between Mp3s at V0 and Flac, you're hearing is better than mine. Albeit, last time someone bet that he could tell the difference between highest bit mp3s and Flac, with me, guess who came out the richer ;-) There are frequent firmware updates, so the player is well supported. I've heard though that their CS could be better. But if all works well throughout its lifetime, then whether the CS are your bestest friends or not, arguably matters little.

Size: one of the smallest in the world yet still manages a big sound.

UPDATE FEB 2013 - mine is *still working excellently. However after reading a few probs people have had, in other reviews, with volume levels - please do check that (1) your settings are set to international English (found in the options/setup menu) and (2) you will also need to use headphones rated at *under* 80 ohms. Not so many people realise that using headphones rated at 80 ohms or over, even with said international settings in place, will *still* seem too quiet. Another tip is that if you have an old Garmin Nuvi mains powered usb sat nav charger around - you may find that it can charge your clip+ in a nice and quick time of under two hours - and as you listen to it! I've done this hundreds of times, in the past three years, and have had no problems doing this, so I thought it might be helpful to let people here know that you do not need to purchase any after-market charger to charge this clip+ *provided* you also own, and still have available, a working Garmin charger - which again I must stress works & fits perfectly to charge mine. HTH someone!

In conclusion: I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this player at its current price. Unless it's audiophile SQ which you're after (then I'd direct you straight to the Fiio X3) - the higher (and... FWIW lower) priced players have nothing really over this, so its an easy full marks. Lastly, I hope you liked my review and I always check my reviews after a few weeks have passed so I'll be happy to answer any comments or questions persons may have on anything to do with owning this player.
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on 20 November 2009
This little mp3 player is by far the best i've owned. It is the size of a matchbox (a small one.. not those massive matches for lighting cookers). It has the most simple menu and readable display which in itself is impressive in a player this small.... however the most amazing thing is that through the insertion of a micro sd card this becomes a 32Gb player in the size of a matchbox...seriously. Surely this is wrong? 32Gb is bigger than that isn't it?...apparently not. In addition, like the old sansa clip it sounds absolutely superb (slightly better,slightly less harsh.. really picking holes in the old one, there which i own, i feel guilty).. as always an earphone upgrade is a good idea but the ones provided with this player are no worse than those given with ipods and sonys. I use seinheisers which are great. I'm serious, buy one and, if you have no need for video, this is better than anything out there regardless of the price.. which is also daft. I think Sandisk are mad..Wonderful thing this.
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on 15 July 2010
A good, easy-to-use MP3 player that works straight from the box. Quick drag-and-drop file upload, no need for additional software, quite cheap. BUT after using it for a couple of months I find two significant problems. Firstly it is too quiet. Even at max volume you can't hear the output in a moderately noisy environment like a city street or an underground train - exactly the places you need your MP3 player the most. I replaced the supplied earphones with in-ear buds (costing half the price of the player itself) and it is now *just about* acceptable. Didn't have this problem with the Zen Stone I had previously. Secondly the battery indicator is wildly inaccurate. When it gets to about halfway the player simply stops without warning. Hugely irritating.

UPDATE: another user advises to reset to factory settings/language/english/North America - this seems to increase the volume quite a lot!
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on 31 December 2009
I have one, my Wife has one and now my Daughter has one. They are great. What we like about them is that they can clip anywhere. Even during summer, when I dont wear a jacket and my shirts dont have a pocket, i still find somewhere to clip it. The sound all depends on what ear piece you use, but the sound level is certainly loud enough. The menu is very intuitive. The radio is great. Unlike portable DAB radios, if the frequency isnt too strong you are not left with out sound. I had trouble with obtaining radio frequencies when I first got it, but after i downloaded the up dated software I havent had a problem. Hope this helps.
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on 17 March 2011
A total of 550 reviews or more is a lot to go through, and I haven't read them all. However, what I did read was enough to persuade me to go for one of these players, and I can say that I am entirely in support of all the positive reviews. I'm not going to repeat here everything that has been said elsewhere (the player is well built, sounds good, looks good, easy to use, etc., etc.), so you might wonder why I'm writing this review at all. It is because I think there are two issues that really need to be emphasised, and they are both connected with the word 'volume'.

The first is playback volume. I noticed when I started this review that someone else had posted a review only five hours earlier on exactly the same subject. I think it is worth explaining what happened to me in this regard, since it might help anyone who is wavering over the purchase to reach a decision.

