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on 20 November 2011
My son recently broke his iPhone glass so we bought this to do the repair at home. There were no instructions and no link to any video instructions as stated. Also the stickers required to hold the screen back in place were missing. The screwdriver is too big for the screws but luckily I had a smaller one in a craft kit. Overall not impressed.
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on 31 May 2013
I bought this product after reading a few of the reviews.
The product is exactly as described elsewhere.
What I wish I knew was a) the state of my i-phone and b) how that internal damage would impact on what I needed for the repair.
What happened? I spent probably 20 minutes opening the i-phone. Check out a tutorial vid on youtube to see what it involves. The suction cup did not pull out my very shattered screen and by using the tools I either broke the what is called the midframe or it was broken when the i-phone was dropped.
As a result I have a new screen and all the parts but a midframe that is in two pieces.
When searching for a midframe I found one that comes with screen, earpiece (this is connected to the frame) and home button all fitted. This is almost all that hinges out of the i-phone when you lift the screen (and frame if its in one piece). The result is that this will cut down on many of the fiddly jobs in this repair. I have read about broken home buttons during repair and many other disasters. Buying the whole part should at least be considered.
I do like this product and its unfair to the supplier not to give it more than 5 stars BUT for a few pounds more I could have bought (and now have) a replacement part assembled. Hopefully when it arrives it really will do the job.
If your screen is really shattered, your i-phone has taken a battering or you are OK but not great at fiddling with small parts then try and find a more complete unit. Could save you time, frustration and money.
I bought:
On Amazon.
Good luck.
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on 15 April 2013
My daughter cracked the screen of her iphone 3 (no protective case!) and, being a member of the 'disposal' generation, she obtained a newish smart phone. I went online and found a repair was feasible and cheap and ended up with this kit.

The size of the screws involved makes it a fiddly job but is perfectly strightforward with the assistance of a very good video (2 parts) I followed from Youtube.by zeetronic.

My 4 star rating is because the cross-head screw driver provided, although small, was still too large to fit the screw heads. Luckily, I had my own watchmakers' screwdriver which did the job.

As far as the dismantling is concerned, the ideal place to lift the damaged screen is as close to the lower button as possible thereby getting maximum leverage. My glass was badly crazed to around the mid point and the sucker will not purchase on anything but an intact surface. Consequently, I had to lift the glass from the middle and use the (normal) screwdriver to carefully prise the screen out.

The end result was very good and the phone looks as new again. Just find a good video to follow, be prepared to seek out an alternative cross-head screw driver and take your time.
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on 10 January 2014
First I had to ask for the dvice, because it didn't arrived in the estimated time. The supplier sent another one and in the end i received two of them, Which the supplyier wanted for me to return one at my costs with rebursement afterwards. This was not what I expected bu it was Ok.
The real problem arrised when after spending more than 4 hour dismonting and remounting the Iphone, I've discovered that the thouchscreen that was sent was the wron one. The connector was not the right on. I suspect that they sent the 3GS instead of the 3G.
Even having with me the second package, they just said retrn the fist and we send a "second" (it would be a third).
I just bought a package from another supplyer, I'm through with this one.
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on 4 September 2010
Was very pleased with the fast delivery and packaging. The link was not so good had to find another link on youtube.
All went well until I switched on my phone to discover my Apps where all wrong....this is a result of the wrong screen, my phone is a 3Gs and not a 3G PLEASE make sure you are ordering the correct screen.
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on 27 November 2014
Received two of these in the end, and neither worked (I've fitted these screens before using samples from a different site and they were fine).

Great customer service from the supplier though, were more than happy to replace the unit when asked. I gave up after the second try though, it wasn't worth the hassle.
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on 28 September 2012
What the kit gives you is great. A new screen, a couple of screwdrivers and some neat plastic lifting tools. The problem is what it doesn't give you. Firstly the instructions, what they give you is a link to a youtube video. This only covers taking the phone apart, not fixing it. It also didn't mention what to do about removing / loosing the glue that was holding the screen to the frame. There simply wasn't enough information to even dismantle the phone, yet along put it back together.

Secondly, there is no adhesive in the pack. So you have a dismantled phone, a new screen and no way to put it back together again. I can't imagine my kids Pritt stick was going to do the job. At that point I gave up and took the whole thing to a shop. Thus wasting my time, and yet more money.

I note that the items picture on Amazon of this item shows a beige packet, perhaps that is the adhesive. It also shows a suction cup. None of these where in my pack.
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on 28 November 2010
The replacement is not an apple original and you will notice this on close inspection.
However it does beat paying over the odds to have your phone repaired and does the job.

Take EXTRA caution when removing the LCD screen. The LCD is EXTREMELY delicate.
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on 5 May 2013
I bought this to replace a cracked screen. I have replaced screens, batteries and cracked cases successfully on iPhones in the past and when I reassembled this, it did not work properly. When you touched 6 on the keypad, 4 appeared on screen and so on. I thought that I must have done something wrong, so disassembled an re-assembled several times. In the end, I took my phone to a shop to repair, which they did for £25. They told me that the screen was faulty and would never have worked in the first place. I don't even have the energy to talk to them and get a refund. Totally P***ED OFF.

Total waste of time, total waste of money. Very frustrated and will NEVER buy anything from this supplier again.
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on 4 December 2011
After seeing this product on amazon I thought "great this is cheaper than the excess on my insurance policy" and after watching a few videos on YouTube I was fairly confident, then the package arrived. The screwdriver was totally useless it hadn't been cast correctly and wouldn't fit the screws. Next came the pry tools which were made of such low quality plastic that both ends of one had snapped off before I'd even managed to get cover off. The second pry tool was completely knackered after removing the cover which left me with nothing to pry the LCD screen out so I ended up using a flat electrical screwdriver which cracked the screen. After all that I put the phone back together so I didn't lose any parts using the sticky fasteners which weren't sticky and didn't fasten. All in all a total waste of time and money which is a shame because even with a cracked screen the touchpad seemed to work ok. I wouldn't buy this product again unless decent quality tools were included. I guess the only option now is to buy the touch screen and LCD already assembled more money probably to the same company stay away from this product unless you have the proper tools already :(
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