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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 30 March 2013
Cheryl Cole, debuted in 2009 with her no.1 hit single 'Fight For This Love', following her split from Girls Aloud. The debut album '3 Words' was released in October 2009 and went straight to number 1 on the album charts, following the success of the lead single, Cheryl then went on to release the title track '3 Words' featuring rapper from The Black Eyed Peas. Cheryl first teamed up with in 2008 and featured on the remix of 'Heartbreaker'. The 2nd single reached no.4 in December 2009, but Cheryl didn't stop there in early 2010 she then went on to release the album's 3rd and final single 'Parachute' which peaked at no.5 in the UK charts giving her her 3rd consecutive top 5 single. The album is heavily influenced by and this is refelected in the R'n'B vibes, but Cheryl also does what she does best and has some real pop hits on this album.

Overall I rate this album: 09/10

01. 3 Words (feat. 10/10
02. Parachute 09/10
03. Heaven (feat. 08/10
04. Fight For This Love 10/10
05. Rain On Me 10/10
06. Make Me Cry 07/10
07. Happy Hour 10/10
08. Stand Up 09/10
09. Don't Talk About This Love 10/10
10. Boy Like You (feat. will.iam) 10/10
11. Heartbreaker 09/10
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on 22 November 2009
As a Cheryl Cole fan who so wanted to love this album, I write this review with disappointment oozing from my pores. It took me about 10 listens to like Fight For This Love. I then loved it. With this in mind, I gave the album a few good listens. Perhaps the repetitiveness of songs like Parachute "I don't need a parachute baby if I've got you, baby if I've got you, I don't need a parachute" and Make Me Cry "are you trying to make me cry? are you trying to make me cry? (repeat approximately 87 times) where in fact brilliant and I was somehow missing the point. I decided to gloss over the less than impressive lyrics because even the lyrics to Fight For This Love are terrible. Perhaps she will show off her brilliant voice and impress me. Nope! Not since the release of Victoria Beckham's self-titled debut album have vocals been so bland and uninteresting. In fact, this album has absolutely nothing going for it. Nothing! If you own the single Fight For This Love then you'd be as well just not buying it. There isn't one redeemable song to be found - not one!!! Stand Up puts up a good fight, but Cheryl sings the song with such a lazy droll that she manages to make a dance song send the listener to sleep. The chords used throughout the album are really depressing too. The worst song by far on the album is the absolute drivel that is 3 Words - a song that I can only imagine ever being played at 5am at a house party when everyone is lying on the couch feeling the comedown of the alcohol euphoria they felt a few hours previously. The fact that she's releasing this as the next single is astonishing. But then is it? I have no idea what else she could possibly release as a single from this dire album. With all the money that was thrown at this, she could have come up with something a lot better. Why did she even work with Will.I.Am anyway? I can see the point in maybe working with him for one or two songs, but an entire album??? In one of the songs he makes her sing "whichu" instead of "with you". It sounds ridiculous. It's as though he said "where are you from?" - "Newcastle" - "Nope! You are from gangland New York when you are in my studio, got it???". And - now this is hilarious - the very last track on the album is Will.I.Am's own song Heartbreaker that Cheryl Cole does quite literally only sing three words on. A lot of people are going to feel letdown by this album. So, to summarise. I gave the album a chance. I overlooked the weak production, the depressing chords, the baby-ish lyrics, and the voice that couldn't carry a shopping bag let alone a tune. But what it all comes down to is that this is just a really, really crap album.
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on 20 November 2009
Lets hope when the nations love affair with Cheryl is over that more people realise what a bland pile of tosh this album is. Her voice has been computerised so much that it could be anybody singing. The lyrics are very cliche and could have been written by the average 10 year old and yet the album had still sold hundreds of thousand of copies. Having heard a preview however I certainly won't be adding it to my collection.
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on 13 January 2010
Hmmmm! I don't know who shoved the cattle prod in Mrs Coles back this year and told her to take over every available inch of the entertainment and advertising market? Because judging by the lack of expression here, she clearly didn't want to do it. The result is that she's spread her limited talent so thinly that the whole venture has exposed her as just an ordinary Joe with no real star quality. Not to say I don't love you Chez but the reason I love my mother all the more is because I don't see her all the time! And so we get this: Three Words which should have been the perfect pop album. We knew that she would be working with the best in the business, she couldn't afford not to, and we know that it would be a sudden departure from the Girls Aloud sound. I even had a sneaky suspision/dread and horror that she would attempt to become Britains new R'n'B act. Instead, its all a bit of a grey area. There are some absolute genuine pop gems on this album but they are unfortunately not carried out with any passion, conviction or guts. Just, if you will, three or more words being sung. Words which, quite frankly could have been sung by anyone, not excluding my next door neighbour who would quite happily bash any of these out with more fervour if offered Cheryl Coles commission! This is certainly a trait picked up from years of sounding non plussed in Girls Aloud hits but with one difference: when you've got Nadine Coyle backing you up, you're in business! That said we get a slightly disengaged Cheryl not really putting much effort in and the producer struggling to gloss over this with impressive backing. And so, as is custom in many reviews, I shall give each song my star rating:

