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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 10 January 2013
I bought it for my bro and he loves it. Nothing wrong w/ this game.. Only thing is that the game may require different connection type for your TV

And if you buy HDMI cable the problem will be solved...
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on 28 August 2010
I have to say honestly that it's taken me a while to really get into this game. I have been a massive fan of the GTA series since it was first released on the PC. The latest incarnation is however simply breathtaking. The visuals are jaw dropping in their realism. Driving/ walking around the streets of Liberty City is almost like actually being in New York City/ Chicago. The skyscrapers and apartment blocks for example, or the bridges across the river (I know Chicago hasn't got any as grand as New York). It's the small details however that really bring home just how like America it really is. The hand signals on traffic lights/ crossings, the billboards on freeways, the street lighting systems. The character visuals are also superb and are very lifelike. Granted they may not move correctly but to find criticism is being pedantic.

The visuals may themselves be superb, but what of the gameplay? That is the real selling point. There are literally hundreds of missions with their own little sub-plots. Completing each mission brings you further into the game and opens up all manner of new places to explore and people to meet. You actually become Nico Bellic the more you play this game. I find it hard to put the game down when I play because I get so absorbed in the general ambience of the gameplay. That is the true test of a good game; whether it is easy to put down. This certainly isn't. I haven't completed it as of yet, but no doubt will do eventually. Hopefully the next game in the series will continue where this has left off.
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on 5 April 2015
Amazing delivery time.Disk was crystal clear no scratches. Game platinum edition so cheap excellent.Happy got what I orders so 5 star.Not gonna comment on game review its got nothing to do with this. :')
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on 24 August 2013
It took me a while to get used to the game from gta sa. The steering is more realistic and it has more stuff than gta sa. Took me almost 100 hours to get 100%.
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on 20 August 2011
I have played all of the GTA games and IV is the best. The story is good and a bit more plausible and dare I say it interesting. Other than that it plays just like any other GTA. However, I do think that this is more playable, particularly to newcomers. The techniques of playing the game are introduced gradually and there isn't as much faffing about as in the previous titles. Here, the missions and progress seems more linear but I think it works better, especially if you just want to dip in from time to time.

As for the multiplayer....its ok for the odd game but I didn't find it that exciting. In fact, on some of the large maps I found it got a bit boring at times.

Well worth a purchase now its budget price.
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on 30 May 2010
There's nothing you can do in real life that you can't do in this game. Actually, you can even do more in this game, than you can in real life. Where else than GTA can you destroy an entire city and get away with it. Where else than GTA can you spawn a police helicopter, then jump out of it at 1000 feet, land in (what seems to be) Hudson River and walk away like nothing happened. Or you can just buy some new clothes and go bowling if you like. You find yourself in Liberty City, which is actually a copy of New York City (Liberty City = New York City, Broker Bridge = Brooklyn Bridge etc.). Splendid graphics and gameplay. Don't buy this if you don't want the thrill of your life.

(Funny little detail with "Oxygene (Part IV)" by Jean-Michel Jarre playing on radio station "Journey"):-)
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on 30 December 2010
What can I say? This is simply the best game ever compared to previous game titles. Great graphics, fun, dynamic environment, open space, good game play and more. A collectors item. Made by true masters.
Maybe GTA V will be able to top it off. Let's hope they can make it because GTA IV set new standards and expectations. At the current moment, I think that only Rockstar can do better.
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on 8 October 2010
If you've played any of the previous GTA games you will know what to expect. With this sort of game exploring the environment is half the fun which means a lot of emphasis is put on the controls, the game engine and the way the game feels and looks. The graphics are impressive but unfortunately when you move the whole experience falls apart as the scenery jerks along at what seems like snails pace. The scrolling is terrible, especially if you compare it to the likes of Modern Warfare 2 which is super smooth and slick in comparison. The whole game feels sluggish and awkward.

Your character lurches along when he's on foot leanining over as he turns, the zip there was in San Andreas is gone in favour of slower realism, but realism just means boring in this case. They've tried to make the game more realistic for example when car-jacking or having a punch up but in reality it means more waiting around for the animations to finish or having a boring fist fight which goes on too long.

There is no swimming underwater like there was on San Andreas, so that's half the world to explore gone at a stroke. The car controls are truly diabolical, they understeer ridiculously forcing you to take corners boringly slow which takes out all the enjoyment. This game is also becoming desperately repetetive, I can't even be bothered with it after playing a few missions because I've seen it all before in the last 2 games. On the PS3 this game should have been fantastic to pick up and just explore but it isn't, I can't get past the awful game controls and frame rate. Having bought every GTA so far this will be the last one for me.
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on 21 December 2009
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on 13 January 2010
I am reviewing this on behalf of my son who has been playing it since Xmas Day and absolutely loves it. As his mum I would say it definately should be an "18" as the language in it is quite "colourful" so if you're thinking of getting it for anyone under 18 and are offended by bad language then don't buy it.
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