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on 22 March 2011
I use this to connect my 24" monitor, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse to my laptop and desktop PCs.
It works perfectly!
To cover some common objections:
* captive, non replaceable cables. Come on, how long before a cable breaks, really? A set of cables would cost nearly as much as this whole package anyway.
* captive cables too short. May be an issue if you have a big desk. My laptop and desktop are at opposite ends of a small desk, and cable length is fine - Though another 0.5m would be useful to allow neater routing of cables.
* Display quality. Cannot be faulted - however, my desktop PC reverted from 1920x1200 to 1024x768 after connecting for the first time - so this might explain some users' loss of quality. Windows had even detected the monitor incorrectly, as if the maximum resolution was 1600x1200. A quick trip into Device Manager to delete the Monitor and then Scan For Hardware Changes, and the correct PnP monitor was detected, and I'm back at 1920x1200 with perfect quality. Note I only had to do this this first time.
* Flimsy switch - it works, stop complaining!

Undocumented Feature...

You can use this device to share more than just the keyboard and mouse. I connected it to my Belkin 7 port USB hub to which my scanner, keyboard, mouse were all connected. I expected Windows to have to re-find the scanner driver after each switch in this configuration, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Switching is still between 3 and 7 seconds even with the scanner.

Top Tip 1
The first time you access each PC, Windows will install drivers again, as the USB ports have all changed. Leave it connected to that PC long enough for it to finish before switching.

Top Tip 2
Always plug everything into the same USB ports. Each time you plug a known device into a different USB port, Windows installs the driver again, which takes time.

Overall, a highly recommended device
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on 22 December 2016
Used almost every weekday to connect two computers to a single monitor & wireless keyboard/mouse for the last 11 months.

- Make sure the monitor is turned on / in standby before one or both computers are turned on
- Using the USB port that is 'always on' solved the annoying display resolution issue I had

The delay between turning on the computer, a standard USB port getting power and that power turning on the KVM switch causes issues with the detection of the automatic display resolution hence my suggestion of using the USB 'always on' port. Some manufactures have an option in the BIOS to delay boot by a second or two which may also help and remove the need of the 'always on' USB port. Also make sure the monitor is ready to kick in when the computer is turned on; each computer needs to see the monitor that is being turned on for the resolution detection to work well.

I only get two issues; the display resolution can be a pain if you get the switch on steps wrong and I sometimes get a horrible colour washed screen every now and again when switching computers but it does clears after 30 seconds or so. I use this KVM switch for your typical office work so while I know the odd YouTube clip works perfectly fine I can't offer any comments on gaming quality.

A 5-star product because it works as advertised at a very reasonable price that allows some forgiveness on the minor issues I've mentioned.
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on 6 July 2017
This is the one to get. I have tried two other makes, one of which is sold on Amazon, small black rectangular, about the same price. The thing that this one has going for it that neither of the other two did, it gets the resolution right. The one referred to reset to a very low resolution and when reset, not all the apps in all their windows worked properly. Don't know why.

This one is real plug and play. The remote is quite useful, saves having to clutter the desk. The video quality is excellent - I cannot tell the difference between connecting directly and through the device.

I have one DVI device and one VGA only. This means using the VGA output on both, but I cannot discern any difference of quality using VGA through this and using DVI or VGA directly.

This is Linux - Arch on one and Debian on the other. Both work perfectly and switching is instant.
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on 24 January 2017
I bought this to be able to flick between two laptops. I have two screens, but wanted to just have one keyboard and mouse and one of the laptops in a docking station and the other buried away off of the desktop. I am not using the VGA switching part, just the USB leads for keyboard and mouse and found them long enough to use in my setup. It's great to be able to switch between the two. If I was really critical I'd say the switch button, whilst having a non-slip base, could do with coming with nothing on the bottom of it and just putting the non-slip base in the packet to stick on if you want it. Personally I stuck the remove switch on top of the unit so I can see the LED flick from left to right and had to scrape off the non-slip pad to put some double-sided tape on it. This was only really though to meet my unusual requirements so it is a little pedantic. One trick to watch is that some laptops will automatically go to sleep and switch the screen off if they lose connectivity to a keyboard/mouse. You can change this is in the power settings on the laptop usually to stop this happening.
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on 10 December 2017
Very easy to set up. I like the fact that the unit can be at the back of my computer table with the switch near the front. The cable between the unit and the switch is very long but a cable-shortening device sorts that. Doing exactly what I want it to do and it seems robust enough. Fingers crossed it stands the test of time. UPDATE: Since posting my initial review, I've noticed that often when I switch from desktop to laptop, the mouse won't respond. The keyboard is fine, which is strange as the keyboard and mouse use the same receiver. To get the mouse to work I have to plug the receiver into the laptop, which defeats to an extent the purpose of having this unit; hence a star has come off.
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on 25 August 2017
Stunning. One of the best 2 port KVMs i've used and tested - over the last three decades that is some statement. This is really easy to use and install. The remote button is a great feature and comes with a long cord [at least 0.5m] and has a large rubber foot almost the size of the remote button - this grips well and is a nice feature. Fast Switching [less than 1s] and great hold off for Windows XP retail, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and Win 8.1. Linux and Ubuntu. I will test on Mac OS and a few others - but I expect the same stunning performance. No external power supplies, and most importantly no problems with any power cross coupling [one machine on, other off]. Will Buy Again - Highly Recommended.
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on 4 July 2016
Plug my monitor into this box. The two leads from this box go into the back of my two computers. My keyboard plugs into this box and the two leads go into the back of my two computers. Likewise with the mouse. I push the switch and it switches my keyboard, over and my monitor, over to which ever of the two computers I wish to work on. Childsplay.

