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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 16 May 2010
Really enjoyable game, in fact got addicted to it. Slows down at some points with some pixelation. My main gripe is that I completed it within a couple of days. Glad I got it for less than £12, becasue if I paid £40 for it I would not be a happy man!!
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on 2 July 2013
I was surprised to see dark void on a list of the worst ps3 games ever, sure its not one of the best, but there really are a lot worst games out there. If your a fan of 3rd person shooters this might be a game to have a go on seeing how cheap it is, the graphics are good, choice of weapons is quite varied and on hard mode the game can be challenging in parts while not being overly difficult. Story wise and voice acting, sure its not uncharted or anything and you'll most likely play it once and trade it in but it is fun. So in my eyes if you get a copy of this for £5 or so its a bargin, and you'll get a nice little trophy set to if your a hunter.
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on 5 May 2010
OK its no Uncharted but I have just completed this. Did I have fun and enjoy myself? HELL YEAH. Would I play it again? HELL YEAH. Its more origional than many others and I just really enjoyed myself playing it. Its under a tenner on here. What have you got to loose?
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on 30 October 2010
OK I stayed well away from this game for a long time because I judged it by it's cover! It looks so much like Iron man, great film but probably bad game (not sure). After reading a couple of reviews that suggested it was a little like Uncharted I thought I would give it a go plus less that £7.... OH MY GOD!!! What fun is this game, the story line is good, shooting is great, maylee attack wow, and there is flying what's not to like... I've been playing the game on normal and have not finished it yet, but as soon as I finish i'm going back in, on hard!!!! This is my gift to you, buy this game if you like Uncharted and thank me later, Have Fun!!!!!
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on 28 October 2011
Given the cheap price I bought this for, I'd still have been happy if I'd spent 3 times much on it.

Fun story, script may fall down in one or two places but that happens in 99% of games.
Graphics are decent although not on a par with the top titles but most titles don't try an have such a huge environment on display at any one time.
Entertaining gameplay with the fully 3D nature of the combat. Novel vertical cover sections where the enemy can sometimes try and get above or below you to outflank you. AI of the enemies is decent enough so at least they don't always run through the same motions and will react differently even if trying the same sections again.
Soundtrack is good too.

Trophy hounds should like this too as all the trophies seem obtainable.

If I had paid a full new release price in the region of £40 I might be a bit more critical of it and score it slightly lower, but it has definitely given me as much or more fun than most of the top titles I've played.
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on 3 February 2010
I quite enjoyed this game I remember king of the of the rocket men when I was a child and I even had rocket ranger on the Amiga when I was a kid.

I was eager to play Dark Void because it has these elements and I was excited by the prospect of what the power of the PS3 could do to that kind of game. I was pleasantly surprised.

You play Will a freight plane transporter who will take anything from A to B at a cost. One day an old flame asks you to do her a favor and in the process he flies over and gets trapped in the Bermuda triangle also known as the Dark void. Which has its own set of enemies the watchers.

Obviously the key aspect of the game is the flight. Nothing I have played yet on the ps3 can quite compete with the feeling of flying into combat with a jet pack on your back; taking on flying saucers and other alien aircraft in a full on dog fight. To make things more interesting you can hijack the enemy aircraft and use their own aircraft against them which adds an extra element of variety to the tasks. Quite a lot of the hijacking is done in a similar vein to Prototype, if you have ever played that game it requires you to use a series of button presses to first get to the aircraft and then overpower the driver of the vehicle.

Another strong point of the game is the 3D physics engine, attacks can come from any angle, both when you are in the air and when you are on foot. There are some excellent sections for example when you look down and have shootouts over ledges and when you are flying up from ledge to ledge. The game truly is 3D and an enjoyable one at that.
I did find the controls to be a bit fiddly and a bit of trial and error, it takes just a bit too long to get used to them, once you do get used to them though you can pull off some incredible stunts and feel good in the process.

My major gripe with this game is the missions, you would think that coming of Capcom this game would be solid, but quite a lot of the earlier missions are just plain pointless and, to be frank a waste of time. I ended up asking myself why am I even doing this. The sad thing is some of these missions do not even push the story forward and so feel a bit like padding.

Another gripe that I had was that the combat engine did not feel complete, sometimes there are just so many annoying little firefights I just felt like sod this and I just charged in and went for the quick kills, in fact I ended up doing this a lot and succeeding on nearly every attempt. If that was in quantum of solace I would be dead. This just makes the shootouts pointless.

