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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
From Mars to Sirius
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 29 December 2013
This is one seriously heavy band seen them (through coincidence) three times in the last year. Very impressive , intense, with a drummer who could give any drum machine a run for its money , and the fastest feet I've ever seen. They create an intense wall of sound with melodies that drift through . this album to me sums them up, heavy,melodic, rhythmic and meaningful lyrics
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on 29 September 2006
Gojira are pushing modern Metal to new reaches with 'From Mars To Sirius'. An environmental conscience is a little unusual within the Death Metal umbrella but there's more than this to make them interesting. Their Music is a shining example of presice technical ability and the excellent production on this album backs that up. However, there's a lot of passion and emotion too. Mastodon and Strapping Young Lad are the most obvious stylistic references but Gojira bring in many elements. There is also a more progressive side akin to Neurosis / Isis but

Gojira are by no means a 'copycat' band.

In short, From Mars To Sirius is an outstanding album & hard to beat.
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on 8 March 2017
The theme is fluid from start to finish
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on 26 July 2017
Love this album; if you're new to Gojira, their newer stuff may be more 'accessible', but this imho is their best album by a long way.

Gojira really found their feet on this recording after an excellent debut in Terra Incognito, followed by a perhaps not-so-good album The Link, but Mars is in my top 10 metal albums of all time. Brilliant ! 🐸😃
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on 25 January 2008
For once, I wasn't sure what to expect with this LP. Apart from Terrorizer hailing them as 'the saviours of metal', nothing registered on my consciousness regarding this band. However, I finally got round to getting it - on a total whim - as I'm beginning to dig a lot of French music at the moment ( the recent Puppetmasterz, Jean Michel Jarre and Charlotte Gainsbourg LPs are great ), so i thought it was time to see what Metal sounds like from that part of the world. 'Incredible', is the answer.
Huge, crushing, Mantra Metal is what Gojira bring us. Angular, non-melodic rhythms played with stunning mathematical precision, backed by jackhammer drumming. The result is like a meditation on THE RIFF. Very catchy, and should stimulate areas of the cerebellum usually only reached by bands like MORBID ANGEL,( early )KING'S X, and Monotheist-era CELTIC FROST. Actually, they wouldn't seem out of place on a concert bill with any of those bands, and could also share a stage with Dream Theater or Alchemist, too. Progressive, but very, very heavy.
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on 27 March 2008
I first saw these boys when they were touring supporting Annihilator and Trvium. The were so heavy they scared me. I had to leave the room.

The consequence of this was that for many months ahead I was intrigued every time I saw this album in the CD rack in the shop, but I was still way too chicken scared to get the thing.

Finally my fear subsided over the months ahead and I finally took the plunge and bought the album.

Am I glad I did or what?!!

This is a masterfull piece of modern progressive metal. Think of death metal meets Mastodon. It's heavy beyond heavyness. Very cleanly produced, with some awesome guitar work.

The all pervading message about man's continuing destruction of the very thing that gives him life is a nice touch for a metal band. Don't be worried about this comment though. If you didn't know the background and listened to the album you'll just take it for what you hear - sledgehammer heavy modern metal.

Awesome music. I'm glad I overcame my fear.
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on 28 January 2007
I haven't written any reviews on Amazon for, ooh, ages, but I am prompted to by the sheer awesomeness of From Mars To Sirius.

As others have mentioned, the Mastodon influence on this album comes through very strongly, along with echoes of other technical metal bands - but with a real heart to it, too. This isn't just supremely talented metal riffing for the sake of it, though - there is an emotional depth to the album which ensures I'll be listening to it for a long time to come.

The singer uses a vocal style somewhere between Cookie Monster and clean - here once again the Mastodon comparison can be made, along with echoes of In Flames, sort of death-y but still melodic. They fit very well with the gunfire-rapid drumbeats and the by turns insanely heavy and menacingly soft chords produced by the rest of the band. And considering Gojira are French, the lyrics themselves are far better than I had anticipated, and sung with not a trace of an accent. How refreshing.

My stand-out tracks: Backbone and Flying Whales, although it's very hard to pick favourites.

I'm so glad I picked this up almost on a whim, and if you're wavering too, I say go for it - Gojira will rock your socks off.
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on 16 August 2011
I often find myself straying away from the "death metal" label, but as I had heard several times that if you loved Mastodon (one of my favourite bands), you'll almost certainly love Gojira, that is definitely true. From Mars To Sirius is a fantastically written album that packs a punch as well, with some of the heaviest riffs I've heard in a while, drumming is excellent for both casual listeners and the fans of the technicalities. If you're a metal fan looking to expand your horizons, FMTS is a great place to start. My personal favourite track is the the colossal "Flying Whales".
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on 11 May 2006
This really is one of the heaviest bands around at the moment.

They remind me a little of Strapping Young Lad, especially with their wall'o'sound approach to layering the songs.

The drummer is simply increadible. He is like a machine in his precision.

For me, there is a pair of tracks towards the end of the album that sum Gojira up.

The track From Mars... is haunting and makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It's followed by what can only be described as a sledgehammer to the face in the form of ...To Sirius.

This really is technical metal at it's best.

Highly recommended to fans of Mastodon, SYL or Meshuggah.
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on 11 July 2006
this is a concept album regarding mans destruction of the enviroment and has soundscapes of whales in the ocean screaming just to highlight the torture of it all and that mankind is pushing the self destruct button,but its also an album that has brought new meaning to the term crushing metal,this is spine tingling,face melting,ribcage snapping metal at its most brutal and yet most challenging,and this has the ability to make a grown man weep.

The album opens with the blistering ocean planet which builds and then lets loose with chugging riffs that mastodon would be proud of,indeed mastodon are an influence to this band,but thats not to say that gojira are a tribute band,its just that if you are gonna sound like someone then mastodon is that band.the songs backbone and from the sky follow and you cant ignore the bands message and the sheer riff after headbanging riff,they have millions of them in each song,the vocals are easy to make out so for those that say they are death metal,i argue no to that belief.Unicorn follows and it is an instrumental that includes the sound of whales either in pain or communicating but in keeping with the albums tone i suggest they are in pain!

The band themselves are french and have been around a few years steadily building a fanbase and this album should bring them further glory,their heaviness is stunning but yet they arent overbearing,fans of a million bands would enjoy this,like i said mastodon are an influence and i have to agree with references to meshuggah and strapping young lad,the drumming is frantic but gojira have the ability to slow it down and give us a chance to reflect and breathe again and the song builds and then we are off again,the song to sirius will leave you smiling and mournful in the same moment,this is music for those who want to hear somnething just that little bit different,give this a chance and you will understand the passion in music once again
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