1. Three Words - At first I thought this was self indulgent pap but, in reality, although not worthy of single status or indeed the pretentious video, its actually quite addictive. Its intriguing, if a little ambitious, although the lyrics are a bit lackluster. 4/5

2. Parachute - I like this alot, mainly the production which is quirky and funky. I think that the military drumroll is inspired, incredibly current and trend setting. Once again Cheryl doesn't sound bothered by all this! 4/5

3. Heaven - I'm not a fan of repetitive songs but this one is fairly inoffensive. Lyrics: I don't have to die for me to go to heaven, are a bit tactless and presumptuous. 3/5

4. Fight For This Love - Wonderful! Don't care if it sounds like a few other songs, its great! 5/5

5. Rain On Me - This is actually a really good, well produced song. Its quite gimmiky so should really serve as a single. Probably won't though. Once again predictable lyrics. 5/5

6. Make Me Cry - This one is actually not as bad as it seems at first. Thankfully this is as near to R'n'B as we get. Cheryl just manages it. 3/5

7. Happy Hour - Nice. I think this is the most convincing performance. Good production, better than average lyrics, simple melody. Hits it all but never quite surpasses the very good grade. 4/5

8. Stand Up - Clearly should have been the second single. The potential is massive. Glittery video providing a platform to show off designer togs and glossy hair. Dancey version of Bittersweet Symphony. Really what the whole album should have sounded like. 5/5

9. Don't Talk About This Love - Perfectly pleasant uptempo ballad. Nothing particularly bad or good about it. You can hear the autotuner kick in repeatedly. 3/5

10. Boy Like You - Sample is inspired. I fluctuate with this one. Ambitious in a good way, sassy, scathing. Cheryl goes for anger but lacks any real bite. 4/5

11. Heartbreaker - Great tune! Not really hers though is it. If we just had Cheryls input it would last all of 36 seconds. 5/5.

Verdict: Perfectly likeable, if not light years away from setting the world alight. What should have been a worthy demonstration of Cheryls apparent versatility actually ends up as an expose of an average singer on a record that rarely leaps over the hurdle of being rather pleasant background noise.

Bring back Xenomania. Now there's three words I have faith in!
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VINE VOICEon 20 March 2011
Cheryl Cole's stunning debut is everything you would expect from a Girls Aloud member going solo: fun and poptastic, but with a sexier twinge than before.

What makes this album better than anything Girls Aloud has ever recorded is the fact that Cheryl has not only drawn together all the best sounds of Girls Aloud, from `Sound of the Underground', through `Love Machine' and `Biology' right up to `The Promise' and `Untouchable', but she has made them slightly more sophisticated, grown up, appealing to a wider audience that Girls Aloud's limited `Young Girls and Gays' category.

