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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 29 December 2009
First, and let me point out, that i may be a little bias being a huge fan of the resident evil series, thus is getting a 5* review from myself. But, i do believe that the game is worth these stars, here is why:

Like its younger sister (Umbrella Chronicles), it re-tells the stories of the Orignial Resident evils (in this case RE2 and Code Veronica) in a much quicker, smoother format that generally involves the hero's being outnumbered, lost and looking awfully like dinner for the oncoming masses!

Being armed with a trusty pistol (to start with) and aquiring a small, yet considerably diverse and powerful armoury. You are thrown into first person shooter / survival horror through three chapters each containing 8 sub chapters.

Many experienced fans will be aware of the general foes that they come against though Capcom have cleverly reworked these foes and of course, implemented a few new ones. Each foe (no matter how tough) has weak points that must be aimed for in order to defeat them and avoid being mauled in the process - as anyone know's shooting a zombie in the chest is utterly useless when a single round to the skull will do the job much more appropriately.

After reading the low star reviews this game has got, i was appalled to see the reasons. "The Screen Moving" is one of the most frequent. True, the screen does move in the game, at times gently to represent your breathing, at other times more so than a drunken pirate on a sinking ship, this normally occuring after your have been stood next to an exploding fire truck or fallen down four flights of stairs!

This only add's to the fun of the game. You could train a monkey to stare at a screen and shoot at moving things. War, conflict and other such extremities are not clean cut affairs where every one stands up right and faces each other! Dust, grit smoke and the like will obsqure your vision, explosions of collopsing walkways will make it a little difficult to aim your pistol!

If you have real trouble with these things, swtich it to easy mode where ammo is in abundance (as long as you decide not to use heavy ordance for a slightly enlarged cockroach!), health is plentiful and the foe, while being relatively tough still, will not give you much trouble. Giving a game a negative review due to the fact you are not very good at it, does not do the game justice.

On top of all this ("more?" i hear you cry). The CGI scene's are beautiful (with the exception of Leon having very thin and wierd looking fingers) and the game uses the latest physics technology: meaning that if you shoot a zombie backwards against a rail, it will fall over it, not just do the magical slump/slide that is so common.

Overall, it is a game with immense replayability factor (esp for people who like to really complete games and unlock everything in them: hidden files, items, video's etc), and when combined with a Wii zapper is right up there amongst the first person shooters!

This is the MUST HAVE game for anyone with a slight interest in resident evil.


P.S. If i was going to pick a flaw, it would be that construction hard hats can miracously stop bullets now, meaning you have to shoot the hat off first, before killing them. An interesting way to make zombies harder though!
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on 11 December 2009
I own most of the other Resident Evil games for the Playstation and even though I prefer them I don't think this game should be overlooked.

First of all the game gives a nice overview of Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica even if not completely accurate for anyone who hasn't played these game for whatever reason (too young when they first came out or because don't like the controls).
I have only played it on the co-op mode but this is what makes it fun as it's like being in an arcade but in the comfort of your own home and even though you're working together it scores you at the end of each section so you can compete with your partner.
The graphics are visually stunning and even though the voice acting can be a bit classic resident evil at times it does give it a bit of charm.

However I must say that the game controls where you go and face and can at time be really annoying especially when you trying to pick up an item. I'd also wish it was a bit longer but it is defiatly replayable. I do also recommend that you have a Wii controller gun add on as it gives you that arcade like feeling.

To sum up I would recommend this game as just entertaining and a bit of fun which is really what gaming is all about.
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on 11 February 2015
I bought this as I wanted a game that would be good to play as a co-op with either friends or family. Have only played the co-op part of the game but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. This game reminds of me of playing in an arcade. You and whoever you are playing with are scored at the end of each level which is good to see how well you are doing and also creates a bit of friendly rivalry between you and who you are playing with. The graphics are very good and the game is enjoyable. Would have been better if it was longer but a part from that I would recommend.
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on 8 January 2010
Having enjoyed the Umbrella Chronicles, we decided to get the sequel as soon as it came out. As with the first game in the series, it is an excellent game with amazing graphics for the wii. I can't understand the haters, as I have played RE1 up to RE4 and this is equally well placed in my stack of games. If you don't like on rail games, then this is not for you! Why mark something down because it is not your cup of tea? Strange people...

Anyway, having completed the game on normal difficulty, I can give a fair review. Presentation is tops, with great orchestral music, and some from the earlier games in the series. Both action and graphics are up a notch or two over the original. The weapons system is slightly different, but I actually prefer it to the first. There are three chapters in all, with many stages in each one. Two player co-op is present and is a lot of fun.

