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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 13 October 2009
I today received the new "She Wolf" CD from Shakira and anticipated to listening to the full 12 tracks as mentioned. Imagine my disappointment when I saw that the version provided by, was not shrink-wrapped and only contained 10 tracks. The tracks missing are "Lo Hecho Está Hecho" and "Años Luz". I will be contacting and making further inquiries about this. The 10 songs I could listen to were excellent and the 4 stars reflects the fact that 2 promoted album songs were missing on my version.
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on 12 October 2009
Shakira really masters electropop on this album, even though she is a Rock/Pop singer! The best songs on the album, in my opinion, is Men In This Town, Mon Amour, Gypsy, Good Stuff and Why Wait, all very different. The album takes a lot of influence from cultural music, which makes it break boundaries in a seductive way. She Wolf is not Shakira's best album, but definetely a Shakira album!

+ She Wolf is very cohesive, every song is different, but the songs all go together as one album.
+ The lyrics are smart, passionate and really catchy.
+ Every song is so catchy and brilliant, they could all be selected as singles.
- The album can feel a bit too short at times, only one song reaches four minutes.

So five stars, but close to four stars.
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on 22 November 2013
Although this album was released in 2009 I have only just added it to my collection, more out of curiosity than anything else, wondering why Shakira had waited four years to release new material!

When Colombian born Shakira first burst onto the scene a few years ago, I initially dismissed her as a serious artist [ believing her to be "yet another" here today gone tomorrow young female pop star who relied on skimpy stage outfits and erotic dancing to sell her music]. How wrong could I be for within months she had become the single greatest selling Spanish language artist pushing Jennifer Lopez from this rare and valuable pedestal. Yes, some of Shakira's music was raunchy, but her skills as both a song writer and performer were without question and her voice a true delight.

I was also skeptical when she released her first album in English but she truly brought the same vitality as her native tongue, but maybe with marginally less passion, and I was hooked!

She Wolf is Shakira's third album primarily in English and, for the first time, she employed the Neptunes to produce it for her.The result is both interesting and entertaining although all the tracks do not demonstrate the level of passion we have come to expect of Shakira. As a stand alone album She Wolf is probably not her best effort to date but for those who already have her earlier work [especially in Spanish] it does demonstrate her ability and range, albeit over ten tracks not the customary twelve.

In short She Wolf is a worthwhile addition to any Shakira fan's library but be prepared for some inevitable dance tracks and less passion when compared to her classic Laundry Service or Oral Fixation albums.
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Shakira has turned in a good set here.
Twelve tracks - short but sweet.

Her new-found interest in all things lycanthropic
is, of course, admirable (how could I not approve?!)
but on the opening (and title) track 'She Wolf' it
quickly becomes apparent that she is a little lacking
in the HOWL department. Should her minders and managers
wish to enlist my tuition skills I would happily make
myself available at her convenience. I am sure that with
just a bit of tweaking she could very quickly be confidently
howling heartily with the best of the pack !

The new album, despite its many writers and producers,
is a surprisingly coherent and consistent body of work.
The Neptunes have left their distinctive mark on half
the collection and the marriage is a happy one.

The open and fluid rhythmic textures of their arrangements
suit Ms Ripoll's warm warble eminently well.

The elegantly loping melody of 'Long Time' is a particularly
strong example of the addictively seductive formula.

'Why Wait', too, has a stonkingly simple but effective beat,
delivering diverse cultural influences with a deft touch.
It is a very, very fine composition and confidently well-sung.

The almost hokey sentiment of 'Gypsy' is really delightful!

'Lo Hecho Esta Hecho' and 'Anoz Luz' (both Neptunes' creations)
are for me the highlight of the album. The former frothy and
light as a feather, the latter a cracking minimalist stomp.

Unpretentious. Vibrant. Consumately executed.

Unmissable in fact !
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on 29 July 2014
I like Shakiras voice and eccentricity, therefore i was pleased with this album. Instead of the normal overproduced autotune that female popstars produce this has the very definate feeling that Shakira wanted to do her own thing. Hence the howling of the title track and the different musical influences of a track like gypsy.
This album is strong, joyous, sexual, and fun, which is all you can ask for from a pop record in my opinion. Then as an added bonus you get the title track in spanish at the end, and if anything that is the best track on the album.
A very good album for everyone who likes fun sunny pop that is not just throwaway.
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on 26 June 2010
During the last decade, Shakira has gone from topping the South America charts to becoming a household name in the International music industry and sharing a place among the Britney's, Christina's, Jessica's, Madonna's, Beyoncè's and now upcoming stars as Ke$ha and Lady Gaga. Ironically, she dyed her hair blonde when she her first international album and with that huge success, it was easy to put her in the same cathegory as Britney and Christina. But one of the things that has distinguished her from her female colleagues, is her actual genuine talent and her artistic originality. Apart from Britney and Christina, Shakira actually has the «it»-factor you got to have to stand out in the music industry.