I'm pleased to see that Cheryl has got herself penning songs on the album, and has collaborated with an amazing array of awesome producers from Timberland through to Ronson; the combination of which is more amazing than is possible to describe; with a mix of songs reflecting `The Way I Are', `Womanizer' and even Ronson and Winehouse's reworking of `Valerie'. It really is a stunning mix, filled with guitars, horns and strings over a dancefloor-pleasing beat and baseline.

And what is most striking about this album is Cheryl's vocals. She never has been, and never will be, the best singer in the world. But for the girl who could never sing and still has everyone scratching their heads after managing to win a place in the winning girlgroup of Popstars: The Rivals, she has come a long long way! I don't know whether she's had some cosmetic vocal work done or whether being on the X Factor has made her come out of her shell and made her more confident, but this girl is shining in all the right places at the moment.

"3 Words" is an amazing debut, full of upbeat and fabulous songs that will get you singing along and dancing away.


Cheryl's album is the biggest disappointment ever. Distancing herself from the sound of Girls Aloud is the biggest mistake she has ever made. This album is even more disappointing than the moon landings being faked and Eton Road not winning the 2006 series of X Factor.

She literally could not have brought out a worse album if she had drunk a bottle of tequila, got on the karaoke to sing a medley of the worst songs in history (e.g. Vanilla's `No Way No Way' and Vengaboys' `Up and Down') recorded it on a phone which was 5 years old and was in the pocket of her jacket which was in the cloakroom on the opposite side of the bar under a pile of fur coats, then chucked those recordings onto a CD which was scratched and covered in Unicorn blood and released it whilst promoting it to be better than anything Whitney Huston has ever recorded. Literally awful.

I would buy Peter Andre's new album over this album. That is how bad it is.

I have 3 Words for you Cheryl: Your Album's Awful.
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on 26 March 2013
This album was secon hand and cost me about £1.271p for the album and the rest was postage it was abit grubby but played ok and is now in my archive I only wanted it for the singles "Parachute" and "Fight For This love" but it is actualy not a bad album at all I think our Chery has been wrongly, much maligned, and with Will I Am producing what could possibly go wrong, I like Will I think he is real cute and cool.
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on 1 April 2010
I could give you 3 words for this, the first 2 would be LOAD OF
(I'm sure you can fill in the last...)

Cheryl Cole, solo artiste, songwriter, vocalist , er, no.
Why the ridiculous phoney american accent aswell? she can barely speak the queens english without an interpreter.
AVOID unless buying for a 13 year old girl with no musical awareness.
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on 5 November 2009
I had a choice of this or Alexandra's, shoot me now for going with this one, the only reason I did was because of the Black Eyed Peas track and her latest single, I really should have known better as hearing her live confirms she can't sing it's only techy guys that make her sound half decent, as for the tracks I think my 3yr grandson could do better.
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on 10 July 2010
I was really disappointed with this: admittedly my expectations were high but this album is what is known as a "grower": first listen you'll think it's rubbish, fifth listen and you'll be singing along to some of the tracks. There's a handful of strong songs: Parachutes, Happy Hour and Don't talk About this Love, (and of course, Fight for this love), but I'm afraid to say the rest of this album is distinctly below average. Very disappointed.
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on 6 November 2009
It's 'unbelievable' that Cheryl Cole's album is actually Number one..............this is one of the worst music I have ever heard. Totally disgusting, substandard music from somoene so highly regarded she actually mentors/judges other singers? Has anyone noticed Cheryl has no VOICE or any talent to merit such high regard. It's a really pity for Will:Iam to associate himself with such talentless singer such as Cheryl. Well I guess being pretty, skiny and white does help factory manufactured, image driven con pop artist like Cheryl Cole.
Don't waste your money on crapy music!
Belongs in the garbage!!!
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