I have Windows 7 on one computer, which I use for shopping on places like Amazon. I use Linux Mint. on the other computer for work. This gadget saves me lots of space! I also have two other computers and a server running UNIX/Linux. The gadget is a must have.

This gadget saves you from those old-time accidental deletes when you are working on multiple computers, looking at the right monitor but typing on the wrong keyboard causing mayhem but thinking nothing is happening.
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on 18 April 2016
I give this one star for two reasons: (1) the cables are not very long (maybe three feet) and I suspect this would be an issue for some people (luckily not for me), and more importantly (2) because the KVM cuts off the lefthand few pixels.

It is this latter problem that really causes me issues since I use the left row of icons on the desktop for my current work, and this cutting-off of the pixels makes some of the filenames look odd; it also causes certain application status bars to also run off of the screen.

The other issue was checked using a VGA cable direct to the monitor - all worked well.

A shame, as the device quality is okay (the main unit is a little flimsy but fit for purpose) and the remote button is a nice touch that others do not provide.
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on 29 October 2015
Brilliant piece of kit (shame about the button)

I've coupled it with the Patuoxun 1080P HDMI Male to Female adaptor and it works seamlessly.

I use it at work as the computers we're provided are s***ty old WYSE terminals that regularly lock up. The WYSE box feeds into the KVM switch, as does my far nicer laptop (via HDMI -> VGA adaptor) and then into my monitor by VGA from the KVM.

One thing to watch out for when you're connecting it all up is that the KVM switch does NOT act as a USB hub, i.e. if you put two signals (mouse, keyboard) into it, you'll need both USB leads to be inserted into your laptop, unless you connect these leads to an independent hub. When installing I was cursing my purchase until I realised this, plugged in the other USB to the laptop and hey presto, no issues.

On resolution.. The laptop is an ASUS UX32A Zenbook Prime outputting to a 24" 1080P screen by HDMI->VGA c/o the KVM switch. No issues with graphics lag or ghosting, no issues with high resolution video in full screen on either the laptop's monitor or the bit screen. The WYSE box is outputting 1860*900 to the same screen (stupid thing, it doesn't support 16:9 screens so I don't get the full resolution) -- but it works fine too.

The button.. well, its a bit naff. Its very lightweight plastic and there's no spring mechanism other than a millimeter strip of malleable plastic inside to provide the 'button' any kind of give.. so it gets stuck a lot. That said, it still works and the switch from one source to another takes less at most 2 seconds.

Overall a solid piece of equipment for a great price, I hope it lasts for a while.
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on 18 December 2014
Bought this to replace a lost Belkin KVM and use with an old Logitech G510 and G9 between my laptop and desktop.

Works just as you'd expect even with Logitech's (sometimes troublesome) 'Gaming Software'. In my particular setup, the actual KVM part is hidden from view and as that bit has the LED connectivity indicators on it, it's not immediately obvious which PC you're controlling. I've got around that by using the software to change the backlighting on the keyboard and mouse depending on which PC is connected... Maybe I just miss that the Belkin had the switching LED indicators on the remote...

Speaking of which, the remote, whilst it works fine and is discreet... does feel a little flimsy and cheap. Odd, as the rest of the device looks and feels well made. Overall, the Belkin looks and feels nicer... but this is simply much better value. And on that note, difficult not to recommend it.
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