This time around, the camera has changed. You no longer can look slightly around the edges of the screen. When I heard about this in previews, I was slightly put off. But to be honest, after completing the game, I never once missed it. So that is all good. And of course, the motion of the camera is more dynamic and fast paced. We found it to add tension to the game and acts to make the game more action packed. Some say it is impossible to play the game because of this. But none of us have had problems getting headshots and best ranks for each mission. I can see how some people may find it disorientating, but I guess it depends on how many light gun games you have played and how good you are.

I would recommend this game wholeheartedly, and it gave us a lot enjoyment - which is what it is all about. Hope there are more games like this on the way!!
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on 2 January 2016
Always been a fan of the Resident Evil since I was a child, and having a first shooter topped it off!

Controls are easy to get used to and the story line is the same as the main games, just slightly altered.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 September 2010
The story starts with Leon Scott Kennedy (former Raccoon City Police Department rookie, now a member of the Presidents Special Operations Command) in the jungles of South America with his new colleague, Special Forces operative, Jack Krauser (pre RE4). They have been sent in search of an Umbrella scientist who is believed to be working for local drug lord Javier Hidalgo. As they travel Leon fills Krauser in on his history with Umbrella, the T-virus and the G-virus (Resident Evil 2); as well as that of his friend Claire Redfield and her run in with the Veronica Virus (Resident Evil: Code Veronica).

This was my first experience of an on-the-rails shooter. I didn't know (understand) what to do; I wasn't in control of the movement in anyway and every time I tried to shoot the camera would move and I would miss. I became frustrated and put it to one side and returned to my favourite - Resident Evil 4 (Wii).

A couple of weeks later I played the game at my sister's house, as a co-op, and found that it was thoroughly enjoyable; she had taken to the on-the-rails game and so had a general idea of what to do - I just followed her lead. The fun that we had playing as a co-op encouraged me to return to the game as a solo player, and this time I understood what to do.

It was initially difficult to hit the zombies with the camera bouncing about ever where, but with a little practice you start getting the hang of it and then the game becomes more interesting, exciting and about survival.

The AI partner, when playing alone, is virtually useless as they rarely shoot at anything, or join in during boss fights.

Admittedly, I still prefer games where I am in control, but I recommend that you don't give up on this game because it becomes better the more you play it.

One tip start on the "easy" level and upgrade the weapon power as you go then once completed, change the difficulty level in the options section to "normal" and play through the game again, upgrading your weapons as you go once more. Once you've done that several of your weapons should be at max level on power and you can face those bosses on the "hard" level. Once you've completed the "very hard" level becomes available.

You can also unlock a number of costume changes, medals and awards - I have yet to open the Wyatt Earp costume for Chris Redfield, or the cowboy outfit for Steve Burnside - as featured in the Biohazard Darkside Chronicles Materials * Artbook (Resident Evil).

The most problematic aspect of the game for me came in the boss fights, and it wasn't the bouncy camera work. I found myself shouting at the screen because every time I had the boss in a vulnerable position the on-the-rails decided to move me and give the boss recovery time. "Argh!! No!!! I've got him down!!! Don't move!!!" became a regular cry, even on my second and third run through.

I admit that these games are new to me, having only been converted to RE less than a year ago. I have seen cut-scenes and clips on the internet and I prefer the newer envisaging of the games - especially maturity of the character of Steve Burnside, rather than the brat he had been in Code Veronica.

One of the first things I did was adjust the weapons sighting and reload, then came the difficulty and I was away. Levels seem to go quickly but can take from 8 minutes to 45 depending on the level, strength of weapon, etc.

I prefer the weapons control and archive access you get with this game rather than that you get with Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (Wii). It seems much more natural to me, but others may find it difficult.

Finding the hidden reports and weapons can be a pain, but once you have completed the "Hard" level you get to keep the Linear Launcher and then you can blast every room you enter, and it's amazing how much gold you find, how many hidden weapons there are, etc.

The problem with the Linear Launcher is that it is a one blast at a time weapon and you have to wait for the recharge to be activated before you can change weapons (the same problem occurs with the hand grenade, where you have to wait for the grenade to explode before you can change weapons), this delay can be the difference between destroying and being destroyed.

With the increase in difficulty bosses become harder to put down, headshots become almost impossible, etc, but there is a growing sense of achievement as you obliterate everything in you path.

I would suggest that you read and listen to all the extras as some of them raise a lot of further questions, for example the Ashfords mention someone called "Tanya" ... who is Tanya?

My sister and I had hoped to be able to play over the Wii-Fi, unfortunately we were both disappointed to discover that this is not possible, even though the packaging says Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi connection is only for rankings.

I hope that Capcom revamp the missing game for the Wii and release them soon, especially as we are (currently) waiting for the release of RE5 even though other platforms already have it.

I'm really glad I stuck with it as this is now officially my second favourite game for the Wii, coming a close second to RE4.