I had seen the complaints about low volume in earlier reviews, and had also seen how some reviewers had resolved the problem. The most recent offering that I found said that you need to go into the 'Settings' menu and change the 'Volume' setting from 'Normal' to 'High'. Before purchasing I downloaded a copy of the user manual (an absolute model of clarity) and, sure enough, there was the same explanation. My order with Amazon went off straight away. The player arrived; I charged it up; I loaded some music onto it; I listened; and, sure enough, the volume wasn't very impressive. No problem, I just went into the 'Settings' menu. But when I got there, the 'Volume' item I was supposed to change wasn't there. Depression set in.

But reading a few more of the 550+ reviews made me look again, and the problem was soon sorted. You must NOT choose 'Europe' as the region when you first set the player up. If you do, the volume will not be good, and there will be no facility to alter it. Instead, choose 'North America', and then the 'Volume' item WILL appear in the menu and you can change it to suit your taste. If you're reading this only AFTER you set the region to Europe, go into the 'Settings' menu, then into 'Reset Factory Settings', and then choose 'North America' and 'English'. If you already have music on the player this process will not delete it. In a nutshell, you must set the region to something other than Europe before the facility to change the volume setting becomes available.

The other issue relates to the 'volume' of tracks you can store on the player. Much is made of the fact that you can install an SD card to expand the available memory, and indeed you can. According to the user manual, it will accept a card up to 16GB - mine has an 8GB card in it, which works perfectly.

An earlier reviewer waxed lyrical about this, but another reviewer named Frost introduced a note of caution. He had expanded the memory on his player too, but had discovered that the real limiting factor was not the amount of space available for storing music but the number of tracks that the player database can handle. He had found that, if you store more than about 6,500 tracks on the player, the database can't cope with it and you will not be able to access some of what you have downloaded. Now, this issue doesn't affect me, but I am glad I know about it, and I think Mr Frost has done us all a service by drawing it to our attention. Unfortunately, his reward for doing this was a concerted (and, in my view, quite nasty) attack from another reviewer on the level of compression he chose for his music. This reviewer couldn't understand why anyone would want to listen to music compressed at the level chosen by Mr Frost.

I am happy to say that Mr Frost responded, and was clearly capable of giving as good as he got. The exchange is well worth reading, for both its instructional and entertainment value. The reason I mention it here is because I believe an important issue like this should not be consigned to the 'back pages' of the review system. This is an effort to put it on the 'front page', so to speak. If you use low bitrates and, as a result, have a huge number of files, beware ! You may get them all onto your player, but you will not be able to play them all. I would like to stress that the credit for this observation belongs not with me, but with Mr Frost.

To conclude, this player is excellent. Read other reviews to find out more detail about how good it is in this, that or the other respect, but please bear in mind the notes above.
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on 30 January 2010
Got this Jan 29th. I've given it 4 stars. Would have been 5 but for a hiccup.
Opened box, charged the player (1.5 hours). Checked out menus, dimmed display a bit, set the date. Turned it off.
20 Mins later turned it on navigated to the sample songs. Played 10 secs of first, skipped to next, played 10 secs of that. When I tried to skip to the 3rd track the sound / display went off, and button pushes did nothing, connecting to PC did nothing connecting to charger did nothing. To all intents and purposes it was VERY DEAD.

Went through the Amazon on line return procedure..ready to get a replacement.
Then on forums they suggested resetting it. To do this you hold down the power button for at least 15 seconds, release it then press it again for a second or two.
Tried this and it sprang into life.

The player crashed after ONLY 20 seconds of playing music!

Apparently this is something to do with changing the backlight setting.
At least Amazon were very efficient in cancelling the replacement product, and were very understanding.

Used it for about 3 hours so far, and I like it. Menus seem pretty intuitive, and syncing with media player has been flawless.
I've inserted a 16GB card, so now have 24GB on this amazingly tiny player..pretty much my whole music collection in something smaller than a matchbox.
Note that you cannot remove the clip..but it is a very slim worries.
Wishes? slightly larger screen, different colour..gloss black is no good for fingerprints, on board sounder for battery charging complete.
Also if you update America for region, If you select Europe a feature is automatically enabled that limits the volume. (Due to an EU directive apparently)
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on 31 December 2009
Perfect for regular MP3 use, or especially for me for using Audio books. When you're down listening, you just switch it off, then when you want to listen again, turn it on and it carries on where you switched off. Perfect!
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