But the «it»-factor isn't enough; you've got to have a distinctive voice and catchy songs, too. Fortunately, both components has always been Shakira's trademark, although, from an objective standpoint, she does the bad habit of muddling her songs in a mix of eclectic and exotic sounds, along with mixing rythms from ethnic folk music. And in this crazy music world where pale and generic electronic/dance music is the big thing, it seems to affect almost all of the international, female artists. And now, unfortunately, it also has affected Shakira.

It has been four years since her last album. As a fan, you always hope to see a positive result, although it's hard for a artis to surpass herself during many albums. So the question is, has Shakira outdone herself on her latest album? The answer is no - but still with a doubt.

«She Wolf» isn't a terrible album, but it does appear as muddled as a whole. Only a few songs does distinguish themselves; First out the main single «She Wolf», which I didn't cared for at first, but has grown on me. Next is the energetic and electronic «Men In This Sound», which melodically resembles one of her previous songs «Las de la Intuicion». The third one is the fast-paced «Mon Amour», which is influenced by some rock elements. «Gypsy» has also a sweet and catchy tune, although it's far from her most memorable song.

The rest of the album isn't much to brag about. None of the other songs are exactly bad, but they appear as cold, calculated and uninteresting. Once again, Shakira is mixing different sounds on her songs, but without making good and memorable melodies. Neither does Wyclef Jean increase the quality on their duet «Spy». But on the positive side, Shakira's English is better than ever, but is it really necessary to have her Spanish versions of her singles on the same album? Why doesn't she just release a Spanish album?

With that consideration aside, «She Wolf» (which is a strange, English formulatiosn) comes off as a mild dissapointment. Not exactly horrendous, but not exactly likeable at her previous albums. It would have been nice if she putted more spirit and heart into the whole album, instead of attempting at a half-calculated and polished album. Let's cross our fingers and let's hope that her next album will be better.
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on 10 October 2009
I have all of Shakira's albums, being a big fan, and I loved the She Wolf single as soon as I heard it. I had high expectations of this album, and I was not let down. This is definately Shakira's most comfortable English album, and is the biggest change in direction for her. Most of the album consists of quirky electropop, like 'Men In This Town' which is an electro/rock stomper full of energy, and the upcoming single 'Did It Again'. But obviously this is Shakira, and when she writes songs of this genre, they aren't nearly as uninspired and monotonous as efforts by recent electropop bummers like La Roux and Little Boots. Songs like 'Why Wait' and 'Good Stuff' incorperate familiar Shaki-esque latin tinges, the latter having one of the sexiest synth/belly dance combos ever. Even the originally R&B 'Long Time' has developed a tribal drum beat and a brilliant surprise bridge that I won't spoil. 'Mon Amour' is my personal favourite, going back to her rock roots, and is insanely catchy. 'Spy' with Wyclef is another favourite, and is very retro disco, going hand in hand with the title single.
The album is very upbeat and danceable, the only real mellow moment here being 'Gypsy' which is a bit country. And still very good.
All in all a very good, consistent, high energy album. I highly recommend it.
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on 26 January 2010
It pains me to say this, having been a huge fan of Shakira since Donde Estan Los Ladrones? came out...but this album is really nothing special at all.

A lot has been said and written about Shakira's new electro-influenced sound, and while it seems to have gained her more casual fans and airplay (which I suppose the music industry is really geared towards these days), it seems that all her little quirks that have made her previous releases so charming have been ironed out, completely erased. This album does not have that 'Shakira-esque' sound- it sounds like so many other albums out at the moment. The songs could have been written and sung by anybody and to me that is really sad. The only Shakira-sounding songs are Gypsy and Mon Amour, which sound more folk and rock influenced respectively, which highlights the album's other flaw- it doesn't seem to flow as a cohesive piece of work, seemingly switching style all over the place, and while Shakira has done this on previous albums, when the material here is of such poor quality and not even identifiable as her own work, this really doesn't work. In this case, she is schizophrenic, but in a bad way.

I would beg everybody to avoid this album. Hopefully, with her next album (which is supposedly Latin-folk and rock influenced) Shakira will redeem herself somewhat.
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on 16 February 2010
This is an outstanding CD, if you like Shakira you will love this, every song is excellent all the way through, you will find that you will be running this CD on a loop for a long time, the more times you hear it the more addicted you get
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on 12 May 2014
Whilst I am always pleased to see musicians experimenting with different styles, I am a guitar, bass, and drums person at heart and I found far too much electronica on this CD to justify more than three stars.

The highlights for me were Mon Amour and (especially) Gypsy, the latter being a wonderful song that bears comparison with Shakira's earlier music. The rest of the disc is certainly listenable - I will enjoy listening to it in the future, but not so often as I will listen to Laundry Service.

I bought the US edition which has six extra tracks (including a marvellous live version of Gypsy) and a DVD (which also has Gypsy, along with the She Wolf video and a documentary about the making of the video). I consider the edition I bought to be considerably better value than the 10-track CD which is available to UK buyers. I recommend that Shakira fans look for a copy of that edition, but casual listeners may be happy with this collection.
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