Where this game is let down on though is the storyline, it has to be said Capcom has to named and shamed. For most part the storyline is great and the cinematics of this game are excellent, you feel like you have been thrust into a situation you cannot understand, and you step into the character and believe in what you are doing but for some small parts the story line is atrocious. Come on Capcom, you are the developers of street fighter and Resident evil. Did you come up with these parts on your day off?

For the most part I found this game to be enjoyable and despite these faults still worth a foray into the Dark Void.
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on 11 August 2014
It's a fun game, but it's nothing special. The game has interesting ideas, using the jetpack is fun, but it feels a bit lacking in certain regards. Like it feels too easy to lose focus or crash into the environment around you. The guns are pretty creative, and are mostly energy based, alien weapons, but they lack any real punch. The weapons are effective, but I never really feel like they're having a real impact. Take Uncharted for instance, when you shoot enemies in that game, the characters body jerks or they stumble, but in Dark Void, I could be firing a barrage and the enemies will be less effected. Most of the enemies are robots though, but I doubt their lack of reaction was deliberate.

The story is serviceable, it gets you to each part of the story well enough, but I sometimes found it hard to follow. The main character isn't very memorable, and much to my personal annoyance, he takes his helmet off too often or loses it. It's a minor thing I know, but it's on the front cover, he really shouldn't lose it or take it off, as often as he does. One thing I will say is that the voice acting is very good though, but the dialogue isn't always great.

The game has a good cover system, that is effective in vertical shootouts, or in traditional shootouts. The jetpack allowing you to move around the map fairly quickly or using the sprint to cover large distances and avoid energy blasts. Ammo is plentiful, and it's easy to swap out your weapons at weapon cache's scattered around maps or picking up fallen enemy weapons. There's some good variety in the enemies you fight, most are Pawn droids, meant to soak up bullets, but you do have kamikaze bots, jetpack troops and heavies who use bigger guns. Also the massive knights who wield rocket launchers and a energy minigun. Also there are the slugs and slug guys who aren't much of a threat at all and the flying saucers and the tough Archons, which are effectively four legged tanks.

Getting back to the jetpack portions of the game. Flying and firing the guns is immensely satisfying, particularly the built-in guns and rocket launcher from your jetpack. Hijacking enemy aircraft is fun too, it's easy to learn and incredibly satisfying to kill the robot pilot and use his flying saucer to kill his robot buddies. You can also enter allied fighters and AA guns to fire at the enemies. This gives you protection from enemy fire and allows you to do a decent amount of damage, while piloting them.

Overall the game is pretty fun, but forgettable. It suffers from a main character I found hard to connect with and bad guys who are kind of just there and they're evil Oooooooooh. The game is really cheap right now though, so I recommend picking it up cheap, you can complete the game fairly quickly, just the load times you need to wait through are a pain. It's worth at least one playthrough, two if you're a Trophy/Achievement hunter.
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on 19 March 2010
When I first played the demo of 'Dark Void' I was not impressed. I bought the game because the price dropped fast and it's good but not great. For those who've played Uncharted this game mixes platform elements, third person shooter and the unique air combat abilities with the jet pack. The game itself only has a single player mode so once you've competed it then there's no replay value from that. The good about this game is it offers a fun third person shooter, it's got a cover system and once you've got the jet-pack you can fly around anywhere within the level. The bad about this game is while the jetpack is unique to the game the combat is poor, the graphics are rubbish for a 2010 game and the game can get very repetitive between levels.

Recently they've released the Survivor Missions DLC for the game on PSN but is it worth it. The Survivor Missions pack involve shooting a wave of enemies which is what we've seen in Call Of Duty World At War's Nazi zombies. I certainly wouldn't recommend buying this game for this DLC but those who have already purchased the game might what a look at this as the the game originally only has a single player mode. There's two missions in the pack 'Battle Of Ghen Crag' and 'Abyss Canyon' which are very similar to each other. Within the missions you can set challenges to make the game harder. There's 'Hardcore' increased game difficulty, 'Heroic' Will's health only recharges between waves, 'Nightmare' enemy health increased, 'Time press' complete the mission before time runs out, 'Low-Tech' Upgrades are 10x the cost and 'Legend' Will fights solo. It's all a matter on who gets the highest score but the game's still single player only.
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on 13 July 2012
Good game overall for the price. Little of the Uncharted touch to it in comedy between the characters. Downfall is there's no online, which is a shame.
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on 3 February 2013
a good choice of game 4 grandson keeps him quiet and he can swop easily with his friends 2, well pleased price good 2
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