*** UPDATE ***

Just managed to open "cowboy" outfits for Steve and Chris - for Steve you need S rank on Game of Oblivion on all but the last level, and for Chris's Wyatt Earp you need S rank on all the levels in Game of Oblivion".
review image
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on 29 November 2009
A while ago a on-rail shooter named "Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles" took players through events of the Resident Evil Universe with game 0,1,3: Nemisis & New Chapter of Chris Redfield and Jill Valintine in an Artic facilty.

Like its predicessor Resident Evil: The DarkSide Chronicles takes you though the events of the games Resdient Evil 2, Code Veronica & new scenario with Leon S. Kennedy and Partner Jack Krauser. But this is not all rehash & there are several new scenes but if you are not famalier with the R.E universe you may have trouble keeping up becasuse alot of the orginal games exposition was forshadowed by Clipboards, books etc. The Graphics and Story are pretty solid and Gameplay only flaw is the overly active camera.

This is recommended wii game and on-rail shooter genre seems to work
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on 9 June 2012
Being a MASSIVE fan of Resident Evil 4 on the PS2 (and later on the Wii), I bought this game with reasonable expectations despite reading some bad reviews. It's probably not fair to compare it to my favourite game & it doesn't come close in terms of...anything really. All the work has clearly gone into the cut-scenes which are pretty great graphically, although confusing if you're not familiar with the whole Resident Evil story.
Although it has its moments, this on the rails shooter looks & feels terrible at times. I can't help but think that not much heart has gone into it.
However, my criticism is based on just how great Resident Evil 4 is, & a confusion as to why the franchise moved to the limited on the rails style rather than evolving the 3rd person style that had worked so well. AS a game in itself it's alright for a few hours but didn't really capture my imagination, & has lowered my expectations for other Resident Evil games.
My advice is: pick it up for a few hours of fun if it's cheap, but if you're into on the rails zombie killing - House Of The Dead:Overkill is probably a better option...disappointed.
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VINE VOICEon 5 March 2010
Easily the 2nd best rail shooter on the Wii (The superb Dead Space Extraction beats it) - but it takes a little perserverence to appreciate it.

The shaky camera style is VERY shaky in places - it takes some getting used to - I found it fine once I got used to it, but it could be enough to put some people off from the start.

At 1st the zombie shooting secions are great fun, but the boss-fights seem quite irritating.

The way the boss-fights tend to work are the usual shooting of weakspots - but instead of just dodging attacks (which you do sometimes) you also have a boss using certain attacks that you have to counter in a particular way. But it's often not easy to work out what you are actually supposed to do to avoid being hit, and the game doesn't give you much help.

Eg. one boss will hit you with a metal bar using either a forehand swing or a backhand swing - you can't dodge it, and eventually find out that to block the forehand swing you must shoot him in the head repeatedly, but to block the backhand swing you must shoot his arm as he swings it. There's no logic to it, and the game doesn't give you any hint as to what you are supposed to do, just leaves it to your trial and error (losing health and possibly dying as you try every possibility to see what the designers wanted you to do) or consulting a walkthrough.

One you have worked out what the designers wanted you to do in the boss fights, they become quite good fun.

The only other difficulty to contend with at the beginning is that the pistol (which you initially use most of the time) is quite slow to fire and underpowered - as you play through the levels you earn money to upgrade it - once you've bumped up the firing rate and power, it becomes a lot more satisfying to use - but it's frustrating in the beginning to feel like you're armed with a slow-firing peashooter..

I would give it 5 stars, but it really deserves to lose 1 for making the boss fights so picky and unintuitive that you have to be psychic to work out what you are supposed to do without boring random trial and error or consulting a walkthrough.

Stick with it to upgrade the weapons a little, get used to the shaky camera, and work out what the boss-fights expect you to do - and you won't regret it - there is a very good game in there, a huge improvement over the Umbrella Chronicles and comes close to the brilliance of Dead Space Extraction
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on 16 July 2010
This game was bought with the Venom Wii blaster and it works very well. You can also play the game with the wiimote and nunchuck which works just as well. The shaky camera can make headshots much harder to carry out, I agree that this improves the atmosphere and tension. The game is much easier to play 2 player than 1 player.
The upgrade weapon system makes it more interesting and makes you want to collect more gold bars while playing. The game isn't particularly scary as other resident evil games, but some parts are creepy. There are many jump scare moments throughout the game.
The boss battles are challenging and can be annoying at times. As resident evil 4 did, quick time events occur throughout.
The graphics are great for a wii game and the CG cutscenes look very lifelike.

Overall this game is a great alternative to the traditional RE games. You will want to replay levels to get S rank and get the many unlockables.

Overall: 8/10
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